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Sore Throat and Vaping: Mild Side Effect One Can Easily Manage?

Vaping is on the rise, and more smokers and non-smokers are turning into vapers. The alternative to cigarettes is particularly popular with teenagers, which makes its spread even more alarming. Vaping is generally viewed as a safe substitution for tobacco, but it is definitely not true. One of the side effects you can experience is […]

The Real Cost Campaign: New Ad from FDA To Discourage Teens from Vaping

In the U.S., vaping is all the rage. It has become so common among youngsters that the newfangled bad habit has recently been called an epidemic. In an attempt to fight the spread of e-cigarettes, the FDA launched a campaign called the Real Cost, and its recent sci-fi-inspired ad is now deemed controversial by many. […]

Hookah Kills Sooner than Cigarettes

Though there is little information concerning the risks of electronic tobacco products, studies claim that smoking them brings much more harm than we could even contemplate. Scientists state that puffing hookahs for just 30 minutes a day leads to the risk of cardiovascular diseases, based on the results of recent research, and is much more […]

E-Cig Flavorings Detrimental to Blood Vessels and Able to Kill Cells

With more people converting from common smokers to e-cigarette vapers, and more youngsters falling victim to the new trend, researchers aim to reveal what harm smoking e-cigarettes brings. It is clear that the tobacco contained in the liquid is dangerous, but it turns out that the flavorings added in it are no less noxious. Juuling […]

Being Lonely More Detrimental to Health Than Obesity and Smoking

There are so many factors that affect our health – and these effects can be both beneficial and detrimental – that it is difficult to say which ones are major contributors, and which ones are not that significant. In a new research, scientists revealed that smoking can be less evil than being lonely – even […]

Antidepressant Addiction: Breaking Free Truly Challenging

Modern people are quick to treat their anxiety as something really serious. Many of us tend to take pills whenever it seems we are worrying too much or, conversely, experiencing euphoria. Doctors are likely to prescribe antidepressants, even if anxiety does not strike on a regular basis. With antidepressant use surging in the USA, more […]

Juuling: New Teen Addiction

Vaping has become extremely popular among teens. Although it is not a healthier alternative for the young, more and more girls and boys are becoming addicted to vaping. There are different kinds of it, and one of them, which has appeared only recently, is definitely a threat to teenagers’ health. Meet the Juul: a thing […]

Why are E-Cigarettes Dangerous?

The popularity of common cigarette substitutes is growing, and more people are starting using e-cigarettes. Although these are advertised as a safe alternative to tobacco, it appears that vaping is really dangerous, and this assumption is backed by a variety of scientific evidence. In what ways do smoked cigarettes and e-cigarettes differ? Conventional cigarettes, which […]

You Have to Get Rid of These Habits!

Everyone wants to be more productive and be able to do as many things a day as possible. Everyone wants to become smarter, healthier and just better. But every time we want to start to move in this direction our bad habits do not allow us to do it. So, maybe we should get rid […]

Failure of Immune System in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Millions of people around the world suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, but the only thing doctors can do is to help patients to cope with the symptoms. The tasks of the scientific and medical community is to stop or to slow down the destruction of the joints of people who have this disease and to make […]

One Cigarette is not a Panacea

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) studies suggest that there is no smoking pattern that will allow you to stay on the safe side. Many smokers think that if you smoke only one cigarette a day, you will have one twentieth risk as compared to those who smoke a whole pack a day, but the scientists […]

What Makes Us Happy?

Scientists and common people all over the world wonder what makes us happy. Is it money and fame, or is it friends, family and healthy life? Many people think that money can solve every problem they have. They believe that if they had more money they would afford everything they want and only then they […]

Psychological but Real: Psychosomatic Disorders

According to statistics, up to 30% of people coming to see a doctor have very real symptoms that cannot be explained medically. Can paralysis and blindness really be caused by our mind? In this article, we explore the nature of psychosomatic disease. Diagnosing a psychosomatic illness Our emotions trigger a lot of physical reactions, such […]

Obsession with ‘Healthy’ Food Can Cause Food Anxiety

Many of us suffer from excessive anxiety about what we eat. Someone regularly picks yolks out of eggs cooked for breakfast, someone decides to completely abandon products with sugar, and someone is sure that animal fats can cause all diseases at once. Of course, everyone has the right to decide what is best for his […]

The First Win on the Battlefield with Aging

Why do we age? Can we slow this process down? Is it programmed in our DNA and what discovered Dongsheng Cai and his team about a connection between aging, stem cells and hypothalamus? Find out in this article. Why do we age? Nowadays, it`s the second question after “why do we die?”. According to various […]

Usual Alcoholic Beverages Lead to a Real Risk of Cancer Development

A Friday night is definitely one of the most expected days of the week. It’s quite natural that most people prefer having some rest in night clubs, restaurants or at home with some amount of alcohol to feel relaxed. Do you have such a popular habit? If your answer is “Yes”, you should read further. […]

Cell Phone Addiction Liberation – How It is Done

By 2015 over a billion people own a smartphone worldwide and by April 2015 the cell phone lines in Spain were more than 53.6 million which represented a 1.4% increase over the previous year. Data even shows that younger children now use cell phones as about 30% of 10-year-old Spanish children use a cell phone. […]

How a Glass of Champagne Can Help with Your Heart Problems

Let’s raise our glasses in a toast to your health. Sound familiar, doesn’t it? And what about raising glasses of champagne in a toast to our healthy hearts? Somewhat less familiar, isn’t it? However, it is as romantic as it is true to life. If you have raised glasses of champagne or wine in a […]

Tomatoes and Apples Can Help Reverse Smoke Damage to Lungs in Ex-Smokers

Nowadays smoking is not as popular as it used to be, as more and more governments are striving to introduce new measures to eliminate such a phenomenon from the society. However, even if a person quits smoking, his or her lungs are already damaged. American researchers have recently revealed that consuming tomatoes and apples on […]