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McDonald’s French Fries No Cure For Baldness

You have probably heard the story that has recently gone viral: eating French fries could help you grow your hair and slow down hair loss. While most people doubted it–at least we hope so–some Internet users fell victim to this trick and kept on asking how many servings a day they should eat. Here is […]

Mechanics behind Hair Thinning and How to Help It

If your hair is thinning, not only does it mean it looks imperfect, but hair loss is likely to follow it. While the number of shampoos designed to boost hair volume is impressive, the majority of them do not help treat the underlying causes of hair thinning, and ignore the biology behind it, adding fake […]

No ‘Poo Trend: Is There Anything Behind It?

If you see someone whose hair smells strangely, it does not necessarily mean the water pipe in his or her home has broken: the no ‘poo trend is becoming more and more popular, bringing lots of people who want to make their tresses remember what it is like to live without shampoo. You have probably […]

The Silent Struggle: Hair Pulling Disorder

The anxiety of preparing for an exam or a project deadline drawing near can put any of us on edge and make us do strange things: chew on a pen, eat compulsively, or fidget with one’s hair. However, some people struggle for their whole life with a condition called trichotillomania, which makes them compulsively pull […]

How to Grow Hair Rapidly

If you are considering how to grow your hair faster, you should take aboard several factors to reach an optimal result. Today we will speak about food, treatment, gadgets and rituals to help you to achieve a desired length as rapid as possible. Ah, and you will find a recipe of a stunning DIY hair […]

Melanin – Friend or Foe?

Our beauty consists of enormous number of ingredients that compose the symphony of our health and wellness. Obviously, all of us want the song of our attractiveness to last as long as it is possible. And not to be interrupted by various issues, for example, prematurely grey hair. The good news is that you can […]

Curry Leaves for Hair

Herbs and other plants have been used for various purposes for many years. One of them is hair loss treatment and curry leaves have always been among the most effective and popular recipes. Modern cosmetic industry has a lot to do about beauty and elegance and advances. However, natural looks will also be appreciated the […]

Frizzy Hair Treatment

Hair problems can be numerous but frizzy hair is one of the most unpleasant. The problem behind this hair condition is lack of moisture and inappropriate care. In case hair is damaged and dry, it tends to become frizzy and even start to curl. Perm and blow drying as well as other unhealthy hair procedures […]

Split Ends Treatment Options

Hair is an important part of style. This is the reason behind many people’s attempts to make it brighter, shinier and stronger. However sometimes hair condition deteriorate considerably and even end up with hair loss. It is actually recommended to consult a doctor, in case hair loss is severe and may be the consequence of […]

Useful Oils for Hair

It is very frequently that hair needs assistance in order to shine and be the source of everyone’s admiration. This is especially true about summer hot and winter freezing cold months. However, no matter the time, hair should be taken care of. The best thing is to opt for different oils. They have got all […]

Stop Hair Loss Naturally

Hair loss is a real problem for many people. It is a frequent topic of different beauty forums and blogs. There are a lot of various brands that create products that promise to stop hair loss naturally and also claim to help in making hair healthier and stronger. However, all these products are a result […]

Summer Hair Care

Summer is the most enjoyable season with its sunshine and vocations and so much fun. It is the time when a lot of hours are spent out of doors and under the sun and in the heat. However, all these conditions, being so really nice, are not always great for your hair. It is universally […]

Zinc is Effective for Treating Hair Loss

Zinc is a mineral which performs many crucial functions in the body. These roles are vital for the hair growth. Zinc is responsible for reproducing cells, absorbing vitamins (those crucial vitamins needed for hair loss), controlling protein synthesis and hormones. While all these functions are important, there is one which is of high importance in […]

Painless Hair Removal Options

If you ask any woman about hair removal, it is likely that most of them will make an unpleasant grimace. In spite of the fact that there are a lot of different hair removal options, most of them are painful and in many cases utterly unpleasant. It especially refers the hair that tends to grow […]

Possible Hair Loss Causes and Natural Hair Loss Treatment

On average, people lose 100-125 hair strands every day. If hair loss intensifies you need to consult the dermatologist and find necessary hair loss treatment. Hair follicles can change shape and size. Actually, good circulation of the blood in the scalp is beneficial for hair follicles. Massage the balding zones for fifteen minutes every day. […]

Dandruff, Hair Loss is No Longer a Problem

Hair loss is a widely spread problem that affects million people of different age. Anybody can experience dandruff, hair loss regardless of the race, age or culture. People try new ways of treating hair loss every month, hoping this time it will be effective. Some people prefer to choose alternative treatments to fight against dandruff, […]

Vitamins for Hair Loss

As a matter of fact there are numerous types of vitamins for hair loss. Surely, manufacturers tend to claim their vitamins work, but you should be cautious with such claims as there might be bogus hair growth products. Many individuals have already spent much money on various hair growth supplements and so on and discovered […]

How to Cope with Stress and Hair Loss

The modern world has a hectic character, and stress is a part of our life. There is stress involved in simple, everyday living and it’s an inconceivable fact that stress might be removed from life. The dose of stress we get every day dose is rather terrifying and it affects the work of every body […]

Tips to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

There is a very distinct recommendation for those who want their hair grow faster. It is advised to brush hair as much as possible especially before going to bed – it is a great stimulation and it does grow faster. Perhaps, there is no need to make exactly 100 brush strokes but the exercise will […]

Hair Loss Solutions for Men – Choose the Best One for Your Case

Several hair loss solutions for men can treat several types of hair loss in men. However there isn’t one hair loss solution which can cope with all cases of hair loss in men! This article is intended to help people with androgenic alopecia, also known as men pattern baldness. This condition is caused by genetic […]