How Long Can You Live With Cirrhosis of The Liver

Cirrhosis is a serious disorder of the liver and is often associated with a number of life-threatening complications such as coughing up blood, kidney failure, build-up of fluid in the abdomen, infections, easy bleeding, and mental status changes. The progression of cirrhosis depends on many factors and it is impossible to state with certainty what the life expectancy will be for every person.

Cirrhosis Of The Liver

In most patients with cirrhosis, the general course is characterized by a gradual worsening of overall health. Most patients eventually develop fluid in the abdomen (ascites). Once patients develop complications, life expectancy is severely reduced. For those who remain complication-free, the life expectancy can be prolonged but nowhere to what a normal healthy adult would live.

In general, other than stating that patients with cirrhosis have a shortened life expectancy, the course of the disorder is extremely variable from patient to patient. The reasons for this variability are because the cirrhosis may be different in different people (some causes are amenable to treatment and others are not), degree of liver reserve, availability of means to prevent the worsening of liver damage, and most important, development of liver cancer. Other factors that must be taken into account when predicting life expectancy include the ability of the patient to undergo a given therapeutic intervention or whether there is any therapeutic option that can improve liver function.

How to Predict Life Expectancy with Cirrhosis

Life expectancy with a person suffering from cirrhosis of the liver is hard to predict as the condition depends on a range of factors that in combination can compromise the prognostic value. Several tools have been developed that enable physicians to be able to predict the severity of liver cirrhosis and life expectancy.

In accordance with the Child-Pugh score, there are three major types of cirrhosis – A, B, and C that are generally used in medicine for the cirrhosis prognosis assessment. Five clinical measures of liver ailment are employed in the score, where each of them is scored from 1 to 3.

The score a person gets determines the type of cirrhosis – class A, class B, or class C.

  • Class A cirrhosis – 5-6 points – a live expectancy of 15-20 years.
  • Class B cirrhosis – 7-9 points – a life expectancy of 6-10 years.
  • Class C cirrhosis – 10-15 points – a life expectancy of only 1-3 years.
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The score used to be a measure for the strength of treatment required as well as the necessity of liver transplantation and now it is a life expectancy assessment tool. At the present moment, there are also other scores that can help in providing a much clearer prognosis and they are also as broadly employed as the Child-Pugh Score: the MELD score and MELD-Na.

These tools are not set in stone but just provide a rough estimate of how long a patient may survive. Most tools use a scoring system that assesses the severity of complications, the age of the patient, liver function, nutritional status, bleeding parameters, and other associated comorbidities like diabetes, intake of alcohol, and lung and kidney disease. In general, the higher the score on any one of these tools means a shortened life expectancy.

Over the last two decades, the availability of liver transplantation has helped improve survival and life expectancy in people with liver cirrhosis. However, the problem with liver transplantation is that there simply are not an adequate number of organs to go around and this remains a major stumbling block. It is also important to understand that just because one undergoes a liver transplant does not automatically mean he or she will live longer. A liver transplant is an extremely complex procedure with numerous life-threatening complications. Further and more important, patients with liver cirrhosis are frail and not always in the best shape to undergo a major surgical procedure. The procedure does carry a risk of death and the patient always has to be on potent medications to suppress the immune system; this also results in many side effects and the development of opportunistic infections.

There have also been advances made in the treatment of hepatitis B with antiviral drugs. These drugs have been shown to decrease the progression of liver damage and improve the quality of life. Unfortunately, there are no effective medications for the management of hepatitis C.

Patients with liver cirrhosis who remain complication-free can expect to live longer than those who do not. Once a patient develops complications and needs admission to a hospital, survival is markedly reduced. If the patient needs ICU admission, then the risk of death is markedly increased chiefly because of multiorgan failure. Some of these patients may be saved if there is a liver transplant available.

A Rough Guide to Life Expectancy

  • Patients with low scores and without complications may live for 12-20 years after the diagnosis is made provided that they do not consume alcohol and take precautions to protect the liver.
  • Patients with high scores who develop complications may survive anywhere from 3 months to 3 years.
  • For those who have a successful liver transplant, at least 80% can expect to live for at least 5 years. Unfortunately, even when a liver donor is available, many patients are simply not physically fit to undergo the procedure.

Ways to Improve Life Expectancy

Some of the ways to improve your life expectancy after a diagnosis of liver cirrhosis are to:

  1. not take medications (both prescription and over the counter) that can damage the liver
  2. avoid alcohol
  3. eat low sodium but a well-balanced diet
  4. get vaccinated against the flu and hepatitis A and B and
  5. wash hands frequently to reduce the risk of infections.


  1. Just found out my brothers liver is only.working at 20%, I’m scared he got his blood results back and didn’t call me yet I’m scared. He has hep c and use to be on drugs has been clean for 8 months… I’m scared he will need a transplant 20% is working!! Idk if it’s sclerosis or not I expect it to be. He is only 25. Can someone please tell me your experience with a low liver percentage working?

    1. I am 2 years sober with stage 4 cirrhosis due to my alcoholism. I am only 38. Find out his MELD score for his functionality of the liver in regards to possible transplant list. He should be in NA or HA or CA depending on his addiction. This is a big part on whether he will be considered for a transplant for his area. If his Meld score is high 20s to 30s transplantation would be needed fairly soon. I am living day by day. I am healthy in a physical sense and I believe my age has a lot to due with my recovery. I am sure it will help your brother as well. It is not a death sentence and depending if he is showing the more troubling signs such as ascites, varices, blood in vomit or stool, confusion, Elevated concentrations of ammonia in the brain as a result of hyperammonemia leads to cerebral dysfunction involving a spectrum of neuropsychiatric and neurological symptoms (impaired memory, shortened attention span, sleep-wake inversions, brain edema, intracranial hypertension, seizures, ataxia and coma). I had all these and spent 17 days in the hospital. My body seems to be recovering quite well. So, far just my liver seems to be the lasting issue but that can change at any time. I also developed avascular necrosis in my hips because of my alcoholism, one has been replaced and the other will need to be replaced soon. Do not get down, just encourage him to take the right steps. Hope this helps, it is going to be a life long journey.

