Pregnancy Brain

There is a lot of conversation both in the scientific community and among ordinary citizens about sudden changes in women’s cognitive capability taking place during pregnancy. This refers to occasional memory problems and outbursts of absent-mindedness sometimes called ‘pregnancy brain’. There is an opinion that pregnancy impairs the brain irreparably. Does it?

Post Pregnancy Cosmetic Surgery

A lot women look for ways after pregnancy to fix the changes that occur during pregnancy. Most women result to ways such as massage and manicure to reverse the changes. Nowadays women seek an alternative method to get their earlier shape before they got pregnant. They are looking for procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks and breast lifts, cosmetic surgery is among the methods that helps regain the original shape before they got pregnant.

What Could Be the Reason for a Miscarriage?

Under the medical term of miscarriage is understood the spontaneous loss of a child before the 24th week. However, this does not mean that miscarriage cannot happen earlier or later. The statistics also shows that it can happen before 13th week in about 20% of pregnancies regardless of the health of a women and a fetus.Under the medical term of miscarriage is understood the spontaneous loss of a child before the 24th week. However, this does not mean that miscarriage cannot happen earlier or later. The statistics also s

Feel Pregnant but Negative Test Results

The news about pregnancy can be a great thing for some women and a shock for other. It is a blessing for a woman who is trying to conceive but cannot for some reason. However, it might be pretty unexpected fir another and therefore a little bit of complication. In any way, it is always presupposes a change in life and a significant one.

Effective Tips on Conceiving

There are a lot of women who have got problems getting pregnant. It is especially sad when there is a great desire in a woman to become a mother. However, there are some tips on conceiving that can actually help.

Recovery after C-Section

You cannot know how you will give birth to a child - in some cases C-section can be needed and it is important to know how to get prepared to it and also about the recover after C-section. This is essential as it can be both trying in physical and emotional sense.

Headaches during Pregnancy

To be pregnant is not a simple thing. It is not only a great responsibility but also a woman is likely to have a lot of different health complications. In many cases they are nothing to worry about a lot but sometimes they can be pretty serious. Still, such things as headaches can be rather bothersome for a woman. In some cases headaches can become one continuous headache that is hard to bear. These are called migraines and are frequently met in pregnant women. Here are some of the causes of headaches during pregnancy.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

It is natural for the mother to take care of her unborn child and make sure that everything went well. This means that she is attentive to her health and habits in the first place. It is no news that the health and well-being of a future baby depends wholly on the mother and therefore it is essential that she was well.

Pre-natal Vitamins for Pregnant Women

Pre-natal vitamins are essential for maintaining the good health of a future baby. They are necessary for pregnant women as well as their bodies experience many changes.

Abortion After-Effects

When it comes to abortion after effects, they can be both of physical and psychological nature. It is a serious procedure and can be fraught with certain consequences for a woman. Besides, it never goes without leaving a mark - a woman will remember it all her life.

Genital Warts during Pregnancy Issues

Women expecting a baby and having genital warts during pregnancy are understandably worried. The chances that a new-born baby will get the infection are pretty small but they exist and any mother will do anything to prevent it. However taking into consideration the health state of a pregnant woman with all the peculiarities, the treatment is different from what is usually prescribed in such cases. It is normal for woman with genital warts during pregnancy to experience the aggravation of the symptoms. It happens becaus...

How do You Know Your Are Pregnant?

The situation when you don’t know whether you are pregnant or you are not can be rather stressful, in particular when pregnancy is not wished. Early signs of pregnancy can be really confusing and they are different in different women.

Can I be Pregnant And Still Have A Period?

The answer to this question is sure not. Nobody can have a period and be pregnant. The first symptom that you are pregnant is that you don’t have a period. Menstruation and pregnancy are antithesis, they are impossible together. And you should know this.

Can You Get Pregnant while on Your Period?

This question is rather popular among women. Quite frequent gynecologists give positive answer on the question. Though the possibility of it is not high and in most cases it depends on individual peculiarities of the body anyway it exists and those who want to avoid unwanted pregnancy should take it into consideration.

Symptoms of Pregnancy in the First Week

Pregnancy is the process of intrauterine gestation. From the very beginning of pregnancy there is menstruation stop. The same happens with hormonal changes, which prepares women’s organism to a lasting period of gestation.

First Month Pregnancy Symptoms

Today there are so many people who discuss the problems of motherhood and produce impressive number of advices given by experienced mothers; therefore it is quite natural that expectant mothers are frustrated in all this chaotic diversity of ideas, especially when it treats to the first month of pregnancy.

Pregnant Rapid Belly Expansion

Sometimes pregnant women feel that their belly is expanding by leaps and bounds or vice versa that it is completely unnoticeable. The belly height usually corresponds to the term of pregnancy.

What Pregnant Women Should Avoid

The biggest fear of becoming parents for the mother and child are dangerous pregnancy complications. Responsible parents will be informed on possible risks to her unborn child. Generally, one can say that everything bad the body takes harms the mother, for the unborn child is even more dangerous, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.