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Early Symptoms of Diabetes

Spotting diabetes when it is still at an early stage can help you treat it easier. However, early diagnosis of the disease is not a common thing, because few people recognize symptoms of it shortly after its onset. Here are the telltale signs that can help you realize you might benefit from a visit to […]

Type 2 Diabetes Medications

Although it would be a horrible idea to choose diabetes medication without a doctor’s recommendation, knowing what options there are can help you understand why your endocrinologist has prescribed a particular drug. Modern type 2 diabetes drugs are not limited to insulin, and the variety available is constantly being expanded. Why do type 1 and […]

Diabetes Significantly Affects Our Brain

Our brain is a very sensitive organ. It sharply reacts to the slightest changes in glucose that the body receives to replenish energy. And because of that the brain of the people who have diabetes suffers a lot. Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder that is characterized by a deficiency in the formation of insulin […]

Using Skin as Display: Tattoo Which Shows Blood Sugar Level

Those suffering from diabetes have to prick their fingers several times a day, which is painful and inconvenient. Now it has been revealed that a team of researchers from MIT and Harvard is working on an innovative tattoo which can indicate blood sugar level and some other parameters. Blood money Regardless of whether your diabetes […]

Curry and Diabetes

Curry is a very popular spice nowadays widely used in different cuisines. However, it originates from India, where it was a traditional part of South Indian cuisine as a flavor and spice for different dishes. Curry got its name from Kari-pattha, as it is called there. Thus, it actually has got a name of Murraya […]