      1. Hope works I had 7-8liters drained weekly sev ascites post st iv. In 2015. In ER given hours to live sent home palliative care 2016. L Linda no xplnt INR too high, extreme anemia no platelets -150. Fe below 220. Not dead. I ate berries bl bk straw drank Zero water type. Lost -50 lbs to bmi 20.

  2. My father is suffering from last stage liver cirioices and undergoes treatment from AIImS , doctor recommend for liver transplant , and appointment for documentation is 20th of july , 2018 …but he is also suffering from breathing problems from 14th of july and dr. Tapped 1100ml fluid from lungs , but again on 16th july he faces same problem when dr again try to tap fliud , its red in colour so dr from punjab refer him on 17th of july to AIIMS , where they also tap 500 ml from lungs and 3 liters from stomac , but fluid fill again on the very next day then they tap 900ml …..i want to know about his exact life expectancy , and chances of his recovery ……because at that time dr said they are not able to make liver transplant

  3. I am india bihar patna se .
    My mom is hepatites c zenotype 3a virus =167447 and ascites….Liver cirrhosis….doctors says all liver is damaged………hepatites c ka medicine start ho chuka hai….april 2018 se 6 month medicine chalega……ascites aur chronic liver cirrhosis hai….hepatites c to 6 month me thik ho jayga…..but how many years is live…..tell me….

    1. Mithesh

      It is not possible to give exact figures on how long your loved one will live.

      I hope as long as possible and send all the graces to make that action happen.

      Very best wishes

    2. My daughter has cirrhosis. When they first did her scan thy told us part were advanced. She was in hospital 3 week. She kept drinking for about4 more months back in hospital. Dr told me if she kept drinking and made it the next 3 months. He did think she would see Christmas. She stopped drink. 120 days clean. And is doing much better. As sick as she was does that change her life expectancy and not sure what stage she is in

    3. I have a husband in the hospital now with liver damage…they have a permanent bag. Attached to his stomach to drain fluid. He is very thin. And 64 years old. He. Cant walk. The rehab center is trying to help him walk. Also. We were staying with my mom and she d ou sent want him back. So we have no where to. Live after the hospital. And hospital is costing us alot of money. I wonder. How long he will live.

  4. Hello my dad was just diagnosed with decomponsated chirosis, he is only 50. I am very scared that he won’t live for long. Is there a possibility he will be able to live his full life or will he pass away in the next couple of years. He’s not telling me much that is why I am scared and am just curious what I should be thinking. Please help!

    1. Im scared my twin has stage 4 liver cancer he doesnt tell me much i just want to know what to expect i live in utah hes in Minnesota’s it just scare me

      1. I recommend Rick Simpson’s cannabis oil. It has 80-90% of THC and 15-25% of CBD and It cured so many people around the world. I’ve read so many successful stories on the internet. Please try it you won’t regret it!

    2. He will pass, nobody knows when but we all who have cirrhosis of the liver will die depending on the severityof the lover. stage

  5. Hi all,
    My circumstance is a bit different. A dear friend of mine is now living with me due to fatty liver disease & cirrhosis of the liver. She has been hospitalized 6 times since the beginning of the year. She has undergone 3 scopes to stop intestinal bleeding, an operation that joined the arteries in her liver (?) and just came home after 6 days in the hospital due to high ammonia levels, they were so high she was unresponsive & laying on a urine & fecal matter soak bed. This happened in one afternoon while I was at my own dr appointment. Here’s my question: she can’t control her bodily functions anymore, she can barely walk & she isn’t even trying to eat right. She’s a foodaholic & refuses to change. I feel horrible about thinking I should put her in a skilled nursing facility but I’m tired of cleaning up after her “accidents” & being her nurse. I’m disabled & have my own home health care aides & nurses but she doesn’t qualify. I feel very selfish but she is ruining my health & im still recovering from being in a 10-day coma followed by 3 months in the hospital less then a yr ago. Help, if anyone has any suggestions plz let me know. I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out & if I end up in the hospital there won’t be anyone to look after her, her family gave up on her yrs ago.

    1. call the adult protective services. she is an adult and they should help her and protect her.. if you are sick, and cannot take of her you need to ask for help. Otherwise, you may be in trouble. she is going to get worse, not asking the right people for help, is like neglecting your friend, Hope that you feel better and hope she will get the assistance she needs,

    2. So sorry to hear of your issues and your EXTREMELY difficult situation. I can’t imagine how tough this situation must be for you. I know it four to five months ago since you first posted, has anything changed since then?

  6. End stage cardiac cirrhosis with meds ore of 36 and very painful watching husband suffer like this. Doctor says his life expectancy is 50% chance hr will live the next 3 Mons does anyone have this kind of cirrhosis?

      1. I’m sorry. It’s unfortunate to see a love one like this it’s very painful. My husband hasn’t slept on the bed for over a month he sleeps 45mins and wakes up coughing trying to catch his breath. He’s so swollen everywhere and half of his back has an in indentation when he sits on the chair. He so fatigued and has very little appetite. If he eats starts to eat he gets light headed almost instantly and doses of or most times sleeps. Has there been any study on cardiac cirrhosis? Is there any cure or is it even reversible? Really would like to kno the kind of experiences other people had, as a caregiver so it can help me understand better.

        1. Yes. I had the same symptoms. I was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrohsis October 2011. I quit drinking. Had a lot of fluid in belly and cough bad. The fluid went away. But each day I was light headed and very dizzy. Found out I had fluid around my heart. Hade to have a pericardio window where they drain it. It drained for 6 days. Also fluid was in my lungs. They drained that as well. Painfull…yes…do I feel better. So much! They found out all through a sonagram. Good luck to you. It really helped.

          1. How did you get rid of fluid in your abdomen? Lasix doesn’t seem to be working for me and when they gave me aldactone along with Lasix I went into renal failure?

