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Can Adults Suffer From Reactive Attachment Disorder?

RAD is a condition diagnosed in children who do not receive enough nurturing from parents or caregivers and thus do not establish bonds with them. The condition affects the child’s relationships with other people significantly, and the effects are long-lasting, so adults can suffer the consequences of their parent’s failure to provide them with an […]

Burnout: a metaphor or a dangerous reality?

We’ve all experienced work stress, difficulty getting up every morning, occasional conflicts with colleagues. However, when it becomes a daily reality, work stress can turn your life into hell. Burnout is real Burnout is not just a metaphor for feeling exhausted: it is actually included on the World Health Organization disease list. More and more […]

Is Talking to Yourself a Sign of Your Madness?

It is not a secret that many people talk to themselves. Usually, it happens in the form of an internal monologue, but sometimes people talk to themselves out loud. Many people have noticed that they are talking to themselves out loud think that they have some mental problem. But do not rush to visit the […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder Causes

One should take any weather with gratitude; however, this is not exactly possible. Every season with its own weather tends to evoke a certain feeling and general mood; and if sunshine and blue skies make us smile, it is very frequent that rain and snow and dull gray skies do just opposite – they make […]

ADHD Natural Treatment Options

Chromotherapy is considered to be a very effective kind of therapy nowadays. It is actually color therapy and was known to people for many centuries. Moreover, Ayurveda medicine treated a sick person with the help of color and it produced actual effect. The same can be said about traditional Chinese medicine – it also used […]