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3 Tips on How to Stay Positive

When we are depressed due to stress, being overburdened or some routine, it is difficult not to succumb to the feeling of desperation. There are things that call for a special approach, but if it’s everyday stress factors that make you feel down in the dumps, you can try the tips featured in this article […]

Duck or Yuck: Bath Toys Teem with Bacteria

For the vast majority of Americans, rubber ducks are an indispensable part of taking a bath. While it’s a toy for kids, even adults appreciate the ambience these ducklings can create. However cute they may be, their dark side (i.e. inner surface) can pose a threat to your health. A recent study showed that rubber […]

Fecal Microbiota Transplantation: Gross Yet Effective

The new big thing in medicine is fecal microbiota transplantation. While the very name of it sounds like most patients would like to opt out if offered, this approach has recently proved to be effective in treatment of various gastrointestinal problems, including C. dif. colitis. The beasts within Inside your colon, there is a world […]

6 Health Risks of Flying: from Earache to Asthma Attacks

Going on vacation is something most people long for, but what if it’s Australia that you are heading to? Chances are, if your destination is far from your usual place of residence, you will have to fly there. While it may sound like a good adventure, flying is associated with a range of health risks. […]

Do Males Shed Pounds Faster Than Females Do?

As far as weight loss is concerned, women and men appear to have different metabolic effects that weight loss endeavors produce on their bodies. Scientific evidence suggests that men really do lose weight faster, but this difference does not diminish the positive effects of becoming slimmer on your systems. Shedding weight can be challenging regardless […]

Chinese Students Use Virtual Reality to Study Acupuncture and Surgery

Learning how to be a doctor, a surgeon in particular, is one of the most challenging careers you can take up. The responsibility is so great that a medical student cannot afford making mistakes. To help doctors-to-be hone their skills, Chinese universities and hospitals are implementing a VR system which can be used to simulate […]

MIT Professor Invents Wireless Health Tracker with Best Features to Date

Most health trackers available today focus on one or who parameters (say, heart rate or sleep quality) and work only if worn. A new device created by an MIT professor definitely broke the mold with its wireless approach and multiple features. From gait analysis to breathing monitoring, it can gather quite a lot of information […]

7 Tips on How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Power Outage

If there is a possibility of power going out, you should try to prepare for the period when you will not have electricity, and obtain food supplies that can endure such emergencies. Choose foods wisely: since you won’t have a fridge or freezer to keep them cool, perishables should be avoided. To prepare for such […]

How to Make Yourself Do Simple Things That Your Depression Renders Impossible

Those who are depressed or have some other mental health problem, such as anxiety, may find themselves unable to do simple things, like folding laundry or washing the dishes that have piled up in the kitchen. Such chores turn into insurmountable problems, and coping with it may be challenging. Here is what is recommended to […]

Massage as Part of Palliative Care

Death is dreaded by most people. Some of those who have come close to it find themselves in a hospice. In many cases, there is no active treatment at this stage: all that medicine can offer these patients is palliative care, aimed to comfort them and alleviate pain. Massage has long been on the sidelines […]

Why You Should Close the Toilet Lid When You Flush

Most people consider closing the toilet lid while flushing. After all, that’s why this lid exists, right? Many families have a rule saying that everybody has to put the lid down after using the toilet. However, regardless of the number of reasons to do so (such as child and pet safety) there are people who […]

The Great Delusion of Wellness: How Allegedly Healthy Practices Ruin Us

We are heavily and constantly bombarded with ads of supplements, natural this and natural that, all things detox, and the like. The lucrative industry of wellness is burgeoning, as more people are converting to charcoal snack lovers and supplement takers. What is promoted as the holy grail of health is actually pure chicanery – for […]

Tattoos in the Workplace: Normal or Strange?

Following the traditional option that has been cherished and encouraged for many years, people with tattoos are associated with irresponsible and unreliable workers. Instead, the employees made everything possible to convince workers to look neat and smart. Some of them even organize various retreats and vacations, so the staff is fresh and ready to work. […]

In-flight Sheet Masking

Doubtlessly, all people want to look attractive. Whether you love the shape of your face, how long or short your legs are or the thickness of your lips, one of the most important things in your body is skin. Being born with a particular type of skin, a person has to take care of it […]

Sensory Garden: Special Haven for Your Senses

A sensory garden is a special environment created to stimulate senses with the help of herbs, plants, and implementation of various materials which engage people’s senses. This type of garden is extremely beneficial for children and adults, as well as those with autism and dementia. The combination of aromas, colors, and landscape allows for encouraging […]

4 Books with Beachy Covers to Read in Summer 2018

So you are going to spend a couple of hours on the beach. Are you sure you have a page-turner to accompany you? Vacation may not be the best time to cram Aristotle’s ideas in your poor head, and light reading with beachy covers seems to be a better option, as your brain needs to […]

Forest Bathing – Try It, You’ll Like It!

Japanese Shinrin-yoku (森林浴), also well-known as Forest /Nature Bathing or Forest/Nature Therapy is a special practice whose most important requirement is staying near nature for a particular amount of time. It was discovered in Japan in 1982 and since then has been attracting attention of all people around the world. Forest therapy is one of […]

Planning Your Vacation? Stay Home!

However scary the advice in the title may seem, staying at home instead of going to foreign countries could really benefit your mind and health. Does travelling take its toll on the quality of vacation? What can one do if they decide to skip the fuss of airports? Is staying in the comfort of your […]

6 Things You Should Learn Before You Turn 30

Most people have plans for their lives, but they do not always come true. By the time you are about to turn thirty, you should already have experienced quite a lot to become a serious person who knows what life is like. Here is what is recommended to be able to do by the day […]