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Psychedelic Mushrooms to Help Treat Depression

For many of us, magic mushrooms are nothing more than a thing to be used in jokes. For a certain category of people, it is also a recreational drug. However, there is one more use that can become standard: scientists have suggested using psychedelic hallucinations caused by these mushrooms to treat those suffering from treatment-resistant […]

Diet Can Help You to Overcome Depression

We know that the food we eat influence the state of our body and that it also can cause or prevent the development of many diseases. But not many people are aware that consumption of different products can influence the state of our mind as well. Having depression, we often start to eat a lot […]

How to Make Winter a Time to Remember

If you are one of those who cannot stand winter because of its cold and darkness, you might want to reevaluate this wonderful season. Really, there is a lot to love about winter! And here is why. Reinventing coldness If we ask a lot of people why they don’t like winter, the most popular answers […]

Niacin for Depression

It is a common notion that depression is only being in a bad mood just because you feel down all the time and it is all in your head. It has been proved that there are some reasons for a person being upset all the time and they lie behind some chemical imbalances in the […]