        2. The best way to find everything about cardiac Cirrhosis is the internet. Sorry for you and your husband. God gives us strength for those last moments.

    1. Prayers, I just lost mine in a similar situation. They didn’t even give him a month. Count each day as a blessing, and cherish every moment. I can tell you it happens way to fast.

  7. My friend has a meld score of 31. He is telling his friends and family that doctors say he doesn’t need a transplant if he stops drinking and changes his diet. Is this true? I feel like he is lying.

    1. Just found out today that I have cirrhosis. I am 35 years old and a mother of 3 young children. I am so scared. Years of drugs and alcohol left me with hep c and cirrhosis. I am starting my treatment for hep c next week, but feel hopeless now that I have found out I have cirrhosis. I have been clean and sober for years but I guess this is the price I must pay for addiction. So scared. I don’t want to die young and leave my children without their mom. Any advice how to live healthy/longer with cirrhosis?

      1. I’m not a doctor. i have stage 4 cirrhosis. I had Hep c but I took the Harvoni treatment and I’m clear of the Hep c. Yes I was a user of drugs and alcohol which attributed to the cirrhosis but having the Hep c for a long period of time did damage to the liver. Try not to be scared, (I know easier said than done!) take the treatment. I was very sick both mentally and physically because of the Hep c. I’ve been clear 13 months of the Hep. I’m not saying that I feel 100% but eating healthy and rest, talking about the fears of living with the cirrhosis helps a great deal. Getting well versed on the liver and getting a good specialist helps. Having faith in something helps to. I know it’s not much but it’s all I can offer plus a prayer for you and your children. Good luck. Maryanne D

      2. Get on the internet, read and learn everything that you can..Thistle Milk, repairs Liver cells, for one, and a low soduim diet is another..but get informed please..

      3. The new hep c meds work. I am cured myself. Treatment and healthy life styles…you will be fine

        1. Please don’t assure people they will be fine. I know the intention is good, but I can tell you for a fact, my husband was ‘clear’ of Hep C and started showing signs of liver issues. I forced him to go to the ER I was so scared about Cirrhosis, that was June 18, he was dead July 4. There is no guarantee unfortunately. I’m trying to find out how long Cirrhosis takes to show it’s face, and from that time what is expected, as my husbands case seems very extreme.
          In memory of my love…

          1. I’m sorry for your loss,and your right, no one should assume with the right diet and exercise ( you’ll be right) ,I cleared hep c with epclusa,much better drug than interferon but my liver has chirrosis,I have stage 2 kidney disease,pain in my pancreas and fluid in my stomach that makese look 9 months pregnant, I’m constantly getting scans ect,I eat a special liver diet,drink water,no more drugs or alcohol, but only god can tell when my time is up.

      4. Hi I’m the same found out of hep c and f4 cerroses my fibarus is 21% my Dr says Im Fine
        Well easy for them to say I’m also scared iv been off hep meds for 3 months and don’t feel much better if one more blood test to see if I’m clear of the hep c . I never felt this bad befor the meds iv had a scan nut no body has told me the outcome I guess it’s ok otherwise they would contact me .I feel ok some days then crash back to fatigue and exhausted.
        I hope everything is going ok with you I completely understand how you feel please take care . Debbie x

        1. Will help you to know better about your health, every time you go to the doctor ask for the copies of your labs and sonograms, biopsies and do your research on the internet yourself. that what I do. even with the medication.

        2. About the lingering fatigue- get the rest your body still needs. I was fatigued daily after I was cured 100%. 6 yrs later I still need short naps but slowly gotten some stamina back.

      5. Drink 100ml cow urine with empty stomach. Use one table spoon of papaya seeds which are grind smooth mix with lemon juice and consume U will get rid of ur sicknesses. Avoid oil and salt.

  8. Hi my father was staged with cirrhosis and is haveing the ending stage symptoms of cirrhosis and is still drinking everyday he seems more tired and weak he has memory loose and gets really bad nose bleed out of no where and my mother say sometime when he uses the restroom he tends to sleep a lot and not eat how long does he have left?

    1. My dad does the same ! Cirhossis of liver with fluid i abdomen. He’s having alchohol everyday twice a day ! A week ago he was very weak .. almost unable to walk. We ad.itted him in a hospital..He’s been there for 6 days.. the doctor has suggested for a liver transplant which gives 7 to 8 years of life expectancy… if completely quits alchohol without a transplant he might live for 2 to 3 years.. and if he says fuck it ..then it’s a matter of months! This is what I’ve been told by the doctor

    2. Hi Stac
      My dad has cirrhosis of the liver doctor as not told me what stage but he is not eating he as a drop of rum in is cup of tea but all he does is sleep no one seemed to want to help me but finally got help I have carers t times a day and night sitter he is so so thin all he does is sleep and seems a little confused he has been sick with a little blood in it feels sick all the time he as no energy nures had to give him injection out of just in case drugs to ease the sickness he as gone threw he’ll of a lot as we lost my sister at 45 with this and my mum passed away 2 years in May he misses them so so much he’s just giving up I have a brother bug he dosnt bother with my dad I do not no what to do I’m exhausted as I am always with him as I don’t want to leave him I’m so sorry for you and your family as I no the horrible sickly feeling and the pain your going threw x

  9. hi everyone just diagnosed with alcoholic hepatitis yesterday…scared me so bad ill never touch it again. I’m 26, have a family history of alcoholics and used it to combat depression in high school and college..will see a Dr you guys recommend lacto- something for ability to use bathroom?

    1. Erick please do take your lactolose it will help u get rid of the amonia tht ur body will accumulate by goin to the bathroom if u dont u will suffer memory loss n wont b able to function u will also fall without knowing what is goin on and end up in the ER google information

    2. Hi Erick, I hope you are feeling better. My son is 29 and just diagnosed with alcohol liver failure. He was given lactulose in the hospital but was not given any at home.

  10. One of my employees report of liver core biopsy says: Features are of complete cirrhosis (6/6) and in NOTE It is not possible to discern the cause of cirrhosis at this stage in liver biopsy.

