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Niksen: New Kind of Mindfulness or Art of Being Lazybones?

In psychology, just like in any other field, new trends are constantly emerging. One of such trends, which is going to be liked by many an American, is called niksen. It is a Dutch way of doing nothing – just letting your mind flow with no particular purpose. What is it? A new way of […]

Masquerading as Science: the Human Design system

New Age spiritual movements often try to appear scientific, claiming that some “research” proves their concepts and luring in those people who look for a system that would explain all their life problems. Human Design is a great example. A combination of six systems Human Design has been gaining great popularity, and the air of […]

Energy Healing, American-Style: Access Consciousness System

Energy healing is one of the fastest-growing alternative medicine markets, and one of the popular new additions is the Access Consciousness system. It promises to enhance your life dramatically – but what is it based on? What are the 32 bars? We have already written about a popular energy healing technique called Johrei, and you […]

Night Owls Are Not Lazy At All

It is not a secret that all people can be divided into two groups according to their sleeping habits: night owls and early birds. Night owls are considered to be lazy and unproductive; on the other hand, early birds are treated as clever, creative, and active creatures. But are night owls so bad? Our life […]

Smartphones Are Not an Evil

Today we cannot imagine our life without having a smartphone. We use it for many purposes, such as to text, call, play games, read, and many others. But we are told that our obsession with smartphones is harmful to our health. In fact, using your smartphone sometimes can be even good for you. Everybody who […]

Transmitting Sunlight: the Healing Practice of Johrei

Most people have heard of Reiki and Qi Gong – eastern spiritual practices that purport to cure the body through mysterious energies. Yet another similar technique – johrei – is quickly gaining popularity in the West. Is there something to it? The story of Johrei Johrei is not the first technique based on transmitting energy […]

Why Wearing Shoes Inside Your House is Dangerous

Next time you decide not to take off your shoes when walking into your house, think twice. According to several types of research, the variety and number of bacteria your nifty shoes can carry are astonishing. Many of these germs are really dangerous, as they are capable of landing you in the hospital with pneumonia, […]

Tap or Bottle: Which Water Should You Drink?

Doctors often advise drinking at least 1.5 liters of water per day, and it is wise advice: dehydration can be a serious health issue. Advertising pushes us to buy bottled water, insisting that tap water is not safe. Is it worth spending money on those bottles? Over 60% of our body mass is water, but […]

Health Benefits of Skipping Late Meals

We are sure that everyone has heard the folk wisdom: “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dine like a pauper.” But in the modern world not all but just a few respect this rule. Any bad consequences for health? Yes, especially in the case of late and hearty dinners! Bad influence of […]

Heel-Toe or Toe-Heel Walking

As we step, so we live. Do you want to walk beautifully and keep your joints, knees and spine healthy? The question is vitally important for health and well-being – walking style has a great influence on the condition of your spine, its health, your overall posture in daily life and much more… Walking is […]

What Foods Can Boost Your Sexual Stamina?

No good life is possible without a good relationship. Likewise, no good relationship is possible without good sexual stamina and drive. Finally, no good sex is possible without decent and healthy nutrition. There are particular foods, which are highly advisable for regular intake due to their exceptional ability of increasing sexual desire. Also, there are […]

Eyebrow Threading vs Waxing

Hair removal is an essential part of every woman’s ritual of taking care of herself. For the majority of women this is important and something that they cannot feel good without. While some women pay only the slightest attention to this question, others have to be more inventive. This especially refers to the problem of […]

Swollen Lymph Node behind the Ear

Swelling of lymph nodes is called lymphadenopathy. The lymphatic system is an integral part of the immune system in humans. It is a network of vessels and nodes – bean-shaped glands consisting of cells encapsulated in relatively thin connective tissue. Lymph nodes store fluid and produce various types of antibodies, which are carried around the […]

Surgery to Make You Taller

It has become a norm nowadays for people to be obsessed with their looks. Sometimes this obsession leads to the services of cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgery is a very popular sphere of medicine today. There are a lot of people who want to improve their looks in various respects starting from making their breasts larger […]

My Legs Feel Heavy: Possible Causes and Treatment

Heaviness in legs may indicate signs of health disorders. This disorder may cause erectile dysfunction in me. When your legs feel heavy, it may be a warning symptom. High levels of blood sugar and heart failure can cause heavy legs. According to the recent studies nearly – of people who suffer from heavy legs caused […]

How to Choose the Best Hair Colour for Your Type of Skin Tone

Finding the best color that would work with your skin tone can definitely be a challenge. In order to do it, you should know what complexion you have and what its undertone is. Sounds like brain surgery? It’s not rocket science at all. In this article, we will take a look at what combinations there […]

Tanning Bed Pros & Cons

Nowadays everyone wants to look nice and beautiful and, what is more important, tanned. Tan has become available not only to the people whose countries are blessed by being located on warm latitudes and washed by warm seas and oceans. With the advent of indoor tanning beds, the whole idea has become available for everyone. […]