How to Choose the Best Hair Colour for Your Type of Skin Tone

Finding the best color that would work with your skin tone can definitely be a challenge. In order to do it, you should know what complexion you have and what its undertone is. Sounds like brain surgery? It’s not rocket science at all. In this article, we will take a look at what combinations there may be.

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To make the process of finding the right hair color simpler, you can determine to what category your complexion belongs.

Is your skin tone cool or warm?

There are two major skin categories, namely cool and warm. The latter can be divided in autumn and summer tones, and the former falls into spring and winter tones.


Those with winter tones usually have light, fair skin with pink undertones. Hazel eyes are quite rare; they are usually blue, green, dark blue, or almost black. Your natural hair color is dark or even black. It is difficult for you to tan, and your complexion maybe contrasting with your hair to a great extent. Take Liv Tyler as an example.


Colors that will do are those based on blue and violet tones, including jet black, dark brown, jewel-toned, or platinum blonde. If you have green eyes, you can make your hair dark red or violet. There are colors that you should avoid, as they won’t match your skin tone. These are honey/caramel, golden blonde, and copper red – warm tones that do not correspond to that of your complexion.


Ladies with spring tones have fair skin with yellow/pink undertones. Eye color may vary, but females that belong to the spring complexion type usually have eyes of lighter colors. If your eyes are dark, chances are it’s a mistake and you belong to some other type, not spring. Natural hair can be dirty dishwater blonde: this hue is characteristic of the spring type. Taylor Swift has a spring skin tone, for example.

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All colors based on green/blue/violet tones will match your skin. Try choosing icy or platinum blonde. Conversely, golden bases should be avoided, as well as other warm hair colors, such as golden brown or honey blonde.


Autumn ladies have darker eyes: they are usually golden brown or hazel green. Such women tan easily, and their skin is normally glowing. Most owners of autumn-type complexion are born with brown hair. Look at Jennifer Lopez, for instance.

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Red undertones and an orange base are the best options for the autumn-type complexion, including copper/caramel tones, different shades of brown (chocolate or golden), and auburn. Choosing spring-type hair colors would be a mistake: platinum blonde or anything with blue or green undertones is not what matches such skin.


Last but not least is summer complexion. Golden skin, olive undertones, and any eye color – such females tan with ease, and when they do, they get a bronze tan many a woman would envy. Shakira is a good example.

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Warm tones are what can make your skin and hair achieve harmony. Caramel-brown, toffee, golden blonde, honey tones, and similar hues will work best. It is recommended that women with summer complexion do not choose blue- or green-based colors, black hair or anything ashy.

No matter what color you choose, remember that in most cases the best color you can have is your natural one – you were born with it, and it usually looks so nice!

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