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Niksen: New Kind of Mindfulness or Art of Being Lazybones?

In psychology, just like in any other field, new trends are constantly emerging. One of such trends, which is going to be liked by many an American, is called niksen. It is a Dutch way of doing nothing – just letting your mind flow with no particular purpose. What is it? A new way of […]

Out of Touch: How Touching Affects Our Mood And Why We Gave It Up

What was the last time you placed your hand on your friend’s shoulder? Or a shoulder of a stranger? Do you ever touch anyone besides yourself? Our modern world is surprisingly touch-deprived: most western people are afraid of touching and being touched, and myriads of cases of legal action, which followed a handshake that had […]

Hand Dryers Cover Your Hands with Germs

It is difficult to find a person who likes visiting public bathrooms. Not only do they fall short of being squeaky-clean – they also make you stand in line! Actually, there is one more danger that you are probably not aware of: hand dryers contaminate your hands with bacteria. Perhaps, next time you go to […]

How Processed Food Helps Harmful Bacteria

We all know that processed food – including soda, chips, sauces, and lots of other tempting yet unhealthy fruits of the chemical industry – is not beneficial for health. With more and more researches being undertaken, it is becoming more evident that it’s harmful in many ways. It has recently been reported that artificial sweeteners […]

Why Is Vitamin D So Important to Thyroid Patients?

The thyroid gland is a very important part of the human body. If it does not work well, it can cause many health problems. To maintain its condition within the normal range, doctors recommend using vitamins for the thyroid that plays a big role in the renewal of hormones, regulating their impact on the human […]

What is Resonance Frequency Breathing?

The breathing technique in question is not the first one to be found able to affect health. However, it is different from others in that it seems to improve blood pressure and increase heart rate variability – a curious parameter that is sometimes regarded as an indicator of nervous system and heart health. The growing […]

Why Do We Need to Sleep?

Sleep is an integral part of our life. Even if we try to deprive our body from sleeping, it will protest. But why do we need to sleep? Sleep is necessary for us. People can live without any food quite for a long time, but if we make ourselves awake for more than five days, […]

Stem Cells in Hypothalamus Can Regulate Aging

Aging-inducing effects have been attributed to many organs and substances, but the sophisticated system, which our body and especially brain are, remains mysterious, as many puzzles are unsolved (if they ever will be so). According to researchers, one more mechanism behind aging has been recently revealed: stem cells in the hypothalamus seem to regulate aging […]

Sunlight: Do We Need It?

If winter seems to be endless, and it makes you depressed when the day is way shorter than the night, you already know the answer: yes, we do need sunlight. However, it’s not just a matter of preference: scientific evidence suggests sunlight is what can affect us both directly and indirectly: we benefit not only […]

Kitchen Hygiene: Challenge Accepted

So you think you are a hygiene expert who keeps all tabletops sterile? Chances are your kitchen harbors myriads of germs despite your efforts to keep it clean. It’s not that you are a bad housekeeper – it’s just that microbes are everywhere. Just imagine: the sponge you use to wash the dishes is home […]

One Glass of Wine More Effective Than Exercising, Study Suggests

In their pursuit of living as long as they can, people seem to have tried everything they can find: from exotic yoga practices to following weird diets. Now researchers say that drinking a glass of wine daily seems to contribute to longevity even more than exercising. Such things as regular exercising, eating healthy food and […]

What Does It Mean For Your Body To Live in a Big City

Now that the majority of the world population lives in urban areas, it’s time to admit: people trade their health for the opportunities big cities offer. Air, noise and water pollution affect our health and lead to thousands of cases of serious diseases every year. Now we are going to discuss what dangers lurk in […]

5 Steps to Relax Your Muscles

The realities of today’s world make most people experience stress, consequently, the body’s response to this stress and anxiety is muscle tension which can lead to chronic muscle pain and exhaustion. The solution to the problem of everyday tension — progressive muscle relaxation exercises (PMR). This is a technique of relaxation the muscles used for […]

Masquerading as Science: the Human Design system

New Age spiritual movements often try to appear scientific, claiming that some “research” proves their concepts and luring in those people who look for a system that would explain all their life problems. Human Design is a great example. A combination of six systems Human Design has been gaining great popularity, and the air of […]

Energy Healing, American-Style: Access Consciousness System

Energy healing is one of the fastest-growing alternative medicine markets, and one of the popular new additions is the Access Consciousness system. It promises to enhance your life dramatically – but what is it based on? What are the 32 bars? We have alredy written about a popular energy healing technique called Johrei, and you […]

Night Owls Are Not Lazy At All

It is not a secret that all people can be divided in two groups according to their sleeping habits: night owls and early birds. Night owls are considered to be lazy and unproductive; on the other hand early birds are treated as clever, creative, and active creatures. But are night owls so bad? Our life […]

Smartphones Are Not an Evil

Today we cannot imagine our life without having a smartphone. We use it for many purposes, such as to text, call, play games, read, and many others. But we are told that our obsession with smartphones is harmful for our health. In fact, using your smartphone sometimes can be even good for you. Everybody who […]

Transmitting Sunlight: the Healing Practice of Johrei

Most people have heard of Reiki and Qi Gong – eastern spiritual practices that purport to cure the body through mysterious energies. Yet another similar technique – johrei – is quickly gaining popularity in the West. Is there something to it? The story of Johrei Johrei is not the first technique based on transmitting energy […]

Exercising When Sick: Pro et Contra

Most people believe that exercising when sick can contribute to illness progression. However, it’s not always the case. Don’t let minor colds destroy your workout session: let’s find out when exercising if sick is even beneficial, and when you should put away your running shoes for a little while. When exercising if sick is beneficial […]

Why Wearing Shoes Inside Your House is Dangerous

Next time you decide not to take off your shoes when walking into your house, think twice. According to several researches, the variety and number of bacteria your nifty shoes can carry are astonishing. Many of these germs are really dangerous, as they are capable of landing you in the hospital with pneumonia, urinary infections […]