  11. I have a friend with liver cirrhosis.. I’ve encouraged him to go and get second opinion or to The Mayo Clinic. He says he cannot financially. How can I help him? He is depressed and feels pretty much hopeless. Lots of pain, rectal bleeding, nausea, vomiting, abd pain and fatigue. Thank you.

    1. Please get him treated in aiims and have opd appointment of dr.shalimar, u may contact me if u need any further information at 9818368736as I’m also a liver cirrhosis patient ,after a huge amount spent in private hospitals but not relieves finally came to aiims and now my jaundice and ascites are under control

  12. Dear All,
    Just chanced to get into this website today. In my case I was diagnosed with Cirrhosis Stage A by accident when I had gone for a casual health checkup in Nov 2015. Biopsy revealed that it was because of non alcoholic fatty liver , NASH. The USG report said “early cirrhosis” and later at the hepatologist’s clinic the fibroscan showed 17. I was 39 then and this was the rudest shock I could ever get since never ever in my life I had any medical issues. I just did health checkups in a gap of every 4-5 years. Probably that was my mistake. Post 30 everyone should do medicals once a year. Anyways after this discovery I did what not to prevent further damage. Fortunately or unfortunately none of my blood reports ever came bad when diagnosed in Nov 2015. Also I was overweight by 2-3 kgs and never had any issues with my lipid profile or blood sugar. Till today my hepatologist could not diagnose the root cause of NASH in my case. How does fat accumulate in liver even when I am into staunch healthy diet and lot of exercise ( swimming and gym) , is an answer I could never find. 2 years over things are more or less the same for me. Dec 2016 my firboscan went down to 13 and I was super excited thinking that things are working great for me…. however 6 months later it went up again to 17. Endoscopy revealed very mild portal hypertension as well.. Since then I have somewhat become less optimistic and trying my best to be more positive. If there are suggestions from anyone who had been in similar situation with NASH, please do let me know. In the end I strongly believe that miracles happen, and God really exists.

    1. I’ve had hep C for over 40 yrs.. during routine exam.. Gastro dr.. since I’ve underwent thyroid removed , open heart surgery, one yr after gaullblader removed.. it was then drs found a ( DOT ) of cancer in left kidney.. I’d gone for few opinions. I felt good with the oncologist suggestion, it’s so small hasn’t moved in one yr let’s keep eye on it .. my hepitoligist kept telling me my liver is “very good” not even a scar , this was about 3 yrs ago. But since I’ve been in & out of ER with mainly heart issues.. eventually ab bloating and blood.. I’ve had MANY MANY ab cat scans, the ENTIRE ab including liver.. ultra sounds.. my kidney dr told me today as of 2 yrs ago I had NO signs of cancer or cirrhosis? How can I have developed this in only 2 yrs ? The liver surgeon saids the kidney C is growing that was WRONG.. she also saids my only option is transplant, I’m 65 poor health mainly heart & lungs.
      I’m rereading your post, yes I do blame myself for not making & keeping my checkups.. I think we tend to rely on drs .. I’ve found drs, mis-Dx few times. I’m a bit home school back when drs actually made house calls, lol. Do the research, get other opinions.. I find by juicing, try Homeo pathic approaches, will it cure us ? I’ve seen it helps in were ( we ) are apart of our healing .. most but MOST of all prayer & FAITH .. I’m still trying to muster up a mustard seed of Faith,
      Bottom line we have drs, support groups, the greatest Technology in this world , but when your alone resting by yourself, it you and GOD, talk to him only you will know the miracles he’ll bless you with.. then tell others

    2. God really exists and He has nothing to do with our diagnosis, Why you? why me? the majority of eating food that is contaminated with hormones and all type of chemicals and more. Fatty liver with early cirrhosis when I never like fatty food. unfortunate like most people that have busy days, we go for frozen food, all type of can food, etc that we think is safe and healthy because of low fat and calories. what about all the chemicals they put on those cans and frozen foods. what about the hormones they use in the caw to produce more milk, the chickens to produce more eggs or to grow bigger. God is not responsible for what the own man is doing to the earth. I just ask God to help me in the last moments. I want to see him and be with him.

    3. My mama just passed away from NASH. They said her diabetes and high cholesterol and high blood pressure contributed to it. I did not understand because she did not drink. It was very painful to watch her suffer this terrible disease

    4. I am in the exact same boat as you are. During a gall bladder removal surgery 2 years back the surgeon noticed the liver was bumpy. Did fibroscan and it came to 15. Was diagnosed with NASH induced cirrhosis. Have lost some weight and changed eatign habits and started exercising. I feel normal, but the fibroscan score is still the same.

      Did you see any hair loss on legs and arms and chest. I see that as one symptom that has improved in last 2 years for me.

  13. My mother is 57:and been in hospital for 9 days with not much improvement. She has been heavy drinking for 22 yrs and has been in and out of hospital a lot in the past 8 yrs. This time she is very ill. Her heart rate was 180, has acites, severe itching with scabs from it, muscle wasting, can’t walk or lift her own body, sickness and diareah, low sodium and potassium, confusion, swollen varices, hair loss, jaundice….
    She has all the symptoms. Her meld score was 26 on admission. I’m not sure if she’s been scored since. This time she seems sad about what she’s done and I don’t think she wants to die. I think it’s too late. She’s also having problems with her kidneys and dehydration. If she stops drinking can she get better this time or is this it? She had fluid drained in September. Nothing has been done this time yet as her heart rate is high. They even said they wouldn’t rescusstate if her heart stopped as she’s too sick. What do I expect next?

    1. Hi Kimberly, I’m shelly 56yrs. Old I have been newly diagnosed with stage 3 cirrhosis fatty liver I haven’t Drink in 27 Years.
      My father at 55 passed away From a liver hepatic coma. He stop drinking when he got sick 13 years he lived past that and he just one into an ungodly way of leaving this world.
      Is you mother still with us..

