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Face Taping – Something Old or Something New?

Beauty will save the world, this is so true. But women’s beauty is not eternal and affected by merciless time. Women have always been searching for anti-aging remedies and techniques. In this article, we will familiarize you with a relatively new cosmetological method to preserve face and neck skin fresh and beautiful, and also eliminate […]

Benefits of Exercising for New Moms

Having a new family member is one of the greatest changes that happen to people’s lives, and it unavoidably leads to major alterations in women’s lifestyles. New moms’ bodies have made it through serious transformations both during pregnancy and after delivery, so it may be considered perfectly logical to protect them from overwork that exercising […]

Expanding Pregnant Belly: Why Am I So Huge?

Pregnancy is an extremely thrilling period in a woman’s life. Numerous changes happening to her body cause a lot of questions about the reasons they happen and ways to handle them as calmly and effectively as possible. Often, your belly may just seem larger because it has “popped” so suddenly, or because you were thin […]