My Legs Feel Heavy: Possible Causes and Treatment

Heaviness in legs may indicate signs of health disorders. This disorder may cause erectile dysfunction in me. When your legs feel heavy, it may be a warning symptom. High levels of blood sugar and heart failure can cause heavy legs.

According to the recent studies nearly – of people who suffer from heavy legs caused by poor circulation can die in as little as 5 years, in most cases as a result of heart attacks or other heart disorders. For people who cannot walk short distances because their legs feel heavy the odds are worse: half of them are likely to die by less than five years.

In most severe cases complications arise due to the blockage in the blood arteries. When you catch yourself on the thought my legs feel heavy, you should immediately take actions because it is critical for your chances to save life. Those people who keep waiting put themselves in extreme danger. Heavy legs may indicate a blockage in the arteries found on the legs and similar condition can develop in the heart.

Very frequently this disorder is provoked by high levels of sugar in the blood which is a dangerous glucose spreading fast in your body. The largely growing spread of diabetes makes it the 5th most common death cause in the United States of America. People who have heaviness in legs are in real danger of either blood sugar or poor circulation impeded by a plague.

As a matter of fact the best way is first of all start following a well balanced diet. The right eating plan for this condition can save you from heart attack and will help you become healthy. So, what you need to do is try to find the proper diet. Just removing sugars and fats from your diet plan cannot fix the damage which has occurred to the arteries and was caused by plaque or excessive sugar amount. What you really need is an eating plan that can help you repair the blood circulation.

So, first you should do when you notice that your legs feel heavy is to reveal the reason for this, it is necessary to know what exact factor is causing this symptom. That’s why it is highly recommended that you visit your doctor to ask for advice. The doctor will perform several tests to detect the cause of heaviness in legs and will suggest you a proper treatment option and a balanced diet plan.

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