    2. Hello Kimberly! My name is also Kimberly and my 57 year old sister has been in the hospital now for 10 days and not doing good. Sounds identical to your mother. She has been drinking since she was a teenager and gradually got worse. She has lost so much weight over the past few years and starting swelling in the belly area over the past year. She complained with “gas bloat” but we suspected worse. She wouldn’t go to the doctor. The swelling and pain got so bad that she went to the emergency room on Jan. 3rd. They tried to “tap” her belly and were not able to get much fluid from her abdomen because her heart rate dropped and was put in icu. She is now in a private room but not doing well. She can communicate a little by mumbling and moaning and nodding her head. She seems to know who we are. She is so sick. Very agitated, in pain, fluid weeping from her skin in her arms and legs. They told us today that she has developed phneumonia. They said it could go either way with her, just no way of knowing, but she is very sick. Did you mother pull through? How is she? This is so scary not knowing how life will be with her if she pulls through this.

      1. Hi Kimberly,

        My Dad has stage 4 liver cirrhosis and although the Drs said my dad has a MELD score of 14, he is in total organ failure. He has been suffering from severe confusion for a couple of months now. On December 26, he went to the ER, finally after much prodding. His lungs were full of fluid and they diagnosed him with flu virus and pneumonia. Then then put him on large doses of antibiotics, when that didn’t work they intubated him and he’s been that way for 25 days now. He also has only 1 kidney and that kidney has cancer in it. He now has sepsis and fluid weeping from his skin, he can no longer digest the nutritive supplement solution so they put the tube in his lower intestines because he has some sort of blockage. The Drs have advised us to let him go peacefully but the rest of the family has decided they can’t let him go. We are on great conflict now because I think we should let him go peacefully, now, because from what I have read, dying from liver failure is really awful and painful. I think the flu/pneumonia was a blessing from God to to let him go another way. Now the family has decided that he can start on dialysis. He is minimally responsive, he opens one eye once in a while if you yell his name really close to his face. This is so sad and even sadder that the family is now fighting. Because I suggested we let him go peacefully, I WANT Dad to die.

        1. After watching my father’s health fail for over 10 years and eventually die, I understand your final statement although it was worded somewhat wrong, you want his suffering to end. You sound like you have been there and have witnessed this where as other’s have not. This will bring a division between yourself and your family, flustration for their actions or lack there of, of being available, living far away is no excuse, and also accept the loss when it occurs. Now, I watch my Mom struggle through the end stages of Auto immune Liver Failure. The last 14 years have not been easy for her, but even though my sisters have not been “There”, I would not have traded where I was… The faraway opinions just add weight to an already tough Load to Carry.

    3. Stop drinking an drink a lot water only drink water in glass bottle food store sell them there about $3.00 each drink three a day for each meal this should prolong her illness people are getting sick because what they put in our food my daughter is stage two she is only 26 I have Cirrhosis our counts have came down BOTH eat Himalayan SALT buy it online also buy capsules capsules come in with nothing in it you have to put the Himalayan salt in it and take one capsules EVERY HOUR you need 8 (eight) A DAY bring this up to your doctor now your doctor MAY have No CLUE befor I tried it 26 doctors never heard of it until I went online a lot people sick online told me more information at that point I said what do I have the LOOSE Little Information ask drug store and people on Internet before you try it so you feel comfomable if I think about any more helpful hints I will sent them your way OH make sure you have two bowl movement ADAY you may have to take over counter meds to help go if watery STOP until you become normal keep trying go twice you may have to find different kinds meds until it allows you to go twice if you are having hard time ask liver doctor to prescible you something over counter is CHEAPER b

  14. Hi, my name is Lisa My Husband and I just found out he has stage 4 liver diesese literally just hours ago and hep C which he has had for 20+ years never treated as we were told back then that his body built up its oun antibodies against it and none was needed and i was not at risk.I have been tested and I am fine. also about 5 years ago he was told he had some scarring on his liver but nothing was done. we figures since he had stopped drinking for a few years it wouldnt get worst and wasnt told differently.he was what we thought was symptomless but now knowing i see the spider viens that thought was due to age 62yrs and has been having truble swolling at times over the past couple years. dont have any test done yet except for blood test and a liver ultrasound. I am very worried after reading all this here and wonder if i should be. the doctor didnt seem to be over concerned but it is hard to tell with doctors sometime and if you dont know what to ask you dont get the answers. anyways the doctor isn’t starting treatment for the hep C and endoscope and other liver scan until mid january should we push to have it done sooner. let me know your thought please

    1. Get tests done now. I have cirrhosis of the liver it has been almost two years ago i foud out. Thank God i am doing so much better now they thought i would need a transplant but everything keeps improving. He should get tests done now dont wait. My liver is scarred bad from all the years of drinking so i would make sure why there is scarring and how much. I dont know where you live but around me in philly there are great doctors.

      1. Karen Fox – do you continue to improve? Someone close to me is going through this now.

    2. Dear Lisa
      Hi my name is Russ in may of 2015 i went into a chemically induced coma due to the amonia that backed up in my system that went to my brain i was in such coma for 10 days where the doctors did not expect me to make it but my liver doctor tells me i have a very strong will to live I credit my endocrinologist for living the life im living now which is pretty decent i dont know how close you live to michigan but my endocrinologist name is Dr.Katie Sumnicht and let me tell you she would fight very hard with you and your family i have made a lot of my life changes because i have a bad heart but i tell you she would do anything she can the transplant doctor that was to do my transplant is out of Henry Ford Hospital his name is Dr. Jafri and he is also a doctor who will give 110% of himself i was turned down for my transplantation but that was due to my meld score being an 11 and the facts that my heart is plugged in 3 diffrent places and not all the way plugged i just need to find a cardiologist whom will fix my heart i will be 49 this coming june and i have no desire for this to be my last birthday but look up both the doctors if you dont live far from michigan it would be worth it to connect with them Yours truly Russel

    3. There is a mistake in this article – currently, there ARE treatments and CURES for HepC. Might be something to look into if it isn’t cost prohibitive.

