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5 Health Risks of Music Festivals

The summer is in full swing, and music festivals are an essential part of it in many countries. US festivals are numerous and so alluring that they wish to go there can be hard to resist. Loud music, crowds of people, food, and alcohol can make you a bit more reckless, and it’s not the […]

Food Poisoning: In Most Cases, It’s Not The Last Thing You Ate

When you find yourself kneeling in front of a toilet and looking at your dinner in reverse, the first thing you want to blame for vomiting is the last meal you ate. There may be some other causes behind the problem, and it turns out the last meal is unlikely to be the culprit, and […]

Can Daith Piercing Help Alleviate Migraine Symptoms?

Migraine attacks can occur at any time: they can be triggered even by smells. Severe pain, sensitivity to light, and other symptoms are debilitating, so migraine sufferers go to any lengths to relieve them. Some treatments may seem to be quite exotic, but there are patients who claim they are effective. One of such fad […]

What Is Coxarthrosis?

While the term is rarely used on this side of the pond, coxarthrosis is something that no patient would like to overlook. It is another name for arthrosis of the hip joint, which can eventually lead to disability if left untreated. Read on to find out what the symptoms of coxarthrosis are, what causes can […]

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Second Opinion

When you facу any health issue, it is very important to choose a treatment plan. To be sure you’re aware of all your possible options you can get an alternative opinion from another doctor. When you or somebody from your family gets a new medical diagnosis, it’s easy to become very confused. And making decisions […]

Bump on Your Hand: Is It Hygroma?

Have you ever noticed how often do you use your hands during the day? Quite a lot of times, don’t you? Hands play an important role in our life. We need them to cook, to eat, to take a shower, to drive, to buy something, to simply open a door, and many other things! That’s […]

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: You May Have It, Too

Who has never sprained an ankle? Sharp pain, swelling and discomfort for a few days… and then you are back to normal. But do you know that some people have to live with unstable joints, spraining their ankles repeatedly, getting bruised for no reason, unable to heal wounds properly? Meet Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. The many-faced condition […]

What Celiac Disease Does to Our Body

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune condition, which affects the functioning of the inner lining of the small intestine. Particularly, the disease causes an adverse reaction to gluten – a protein, which comes with many common and generally healthy ingredients: barley, oats, quinoa, wheat. What is Celiac Disease? Well, what does autoimmune mean? Normally, the immune […]

Facts about Warts on Fingers

Warts are neoplasms, which occur in different parts of the skin, mostly – on the hands, face, neck and Plantae. Although these growths are benign, there is always a likelihood of malignization. Therefore, if you have discovered one or several warts on your fingers or elsewhere, this is not something to be trifled with. It […]

Foot Calluses Treatment and Facts

Foot calluses are the condition when surface layer of the skin gets thickened due to some pressure and generally on foot. This creates an unaesthetic look on foot and also can create a problem with the choice of footwear. Here are some facts about foot calluses and the tips for alleviation of the condition. Foot […]

Nail Biting Causes Revealed

Nail biting is a very frequent condition. It can be described as compulsive behavior that involves a person’s destruction of fingernails as well as cuticle and skin. It can be mild and represent just some sort of a bad habit. In other cases it can be really severe as people get their nails bleeding and […]

Useful Tips for Removing Genital Warts at Home

Genital warts are not a thing to be neglected, and it is recommended to visit a doctor once you have found one. However, if you do not have such an opportunity, there are still ways to alleviate the symptoms and ameliorate the effects of the virus causing them. Genital warts and the sensations they bring […]