Night Owls Are Not Lazy At All

It is not a secret that all people can be divided into two groups according to their sleeping habits: night owls and early birds. Night owls are considered to be lazy and unproductive; on the other hand, early birds are treated as clever, creative, and active creatures. But are night owls so bad?

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Our life seems to be constructed according to the rules of early birds. We have to get up at about six o’clock in the morning to be at work, at school or university on time. But it is very difficult for night owls to follow such rules. That is why many people believe that night owls are disorganized and just cannot manage their time properly. It’s a delusion. In some ways, late sleepers even excel at early birds.

Productivity of night owls

The Belgian University of Liege has published a study according to which late sleepers, although, they wake up later than early risers, keep their heads clean and are more productive during a day. The study proved that the organism of night owls has the ability to adapt to changes, for example, unlike early birds they can easily change their lifestyle if it is necessary. They are more stress resistant, and it directly affects their health. The risk of getting any heart disease is lower for late risers. Moreover, the study showed that the memory, thinking, and intelligence of night owls are better developed in comparison with early birds. (For more information visit).

Night owls are ready to take risks

The scientists from the University of Chicago found out that people who get up later are riskier. The researchers examined the saliva samples of more than 200-night owls to find out the level of different hormones in their bodies. The measurements were made before and after the participants had a special test about the financial risks they are ready to take. The results showed that male participants were more likely to take risks in the sphere of finances. Women participants were considered to be less risky in comparison with men, but anyway they are said to be able to take financial risks. (For more information visit).

This study proved that late sleepers have a higher risk appetite and disposition to become successful entrepreneurs.

Late sleepers are more creative

Night owls and early birds were asked to do some tasks that required analytical thinking and creativity in the morning and in the evening. After the experiment was over, it became clear that late sleepers were able to cope with the tasks targeted to show creativity better than the early birds.

The research showed that late sleepers are more creative than early risers, especially in the evening. It can be described by the physical characteristics of the early risers. As they get up earlier, they have to go to bed earlier and that is why they are less productive in the evening. Night owls in their turn can work better and faster than their counterparts.

Night owls are better lovers

The study conducted by German scientists proved that night owls can be better lovers. About 300 volunteers of different ages were examined during the research. The results showed that, although the early birds and the night owls had to work the same time during the day, the night owls tended to have more sexual partners in total.

Also, the research proved that night owl are less loyal to their partners. As they tend to change their partners more often than early birds, they are less likely to have lasting relationships.

Many researches prove that late sleepers and early risers are different in their behavior. And because of that early birds do not have to blame night owls for their desire to sleep more, and night owls in their turn do not have to become angry when an early bird wants to go to sleep at 9 p.m. We are all different and because of that we should be more tolerant to each other.

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