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May Lasik Have Complications?

The short answer is yes. This technology aimed at fixing vision is widely used, and many patients are satisfied with the results. However, not everyone is happy, and some of the adverse effects associated with Lasik are not as rare as they seem to be and can affect your vision permanently. The term Lasik defines […]

Stye or Chalazion: Eyelid Bumps and How to Treat Them

When you notice a bump on your eyelid, it can be hard to determine whether it’s a chalazion or a stye. While most bumps of these kinds are harmless, though able to make you feel pain for some time, there are cases in which consulting a doctor is a must. Let’s find out in what […]

Significance of Antioxidants for You Eyes

Every day we see our friends, relatives, things around us and do not even think that it is our eyes that let us see all these things. Our eyes work so hard and as any other part of our body they need to be taken care of. We usually do not consider our eyesight as […]

Contact Lenses Are not Always the Best Option

People who need to wear glasses to simply see things around them always dream about perfect eyesight. They often go to an ophthalmologist and ask to help in choosing contact lenses. But sometimes such people leave the doctor without lenses, because that’s just not an option for them. Eyesight is the feature of our body […]

Eye Stroke Symptoms and Treatment Options

The word ‘stroke’ is rather terrifying, and the term ‘eye stroke’ also denotes a dangerous condition that can result in sudden vision loss. In this article, we are going to cover what symptoms occur in case of eye stroke, and what treatment options there are available. What is an eye stroke? The scientific name of […]

Contact Lenses vs. Eye Glasses

The debate is going on what is better to choose: eye glasses or contact lenses? Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to consider all the advantages and disadvantages as eyes are of crucial importance in seeing the world. If one can’t see in a proper way, he or she easily misses […]

Five Essential Herbs that will Help Improve Eye Health

Eye health is a very important area that requires not only careful understanding of the various eye parts and their functions but also calls for proper care and ocular nutrition to improve eye health and to maintain longevity of healthy vision. Eyes are the most complex sensory organs and are more susceptible to traumas, environmental […]