  15. My son has stage 4 cirrhosis (non-alchoholic) due to taking Methotrexate for his UC and fatty liver. His meld score was 13 but now, after stopping the Methotrexate, it is down to 11. Does that put him in the high risk category? His liver function tests are still good. He had a liver transplant when he was 10 (he’s 28 now) and had cancer PTLD when he was 22. Variceal bleeds in 2016 and a shunt placed to relieve portal hypertension (they couldn’t figure out the cause although I suspect they knew where it was heading). Just want to know even though we’re kind of afraid to find out……………

    1. Dear David Rhodes
      When i was at my sickest my meld score was in the 20’s with changing my life style watching what i eat and to be honest my one thing that im having the hardest time with is smoking cigarettes the last time i was at the transplant doctor my score was an 11 and i thanked god and my liver specialist Katie Sumnicht and Dr. Mohammed jafri for teaching me how to eat i was told that if they were to list me for transplant that i would be at the bottom of the list a normal liver functions at a 6 so the way i see it is if i keep on top of my diet im on the right path see there are only 2 people who are incharge of me that is god and myself see my liver went bad because i have spinal degeneration and has d to have a back fusion and the doctor just kept pumping me full of pain killers at one point i was taking no less than 9 pain killers every 12 hours and so i who didnt know anybetter basically let my doctor kill my liver so now i have end stage liver disease with ascites i had varicies but doctor katie got them taken care of so no at a 11 i will tell you that is not a bad number at all

      1. Thanks Russel. This is for my son. He had a liver transplant at age 10 (he’s 28 now). Then a year later he was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. That was always a non-issue until he developed cancer (PTLD due to immunosuppression drugs). Got through that but UC flared up. Put him on Methotrexate, which worked, but destroyed his liver. His number went down after they removed the Methotrexate. He had varicies in 2016 and a shunt placed into his portal vein (TIPS procedure). Now on water pills (probably not the medical term) as he is retaining water. Glad you have God in your life as well. Don’t know how people deal with this type of issue without Him!

  16. Hi my mom has hep c- treated it and came back recently. Also has cirrocus of the liver and now has cancer spots. The doctor just gave her a year to live. And only option is to do “experimental chemo”? Anyone have any info on anything we can do? If experimental chemo would be the road to go down next? What do we do. I want to help her I don’t know how 🙁 she’s almost 60 this month. Please help! Thank you

    1. I’ve had liver disease, cirrhosis and a tumor in my liver. The doctors performed a three hour procedure called TAE procedure (trans-arterial embulyzation) by which they went in through my wrist, up my arm, across my chest down to the liver, and cut the blood supply of the tumor. Basically it was starved to death. Now I’m tumor free, my ascitis is gone, and my liver slowly has picked up almost all of its functions. Ask your doctor about TAE for your Mum.

  17. Last week I am diagnosed with Child A Cirrohosis. I am 44 yrs from India and having a son of 10 yrs old. My wife also is patient of neurological disorders. Really worried about my son. I never was alcoholic. My medical reports say 3 columns of small oesophageal varices are found during endoscopy. The Liver function test says everything in normal range expect Globulin 3.7H (normal 1.8-3.6 g/dL) and SGPT 26L (normal 30-65U/L). Can anybody tell me about my life expectency. Do I need liver transplant at some point of time, it’s costly and I need to plan for it accordingly? Can a controlled diet help? Is the damage recoverable? Doctor says what that has been damaged can’t be healed one can just stop further degradation. Should I consult a better doctor? Can somebody advise?

    1. Yes u must consult a doctor. You may very well need a transplant at some point but if you speak to consultant they may be able to give advice on how and what to eat and do so I doesn’t get any worse. Good luck. My brother dying only. 39 years old.

    2. As you know the liver is the only internal organ that can repair itself what i did find out that cirrhosis of the liver that the cirrhosis part will not be able to repair itself find out the percentage of your liver is ok and then find aliver

  18. Hi im 37 and I was diagnosed with stage 2 chirosis 3 yrs ago. I get alot of uti infections and imnot sure if it has anything to do with it. I had hep c for about a yr and then I took meds and got rid of it. I thought when the hep c was gone my liver would repair itself and the chirosis go away or stay the same. I kind of had a panic attack reading this. My doctor did not tell me any of this. I have 5 kids and I don’t want to leave so early. Im on 3 meds right now that im scared I should stop them so I don’t damage it more. :/

    1. Hi

      I hope you are well.

      Just read your post and I know how you feel. However, each case is different and you should not stress based on what you read,.

      I’m positive your Doctor is right and you have to believe that. As long as you follow their instructions on how be stay healthy you will be fine.

      Stay positive
      All the best.

    2. Is your cirrhosis from drinking. I am only asking because mine is and i have been dealing with it for just about two years . But i thank the good lor i have been gettin better and doin good. I think my dr. Is even alittle surprised by it all in the beginning they thought for sure i would need a transplant but not anymore.

      1. My cirrhosis is from pain pills that my doctor kept pumping me full of that doctor will remain nameless because i refuse to lett another person go thru what she has done too me

        1. My daughter 26 never drank or took one pain pill she is at stage 2 Now I have stage 4 last 15 years I been on pain pills do to two T8 and T9 Hereinated (can’t spell) DISC I took pain pills so I could function and be a mom sometime you have to say the good with the bad now we are going to my doctors to understand why my 26 year daughter is having stage 2 oh I am only 46 Andrea best wishes to ALL sick and family members God Bless

  19. My name is Luci and I was diagnosed with decomposed HpB liver cirrhosis in 1999-and I am still here with my own liver-he’s not very well as you can imagine but he kept me going all this years.

    I was 22 when I was diagnosed. I spent month in the hospital not knowing what was happening to me. Heavily sedated for long time, I had no family or friends to pity,I was ignorant to what was happening to me, therefore I wasn’t stressing about it, very naive I wasn’t thinking that I’m dying – and believe that being positive or maybe naive and not stressing about it helped me go on for so long.

