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Lose kilos with Sugar Detox Menu Plan

The habit of adding sugar to drinks and food is common for many people. Of course, everyone decides whether to continue to follow the habit or to limit the use of this sweet product for themselves. The fact that “sugar is harmful” is not a secret, and everyone knows it, but not everyone will be […]

Is Lemonade Diet Safe?

Ever since Beyoncé used the lemonade diet, which is often called the Master Cleanse diet, to get rid of extra pounds in order to prepare for the Dream Girls movie, it has become popular, especially among women. Its proponents claim the diet does wonders and can be used as a detox program. But is it […]

Vegetarian or Mediterranean Diet: Which One is Better for Your Heart?

Modern researches indicate the connection between the diet and the heart health. However, there is a large diversity of diets in today’s world and it’s not easy to determine the most suitable one to make your heart healthier. If you suffer from a heart disease like millions of other people or just want to prevent […]

Fasting Diet Can Help Regenerate Pancreas

US researchers have reported that following a special fasting diet can help regenerate pancreas in patients with diabetes. The findings look promising and suggest that those suffering from the disease can follow the diet to make an attempt to “reboot” their pancreas and regenerate the cells in it which detect sugar. A team of investigators […]

Do not Stop Dieting!

Balanced diet can be an effective way of fighting with excessive weight, but sometimes it is really difficult to keep to a diet, especially when there are a lot of temptations around us! So, why cannot we stay on a diet for a long time? And what can we do to change the situation A […]

What Do We Have to Know When Choosing a Diet?

Nowadays there are a lot of different diets in our world: low-calorie diets, limiting diets, balanced and unbalanced, low-fat and high-fat diets, low-carb or high-carb etc. And when we want to stick to a diet, we are ambivalent about what method to choose. So, what do we have to know when choosing a diet? Nowadays […]

Food for Brains: How To

Just like any other organ, the brain needs nutrients from food to maintain its functions. We are used to treating food as a thing that determines whether you can get into your jeans. We forget that the brain must be fed in accordance with what benefits it, and that’s just what we are going to […]

5 Healthy Foods to Detox Your Body

Living in the hectic world of today often means you have no time to cook and prefer unhealthy dishes that do not require preparation. Such an approach leads to consumption of fat, sugar and salt in amounts that do not benefit health. That is why detoxing is one of the things which can help cleanse […]

The Science of Abstination: Should You Keep Lent?

The 40 days of Lent are here, and millions of Catholics are giving up meat, candy, coffee, and fast food till Easter. Is Lenten fasting healthy, however? And which foods do you need to give up, anyway? The rules of Lent The actual dietary regulations for the Catholic Lent are quite different from what your […]

Why Should Every Diet Include Fish?

People who keep to a diet should include a sufficient amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals in it. Reducing the caloric content of the diet, we risk losing those vitamins and minerals that are necessary for our body. In addition, we risk reducing the level of protein in our body that may lead to loss […]

Eliminating carbs: is Atkins diet a good idea?

Most popular diets would make you believe that a particular type of food is bad, so you have to cut it out. Atkins diet suggest to cut out most carbs. It’ been widely popular for the past 40 years, but is it really worth giving up the carbs? Why carbs? Different dieticians have different opinions […]

Making Your Portions Smaller You Will Not Lose Your Excess Weight

Many of us have faced a problem of excess weight. When we understand that we need to lose some kilos, we usually start searching for the easiest way to do it, and the idea of smaller portions comes to our mind. But is it an effective way to fight those excess kilos? Many people make […]

Losing Weight the Right Way: Top 3 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Wondering why the scale number does not seem to react to all your efforts to lose weight? It’s very likely that you make common mistakes which are shared by the overwhelming majority of people trying to get rid of unnecessary pounds. Not only do they hinder the process – they urge all the lost pounds […]

Measuring Body Fat: Which Methods Really Work?

If you’d like to burn some fat, it’s useful to know how much fat you actually have to track your progress. However, body fat percentage is tricky to measure: and no matter what commercials claim, most methods are inaccurate. BMI vs body fat percentage Body Mass Index (BMI) is often calculated by doctors for obese […]

Why Diets Do Not Work?

Sometimes we feel that we need to lose some extra kilos to look better or to be healthier. We do not want to go to a gym, because it takes a lot of time. We prefer to stick to a diet, because it is cheaper and does not require time spending. But, unfortunately, sometimes diet […]

Eat Like a Buddhist: Introducing Mindful Eating

Obesity, consitpation, binge eating, food cravings – all these issues stem from our eating wrong things in the wrong way. And while we all know which foods are healthy, your approach to eating is important, too. What is mindfulness? The concept of mindfulness has been in the focus of Western attention for years, with thousands […]

The World of Slimming World Program

For many people it is impossible to lose weight without a supervision of another person. Sometimes they lack motivation or just have problems adjusting to a new healthy lifestyle and because of that they give up on it. It means that such people need to find some new way of losing weight. For example, some […]

Exercising When Sick: Pro et Contra

Most people believe that exercising when sick can contribute to illness progression. However, it’s not always the case. Don’t let minor colds destroy your workout session: let’s find out when exercising if sick is even beneficial, and when you should put away your running shoes for a little while. When exercising if sick is beneficial […]

Dietary Fiber Can Help You to Become Healthier

Nutritionists say that consuming food rich in dietary fiber is very important for maintaining good health. Almost every day we see and hear claims to eat more dietary fiber. But do you know why it is so good for your health? Today the diet of almost every person consists of refined and purified products, which […]

Misleading Health Classes: What Myths Curriculum Harbors

Health education has long been part of the American education system. Ever since Benjamin Franklin, one of the first health class advocates, introduced exercising in school, such classes have been designed to help the young learn how to keep their bodies and brains healthy. However, it appears that not everything we are taught about it […]