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3 Health Benefits of Watercress

A leafy green that is definitely overshadowed by kale, arugula and other favorites, watercress is actually superior to them in terms of the nutrients it is packed with. From salads to soups, watercress can be a great ingredient to enhance your dish with peppery and spicy flavors. Incorporating it into your diet can bring you […]

The 16:8 Diet: How Intermittent Fasting Can Help Shed Pounds

The concept of dieting implies restrictions. In most cases, it is certain foods that are banned from your menu or the amount of calories that you can consume throughout the day is restricted. But there is another kind of diets which is now gaining ground: intermittent fasting. A recent research suggests it can be a […]

Breakfast Boosts Metabolism and Helps Burn More Carbs While Exercising

In many cultures, breakfast is deemed the most important meal – for good reason. This assumption is now backed by scientific evidence, more of which is being accumulated. A recent study has showed that it can help burn more carbohydrates if it precedes exercising, and even post-workout metabolism can be boosted by eating breakfast. A […]

American Cheese As We Knew It Is Dying Out, and It’s Actually Good News

It has long been a staple for Americans, but now it’s being edged out by healthier varieties. American cheese, praised for its low melting point, texture and mild taste and stigmatized as one of the symbols of the obesity epidemic (for good reason), is now in everyone’s bad books. More companies are ditching it in […]

Superfoods: Truth or Myth?

Like all things fad, the title of a superfood is a vague notion. Regardless of whether it is something exotic or good old cucumbers, the properties ascribed to them are nothing short of a miracle. But do these claims stand up to scrutiny? Do acai berries and chia seeds really have all the effects they […]

Dairy-Free Milk Conquers the Market: Half of Americans Purchase Plant Milk

The consumption paradigm that used to rule the market in the previous decades is now living through a shift. It is rather slow yet steady. Dairy products, milk in particular, have long been considered a staple, but now it is being toppled from its throne by plant-based alternatives. According to a recent study, nearly half […]

5 Reasons Why Regular Consumption of Oatmeal is Beneficial

So English, so nourishing. Oatmeal is one of the most popular choices of millions of people all over the world. A delicious and beneficial way to start your day, oatmeal is an example of a simple yet ultimately comforting breakfast. Not only does it taste good, but it also has a number of health benefits. […]

Mindful Eating: No Depression-Inducing Dieting

Ok, today I’ll indulge in this small piece of cake, and tomorrow I’ll make up for it by sweating in the gym for another 30 minutes. Sounds familiar? For those on a diet, every meal becomes a torture, because they cannot help craving the fried potatoes everyone’s eating, but reach out for a carrot salad. […]

Is It Correct to Use the Term ‘Milk’ for Plant Milk?

As the cold war between Big Dairy and plant milk producers is raging, it might be a good idea to look into the issue of whether ‘milk’ is really not the right term for substances derived from plants. Soy, almonds, hazelnuts and other plants do not lactate, but does it render the term unsuitable? What […]

Coke Journey: What Happens to Your Body when Diet Coke Gets Inside

A fave among many Americans, both youngsters and those who remember Pamela Anderson running on the beach in a red bathing suit, diet coke is something that does not cease to spark heated debates. Its advocates say it is so delicious that they simply cannot wean themselves off it; others say it is detrimental to […]

Probiotics Now Deemed to Be Not That Beneficial

From yoghurts to special pills, probiotics have long been touted as a good way to boost your immune system and bowel performance, especially if you have recently taken antibiotics. However, a new piece of research challenges the assumption: according to scientists, not only are probiotics often useless, but they also can slow down the recovery […]

Cereal Killer: Traces of Herbicide Detected in Many Oat Products

Foods commonly eaten for breakfast, such as oat cereals and granola snacks, may be dangerous to consume, a new study suggests. Having analyzed samples of popular oat-based products, researchers reported that in most of them glyphosate, a widely used herbicide, was detected. The levels varied, but many of them were higher than the ones considered […]

Coconut Oil Proves to Be Detrimental to Health

The Internet is teeming with articles advising you to munch on superfoods, such as snacks with chia seeds, matcha tea, coconut oil, etc. All of them are actually not that worthy of being called “super”, but there is one which has recently been called “pure poison” by a Harvard professor. The news echoed the recommendation […]

Dairy Fats Vindicated: Full-Fat Milk Not Likely to Kill You

Low-fat dairy, including milk, cheese, butter and other foods of the same kind, are usually perceived of as healthier options, mostly due to the previously published studies suggesting that saturated fats, in which full-far dairy is rich, are to be avoided. A new study exonerates it: eating and drinking such foods is not that dangerous […]

Demonizing Food: Much Ado About Eating Clean

It is really difficult to find where the border between eating healthy and being obsessed with eating clean lies. Several decades ago, we used to enjoy every chocolate bar and bread we could have without thinking about trans fats and gluten. Today, many foods that used to be normal are demonized. Is there any reason […]

Hydration Tips: Veggies and Fruits Can Boost Your Water Intake

Humans have to drink water every couple of hours to support the body and help it maintain its functions. While the lion’s share of water intake is, well, drinking it, solid foods can also be a good source of liquid. Some vegetables are over 90% of water. Supplied in this form, water is absorbed slower, […]

It’s Official: Processed Meat and Cigarettes Equally Dangerous

Yes, there is no mistake in the headline. Bacon, which has been part of our traditional breakfast for a long time, is now accused of being as harmful as cigarettes, and so are other types of processed meat, including sausages and ham. Actually, it was announced in 2015 and caused the reaction known as the […]

Health Benefits of Walnuts

Seeds and nuts are an essential part of any healthy diet. Walnuts are among the nuts that are most beneficial to health, and they produce a variety of effects on the body. Funny appearance (braaains!), exquisite flavor, and plenty of nutrients to make it worthy of the superfood title combine to form a nut that […]