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3 Health Benefits of Watercress

A leafy green that is definitely overshadowed by kale, arugula, and other favorites, watercress is actually superior to them in terms of the nutrients it is packed with. From salads to soups, watercress can be a great ingredient to enhance your dish with peppery and spicy flavors. Incorporating it into your diet can bring you […]

Superfoods: Truth or Myth?

Like all things fad, the title of a superfood is a vague notion. Regardless of whether it is something exotic or good old cucumbers, the properties ascribed to them are nothing short of a miracle. But do these claims stand up to scrutiny? Do acai berries and chia seeds really have all the effects they […]

McDonald’s French Fries No Cure For Baldness

You have probably heard the story that has recently gone viral: eating French fries could help you grow your hair and slow down hair loss. While most people doubted it–at least we hope so–some Internet users fell victim to this trick and kept on asking how many servings a day they should eat. Here is […]

Is Teatox Safe?

We are bombarded with ads of myriads of dietary supplements and other products that promise fast weight loss, “body cleansing”, and other effects that look too good to be true. One of the trends that is gaining popularity is teatox – detoxing made easier by drinking tea with laxatives, herbs, and other extra ingredients. Do […]

Can you Live on Sprouts Alone? The Mysterious Sproutarians

As the vegan movement grows, ever more extreme forms of it appear, including people who only drink juices or eat all their food raw. However, sproutarians may have gone the furthest. As the vegan movement grows, ever more extreme forms of it appear, including people who only drink juices or eat all their food raw. […]

Choke-Proof Food: New Kind Of Food For The Elderly

As the Earth population is getting older, with certain countries experiencing the problem to a greater extent than others, the need for a solution to avoid deaths following choking arises. In Japan, food manufacturers seem to have developed an approach that enabled them to introduce choke-proof food that is easier to swallow and does not […]

Health Benefits of Skipping Late Meals

We are sure that everyone has heard the folk wisdom: “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dine like a pauper.” But in the modern world not all but just a few respect this rule. Any bad consequences for health? Yes, especially in the case of late and hearty dinners! Bad influence of […]

Locavore Movement: the Next Food Revolution?

In 2007, the Oxford Dictionary chose locavore as its US Word of the Year. Being a locavore means eating only locally-produced foods. Locavorism is claimed to be great for both your health and the environment. Is this lifestyle worth trying? The word locavore was coined in 2005 by three food-loving women from San Francisco – […]

Green or Black: Mysteries of an Olive

Surely, you have bought olives many times: plump green ones in a glass jar or cheaper black ones in a tin can. But have you ever wondered why you almost never see black olives in a glass jar or vice versa? And what’s the difference, anyway: are black ones ripe and green ones unripe? Let’s […]

Cistanche Tubulosa: Your Stamina and Libido Booster

A sedentary lifestyle is literally a silent killer of us, modern people. In fact, long sitting with a lack of fresh oxygen and very often legs crossed (especially in women) results in stagnation of blood circulation in pelvic organs and legs – that in long perspective means loss of fertility and libido in both men […]

Pine Pollen Health Benefits

In our time people often try to find a healthy alternative to traditional chemical drugs and seek a possibility to support their health with natural remedies. For centuries humankind was aware of powerful remedies of natural origin, and one of such means is pine pollen (PP). Modern science also does not stand aside and a […]

Foods to Eat When You Are Bored

Quite often people complain of gaining fat due to boredom. When you are bored, you watch some series or have to wait for someone, the hand is instinctively searching for food. Without noticing, we can eat a considerable amount of fats or carbohydrates, which is neither healthy, not useful for us. In this regard, there […]

Coconut Oil, Milk, and Water

The benefits of coconut products have become a buzzword around the globe. It gets people from all walks of life and ages to rush to groceries and seek the life-saving wonder-meal, now that it is no longer an exotic thing for even the northernmost climate. There are good reasons to believe that these three coconut […]

Unripe vs. Ripe bananas: Which to Choose?

Normally we choose bananas simply on the basis of their look to us. If they appear ‘pretty’ enough, we put them into our shopping bags. As bananas are very popular among all kinds of people, especially dieters, parents of young kids, students, and office workers because they are tasty, filling, highly nutritious, and easy to […]

Rooibos Tea Side Effects

Rooibos tea comes from the leaves of Aspalathus Linearis, which is a plant that can be found in the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa. Rooibos means red, so Rooibos tea can also be referred to as red tea or red bush tea. Unlike other types of tea that originate from the same plant (Camillia Sinensis), […]

Nutritional Value of Vegetables

Vegetables have long been used as food and not without a reason. They are rich in nutritious and useful substances which are essential for life. Actually, almost every part of a vegetable can be consumed. When it comes to the nutritional value of vegetables – they are considered nutraceuticals as the ones providing nutrition and […]

Daily Vitamins for Women in their 20’s

Vitamins are important in every age and women in their 20 are no exception. A girl, a teenager, becomes a young woman and she should start taking care of her diet more. One of the most essential parts of the diet is daily vitamins for women. At any age, additional minerals and vitamin supplements are […]

Junk Food Facts

Slowly but steadily people become aware of the harmful effects of fast food. There are still a lot of op people who find this type of food pretty appealing and hard to resist. However, the number of ones concerned about their health is increasing. This article gives certain information about junk foods and is aimed […]

Three Macronutrients

There are three macronutrients from which we get calories and energy. They are fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Why macronutrients? Because our organisms require them in pretty large amounts to keep the metabolism and other bodily functions as they should Vitamins and minerals are also necessary and required by our organisms. But they are needed in […]

How Many Calories Are in an Apple?

The good old apple is a fruit type that is favored in many countries. It can be stored for a long time and is packed with nutrients. In this article, we will discuss how many calories an average apple contains, which ones you should choose, and what the most effective way to remove pesticides when […]