    I have a very healthy diet
    I never drink alcohol, never liked it
    I was and always have been positive
    And I survived.

    Every case is different but the less you stress the longer you live.

  20. I am 60 years old and diagnosed cirrhosis of liver by USG. LFT and other blood tests are normal and no other compli cations. Can I stop medicine?

  21. Hi everyone, I am 52 years old and was told I have end stage liver failure the last week of January and I also most died twice and have spent 2 months out of the past 7 in the hospital 15 days in the icu, however, I am hear to tell you that not all is lost regardless of what you hear or read. I have been out of the hospital for almost 3 months now and I went through knee replacement surgery and it came out great and I am up and walking after 3 weeks with almost no pain. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and he smiled and said my liver is healing and I don’t need a transplant anymore. I did this by swimming an hour every morning, eating all the right foods making sure to get all the vitamins that my body needs through diet alone. i’ve lost 65 lbs and plan on losing 60 more to get down to my old weight when I was young and healthy. Now my wife thinks I should get a second opinion to really see if Im healing. WHY….If I was told I was and I feel great then even if the doctor was wrong why would I want to know. Im positive in my attitude, Im doing all the right things and I feel better than I have in years. What I really want to say to you is you don’t have to die from this if you stay strong, positive and do all that you can to live right. Don’t listen to the negative because it will bring about exactly what you think it will. God bless all of you, stay positive and heal!

    1. Hi everyone my self Raj from India my father is suffering from liver cirrhosis problem we came to know one month before he is not a alcoholic he was taking one’s in while but doctor told he go cirrhosis now he suggested to take medicine Ursocol 300 tablet now he is taking low sodium food can any one help me how to take care of him and if any other good medicine is there and what type of food habits he should develop and can I give him only fruits and vegetables more

      1. Check out Interferon. They have that in India but I think if you find it in Europe it’s much cheaper. Another is Viekirax-Exviera Harvoni.

        1. It might be the other one with the price difference. One of the treatments is very expensive. I wish you and your dad the best. My mom is so bad off right now that we are waiting for a transplant. Take care!

    2. Thank you for sharing your story I was diagnosed with cirrhosis 23 years ago and recently I underwent treatment to remove hepatitis C for my system and was successful now however the cirrhosis is becoming apparent with my stomach being extended right shoulder pain and depression I’ll do my best follower a regiment of eating properly and keeping a positive attitude I’m 63 years old would like to go at least another 15 years again thank you for sharing your story. God bless

      1. Hi Brett: diagnosed with hep c in 2004 just finished treatment over past year and it no longer exists. I do have stage 3 cirrohsis due to the hep. Just wondering do you experience any abdominal or back pain? I’m a 70 year old.

    3. Thank you for your words of encouragement. I was so bad as an alcoholic doctor’s couldn’t understand what was keeping me alive. I was given 3-6 months in March. I no longer drink and am striving to become healthy. I feel great. God has blessed me. My meld is now around a 6. But honestly I don’t care. God has my back.

    4. Thank you for your words. I have the same experience but are still worried sometimes. My liver has turned around to be better after 6 years of the diagnose and I feel great right now. Still have a cirrosis but it doesn´t bother me. Just have yo check the liver with ultra sound every 6 months and hope I´ll stay well. No alcohol, eat well, take long walks, stay healthy does it so far. Take care everyone <3

    5. Hi Mark

      I just read your post and I agree 100%.

      20 years ago I was diagnosed with HpB Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis. I was in the hospital waiting to die, was very closed to death 3times,but I got better- some say I was lucky, that too, but I believe I helped myself buy not stressing and being positive. I was 22 then, and I am still here after all these years. Of course I receive treatment now and Ive been under constant monitoring every since,going to see the specialist every 4 months for test. My liver is poor and needs constant medication and supervision but I’ve had 20 years of LIFE since- that’s something.

      Never give up hope.

      I’ll happy to talk to you if you want too.


      1. Can you tell me if you have had check ups over the years. What happened and why so long in hospital? What symptoms did you have? And how are you now? Do you have special diet? When you were in hospital did they think you would die?? Also can I ask what caused your liver disease at the age of 20??

      2. Please how do u do it? I have the same problem now, am so worried , please how can I meet you for advices on what to eat and what not to eat, etc
        Thank u.

      3. Wow, that is really nice, 20 years. I was diagnosed with stage 7 18 months ago. I feel ok, you know cirrhosis is a quiet disease with no symptoms until the end stage of the disease. no drinking, no hep c or b or C. not a fatty food eater or a lot of salt. nash or cirrhosis cryptogenic is inherited all the way to your nephews and nices. I am 64 plus 20 years 84. Hope will last that much if I take care of myself. Thanks for sharing you experience. I know this does not happen to everybody but I would let that decision to my father God.

      4. I’m just reading all those stories of people with cirrhosis and I am devastated how fast people die from this horrible disease. I been living with this disease since 2010. My doctor in a beginning told me that I would die, but thank god for another wonderful doctor who preform a tips surgery and every since then I been feeling great. I don’t even take any medication. Every 6 months I go for checkups to make sure my liver function well, and so far I been so lucky and living healthy life.

    6. That’s amazing could you tell me what diet you use? I need help for a family member.

    7. Please my aunt is going threw the same thing if u mind me asking what did the doctors do to heal you back

    8. Hi. I was wondering if you had ascities in your abdomen. I haven’t found out what stage I am. I will see a GI Jan 12th. I am scared of death as I watched my beautiful husband die a slow death due to a brain injury. I have had my abdomen drained 3 times and I am about to go in this week to have it done again. I am trying to stay positive. I do not drink alcohol anymore. I was able to do it without withdrawal on my own. I’ve heard that once one developes ascities, that they reduce their lifespan to 1-3 yrs. For the most part I am pretty healthy. Please give me more insight. Thank you.

