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Importance of Magnesium for Cardiovascular Health and Where It Can Be Found

Our body requires a wide range of chemicals to function properly, and magnesium is one of them. This mineral, as many studies have shown, is necessary for the cardiovascular system, as well as other systems. If the level of magnesium is insufficient, health problems ensue. Here is why magnesium is important and where it can […]

Nausea and Headache: Can Sound Cause Them?

The recent mysteries of American diplomats falling ill in Cuba and China have fueled the hysteria surrounding international relations. Among the possible explanations are ultrasonic weapons, equipment failure, or even something mystical. Most of them reported hearing strange sounds before neurological symptoms developed. But can sound really cause harm? The mystery behind the cases of […]

Are Female And Male Brains Different?

Heated debates about whether brains differ between the sexes do not cease to spark, and even scientists themselves do not share the same opinion. While there are many people who claim the difference between a man and a woman lies within the domain of biochemistry and anatomical features of the brain, it appears to be […]

Four Cups of Coffee A Day Beneficial to Heart

The issue of whether coffee is beneficial to health is a controversial one, as new reports are published daily. Some of them suggest drinking coffee is dangerous, others claim it could bring significant health benefits. A recent research contributes to it by saying drinking four cups of coffee a day is just the right amount […]

Eating Chocolate Could Boost Cognitive Function

What do you eat for breakfast? Is it a healthy salad with baby carrots and lettuce? Or pizza leftovers? Or even a chocolate cake? It appears that foods high in carbs and proteins are not the worst pick. According to researchers, eating chocolate could improve your cognitive function, and consuming carb- and protein-rich foods in […]

Exercising 4-5 Times A Week Could Slow Down Heart Aging

The health benefits of exercising have long been praised. However, the amount of exercise that can help keep the heart healthy remained a matter of heated debates. A recent research showed that different parts of the cardiovascular system require different minimal amounts of exercise to stay healthy as long as possible. As we age, our […]

Daily Aspirin: the Heart Benefits and Risks

You have probably heard a generally accepted opinion about an aspirin and its ability to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke. Thus, the new research has ambiguous results on taking a daily low-dose aspirin. Let’s discover whether this statement is true and fact-based. The Study About a Daily Low-dose of Aspirin At the […]

The State of Our Guts Can Affect Our Heart

There are so many diseases in the world that the scientists cannot recognize the roots of. Heart diseases fit this category. For many years there has not been found a universal reason of their development. But luckily today the scientists seem to find the cause. Heart disease is a change in the work of the […]

‘High Blood Pressure’ Revised: It’s 130 Instead Of 140 Now

For more than a decade, it’s been assumed that normal blood pressure is not limited to 120/80, which is the aim of all therapies designed to help those suffering from hypertension, but also includes readings of up to 130/80. High blood pressure, which is associated with a variety of conditions, was considered to have 140/90 […]

Study Finds that Your Heart will Suffer if You Skip Breakfast

Most of us remember that we should breakfast as kings (and stick to a rather moderate portions at other meals). Right? It seems that the researches have found another proof to this point. If you skip breakfast, your are likely to deal with atherosclerosis, new study reveals. Here is more about the need of having […]

The Heart – Quite Reliable, but not Eternal

Heart for a human is like an engine for a vehicle. It pumps blood – the fuel – throughout the body and keeps all vital organs and hence the whole body ticking. Once the engine fails, so does the rest of the system. Heart for a human is like an engine for a vehicle. It […]

New Stroke Research

Revolutionary research has been conducted recently in the area of stroke treatment. Its main focus was on how to replace the functions of dead nervous cells. Revolutionary research has been conducted recently in the area of stroke treatment. Its main focus was on how to replace the functions of dead nervous cells. The group of […]

Stroke Sufferers: How to Recognize Them FAST?

Stroke is nowadays one of the leading causes of death in the United States, with approximately 795,000 cases every year, about 140,000 of which are fatal. This means that, on average, every 40 seconds an American gets a stroke, and every 4 minutes one dies of it. Stroke is nowadays one of the leading causes […]

Blood Pressure Rates at Different Ages

Have you ever wondered why aged people so often complain for the high blood pressure? And why among young people the pressure is rarely going up? Actually, the pressure may go up and down several times even during one day. However, in aged people, there are certain processes of arteries deterioration, which is why they […]

Prevention of Clogged Arteries at Home

To determine how to prevent or even cleanse clogged arteries, let us look consider the process of clogging. So, why the arteries are clogged? First of all, you should know that basically the arteries are the pipes of your body, the heart pumps blood which circulates within them, thus spreading blood containing different nutrition elements […]

How a Glass of Champagne Can Help with Your Heart Problems

Let’s raise our glasses in a toast to your health. Sound familiar, doesn’t it? And what about raising glasses of champagne in a toast to our healthy hearts? Somewhat less familiar, isn’t it? However, it is as romantic as it is true to life. If you have raised glasses of champagne or wine in a […]

Sudden High Blood Pressure

A healthy person’s blood pressure is somewhere around 120/80; however, it is frequent that some alternations in the level occur. Generally, it is caused by lifestyle and habits but can also be evoked by outside factors such as atmospheric pressure changes. In case of high blood pressure a person experiences an increase up to 140/90 […]

White Coat Syndrome: Causes and Treatments

White coat hypertension or white coat syndrome is a condition occuring when a patient has high blood pressure on a visit to the doctor. Hypertension is observed in some individuals if they are in a hospital or near to a nurse or doctor. It is said that these people have white coat syndrome. Usually the […]

Heart Transplant Life Expectancy

Heart transplantation is a procedure where a heart is replaced from an ill patient and is transplanted with a “new” donor heart. During the surgery a special mechanical pump circulates blood via the body. The donor heart is connected to the main blood vessels and to the mechanism which is responsible for controlling the heartbeat […]