Category: Senior Health

Choke-Proof Food: New Kind Of Food For The Elderly

As the Earth population is getting older, with certain countries experiencing the problem to a greater extent than others, the need for a solution to avoid deaths following choking arises. In Japan, food manufacturers seem to have developed an approach that enabled them to introduce choke-proof food that is easier to swallow and does not […]

Ballet for Seniors

An impressive article with an eye-catchy topic about ballet classes for older adults has pushed us to go through this topic and familiarize ourselves with recent scientific opinions in terms of this phenomenon. Multiple studies have repeatedly proven that during ballet exercises many muscle groups are involved, which makes it ideal in terms of maintaining […]

Marriages with Intelligent Wives Are Longer, Happier and ‘Healthier’

Usually, it is the wife who cares about the home and all family members, so in many aspects, her husband’s life depends on her intelligence. Sweden scientists inquired 1,500 married couples and concluded that marriage with an intelligent woman has a positive effect on a man’s health. Why Is the Female Intellect so Important? It’s […]

How to Make Your Parents Live Longer

A group of scientists has recently published their views on the long-term experiment conducted on a sensitive topic of moral aspects’ impact on healthcare. The conclusions are fascinating, just like the investigation‘s topic! It turns out that the cause of stress and subsequent diseases in adults is in most cases loneliness. More than 1,600 subjects […]