Contact Lenses vs. Eye Glasses

The debate is going on what is better to choose: eye glasses or contact lenses?

Both of them have advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to consider all the advantages and disadvantages as eyes are of crucial importance in seeing the world. If one can’t see in a proper way, he or she easily misses things, it is difficult for them to read, and such people can be injured in dangerous situations. So it is necessary to evaluate contact lenses vs. eyeglasses debates and decide what you prefer.

Contact Lenses

Surely contact lenses have advantages that make us choose them more often rather than eyeglasses. When contacts were discovered, they actually opened a totally new world for people who have worn glasses for a long time. Wearing glasses we get used to the way we look and see. Throw in contacts and a person wearing eyeglasses will wonder why not try contact lenses.

You will find some advantages of wearing contact lenses below:

  • Contacts provide a wider vision field. The glasses frames block peripheral vision while contact lenses can restore that as there isn’t any frame. Modern glasses are smaller in comparison to the way they were before. So individuals wearing glasses have more issues concerning peripheral vision.
  • Eye lenses allow to see things naturally. Due to the fact that contacts sit right on the cornea, everything you see through them looks correctly: size, color, besides nothing becomes distorted.
  • People involved in different sports prefer contact lenses as they can jump, run and the lens do not move. They are stable, and this means a sportsman keeps a good view of what he or she is doing.
  • Contacts wearers have a possibility to wear sunglasses. A person who wears contacts may buy sunglasses of the latest styles.

Eye Glasses

It might seem at first that eyeglasses cannot even hold a candle to contacts, but this is actually false. There are a number of reasons for which eyeglasses are necessary. Contact lenses wearer ought to have a pair of glasses on them as they don’t know when something can happen. So in case, something unexpected occurs they may rely on the glasses to see.

The advantages of glasses:

  • Some people are not interested in contact lens as they aren’t excited about the idea of putting fingers in the eye. Some individuals cannot do this and prefer to wear glasses.
  • Allergies play an important role in whether a person is able to wear contact lens. Those having an allergy cannot wear contacts and glasses surely do not influence allergies.
  • Glasses give protection in the environments where fumes and debris can be a problem. Any time you are in a dangerous environment which requires the protection of eyes, glasses are very useful.
  • Several contacts wearers may experience eye infections, might lose contacts or simply run out of them. In such cases glasses are there to help you save your day.

As you see, eye glasses as well as contacts have certain advantages. Contact lenses are nice to have but they do not provide a complete proof. Glasses can always help if anything is wrong with eye contacts. All in all this debate can go on, though it’s obvious that both glasses and contacts can be used hand-in-hand.


  1. It’s great that you mentioned that one of the advantages of wearing contact lenses is that you would be able to do sports since the lenses are stable. My son recently got into the soccer team, and he would be starting training next week. I should probably get him some contact lenses because it would not be wise to let him play with glasses on. Thanks for this!

  2. Thank you for sharing valuable information. I got my vision test from the Golden Vision and am a little bit confused. After reading your blog, I am more clear which will more beneficial for me.

  3. Thanks for pointing out how contact lenses are favored by athletes since they can move around without worrying about anything falling off. My son is on the track and field team, and he begins to experience some vision problems. I will be sure to advise him to go look for clinics that can set him up with the right contacts so that he can stay focused on his game better.

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