Surgery to Make You Taller

It has become a norm nowadays for people to be obsessed with their looks. Sometimes this obsession leads to the services of cosmetic surgeons. Plastic surgery is a very popular sphere of medicine today. There are a lot of people who want to improve their looks in various respects starting from making their breasts larger and their noses more accurate ending up with the heath correction.

Yes, present day medicine has become so advanced that it is possible to make a person a little bit higher. A special surgery to make you taller originates from Russia and has gained immense popularity in China before it spread world-wide. Back few decades ago in Russia this procedure was mainly performed for such cases as deformities corrections in legs as well as dwarfism symptoms treatment. However, at the present day China and around the world it is a surgical procedure of a more cosmetic nature.

Surgery to make you taller is a real revelation for people of short height. Even people with average height opt for this kind of surgery in order to get the looks they have always dreamed of. The demand on this kind of operation is pretty high in healthy men and women, let alone people with certain deformities and symptoms of dwarfism.

However, one must be prepared that a surgery to make you taller is not a pleasant and aesthetic thing. It presupposes that your bones will be broken at various places. After that you will get a metal device implanted in the broken bones on the ends. The device includes two rings and a fixator ? extendable rods and is implanted through the skin. The device also presupposes rotator screws that are meant to regulate the rods? length by millimeters. You will get the instructions on how to operate the screws in order to get the result you want. In the result of rotation the ends of the broken bones drift apart and in the gap a process of re-growth can take place. It generally takes about 3 months to re-grow the gap and make a person taller as he or she wished.

One should take into consideration that surgery to make you taller is an extremely painful thing and it requires a serious consideration. Breaking legs is enough in itself; however, rotation of the screws involves unimaginable pain and this all will last for about three months on average. This is a very serious challenge and requires both will power and determination. One should also take into consideration that after the first three months there will be a similar period when bones will get strengthened. It also involves a considerable amount of pain and countless number of physiotherapeutic procedures and limb lengthening exercises. On average, a person will be able to walk and live a normal life not earlier that a year after such operation.

Surgery to make you taller is a very serious step but it is something that can make you look the way you want. For some people a couple of inches added to their present height are not a trifle but something to suffer for. However, as with any matter, there are things to consider. Notwithstanding the fact that surgery to make you taller is extremely long lasting and painful procedure, it is also really very expensive. Besides, one should never forget that, in case something goes wrong, a person may likely stay disabled for the rest of his life. This is something to think about even if you can afford it.

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