Foot Calluses Treatment and Facts

Foot calluses are the condition when surface layer of the skin gets thickened due to some pressure and generally on foot. This creates an unaesthetic look on foot and also can create a problem with the choice of footwear. Here are some facts about foot calluses and the tips for alleviation of the condition.

Foot calluses are the result of wearing footwear that is inappropriate and tight fitting, or short, or even too sloppy and not the right size. It is considered that barefoot walks are good for the feet but in cases of foot calluses they can aggravate the condition. In general, foot calluses result from any excessive rubbing and pressure and pinching. It is not a dangerous condition and about 14% of people suffer from it.

As it has been aforementioned, the following symptoms are characteristic for foot calluses – skin on feet becomes rough; brown or yellowish dead skin forms on such areas of feet as big toe, heel or on the foot side. This can happen in the result of seams from footwear and even socks. In many cases if neglected, fool calluses become painful and grow fast. It is better to do something about the condition when it is not yet severe.

In order to get rid of foot calluses it is necessary to get rid of the cause. As it has been mentioned, it is a frequently met condition in men and women and this is also the reason why pedicure salons are so popular. People are likely to develop foot calluses from time to time and on the same places and every time they need to be taken care of.

What actually can be done about them is to use foot file with medium grid on a frequent basis after every shower. A pumice stone can be used for the same matter as well – it is up to your taste choice.

Drug stores and pharmacies also frequently offer such things as a corn and calluses trimmer. This is a device that particularly aimed for cutting calluses that are think and hard to remove. However, it is still better to apply for the assistance of professional in order not to harm your foot, if you do not know how to do the procedure properly.

The procedure of foot calluses removal is recommended to be done from time to time and the elimination of dead skin, scrubbing and so on should be done on a regular basis. It is easier to make your skin softer with a bit of vinegar and baking soda added to the water there you leave your feet soaking for a while. It is also recommended to apply a moisturizer to your feet after every bath.

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