      1. Hi Lisa. I was diagnosed in Sept.2016 with alcoholic chirrhosis, and had ascitis. Doctors put me on diuretics and I was drained 3-4 times a week. As of the diagnosis, I’ve never touched alcohol. It took my liver a year to heal itself to the point where now I only go for abdomen drainage every six-seven weeks, even then the liquid is minimal. In the meantime I ate salt free, lots and lots of fruits, vegetables and protein-rich meat, yoghurt and drank lots of tea. I took long walks, lifted smaller weights regularly, to keep my muscles active. My doctor admitted at my last visit, that he gave me 3 months to live when I saw him with my condition. In other words the appearance of ascitis is reversible in a relatively short time. Keep your spirits up!

  22. Hi, my dad is a heavy drinker and is 68 yrs old .He don’t like to admit that his an alcholic. He wakes up drinks a coffee, smokes a cigarette around 5:30 am. After that he goes back to bed and reawakes between 9:30-10 am. Now, he doesn’t wake up to have some breakfast he wakes up for his first bear… as the day goes by he drinks and smokes all day. I’m not sure how many cigarettes he smokes a day or how many bears he drinks a day, but by the end of the day his drunk. He eats one time a day and sadly is his supper and he goes to sleep by 10 pm. I am worried for his life and I’ve been told he might have cirrosis… his abdomen is big and his feet get swollen. His a very stubborn man and I’m thinking to get him into rehab for alcoholics … but many ppl have told me and my family that if we take his alcohol away or his cigarette he won’t make it… that morelikaly he will die. I want to talk to my brother and sisters and arrange Our dad to a rehab center but I am afraid it might not be a good deacion. Anyone has some good advice?

    1. The sooner he stops everything he will get better and he will will get longer and healthier life.

    2. Thank you for sharing your story and from what you are saying he most likely does have cirrhosis which is stage 4 in liver decease but sadly the only person that can stop him is him. I’m with a man that has drank for 20 yrs and found out in feb he has cirrhosis and is in need of a transplant and for the first 3 months he wouldn’t stop drinking even knowing he was killing himself fastier and he now has been almost 3 months sober and he’s not only needing a liver transplant he needs hip replacement done but if he gets the hip done he will die. I guess what I’m saying is u can speak to him until your blue in the face but it won’t change unless he wants to stop and if you take his smokes and beer away he won’t die because it’s no longer there. But what I do know if he keeps drinking and he is that bad he could die with in just a few months to a year if he stops now possibly up to 3 yrs

    3. Mary,

      I am sorry for the pain your whole family must be going through watching your dad slowly kill himself, because that is what he is doing. Now before anyone jumps all over me for saying that, I am married to a man who is an alcoholic whose drink of choice was beer, and he carried on a very serious love affair with beer for 50 years. No amount of begging and pleading by his family would get him to admit that he had a problem because, after all, “It’s just beer.”

      Well, his love of beer led to a number of health problems, including Type II Diabetes. He started having other health issues (obesity, distended stomach, pancreatitis, constant abdominal pain, nausea, fatigue, muscle wasting, umbilical hernia, etc.). His primary care doc never diagnosed the alcoholic liver disease because he LIED to the doctor about his drinking (something lots of medical folks tell me alcoholics generally do). He ended up in the ER with acute renal failure – almost died, then after three weeks in the hospital he went into a hepatic coma and almost died. That was the first we knew anything about liver disease, and it was almost too late! So once he came out of the coma and got stabilized – never once admitting that he was an alcoholic – his lower intestine got caught in his umbilical hernia and he almost died again. He had emergency surgery that people with end-stage liver disease only have a 15% chance of surviving, and he survived.

      Once you have symptoms of decompensated cirrhosis, which your father does (the swollen abdomen is likely Ascites, and his swollen feet and legs may be edema caused by cirrhosis. I suspect if he had an endoscopy they would likely find swollen veins in his esophagus) the liver cannot repair itself. The damage is too great. Since he has combined smoking with the drinking, I’m amazed he is still around. The smoking would greatly increase his chances of liver cancer, especially with cirrhosis.

      IF you can get him to go to the doctor to have his liver checked, you may save his life. My husband almost died from End Stage Liver Disease three times. He finally got the message. He stopped drinking entirely and has been sober for over two years. He has a wonderful liver specialist who has him on the proper course of meds, and we watch his diet to be sure it is well balanced with a minimum of sodium. He went from a MELD score of 30 to a MELD of 10 that has been stable for 18 months. His doc said if he can control his diabetes he could live for a long time, but NO DRINKING!!! He has never been a smoker.

      Can your mother get your dad to agree to let her go to the doc with him? Even when my hubby almost DIED he continued to lie about his drinking to the docs in the hospital, but I told them the truth. (He didn’t like it, believe me!) I go to all of his doctor appointments now, so he can’t weasel out of the truth. He absolutely refuses to go to rehab though.

      Just curious, you say your dad has a distended belly. Are his legs and arms skinny? Since he is doing so much drinking and not much eating, there could be some muscle wasting, which could put him into kidney failure (trust me).

      It has been a long, scary road for us, but I am grateful my husband chose to live. He does that every day when he doesn’t drink. He knows that if he starts drinking again, he will die.

      Don’t try to push your dad into rehab, just try to get him to have a complete physical with a focus on his liver. Let his doc break the rest of the news to him. He will take it better from his doctor. The doc will be able to feel the cirrhotic liver just by palpating his abdomen, and he can tell the difference between fat and ascites as well.

      Good luck!

  23. my mon was diagnosd of liver cirrhosis just recently but she has no symptoms nor complications. What could be the the stage is this is the case? and the possibility of cure?…..your thoughts please……

    1. Not sure…there are many factors involved. One thing she can do is talk to a dietitian. Also, excersie everyday. Those gym records will be used when showing how much she cares about her health…when the time comes to be on the list. My dad is at a Meld 31…we have been prepared for years…and so glad we were!

    2. Stage 4 of liver disease is the cirrhosis then you have 3 different stages of the cirrhosis A, B, and C those are numbers lower numbers are better the highest is C 10 to 15 points at the number 15 she would need a possible transplant

      1. I am Freeman , 40 years old from chennai India.
        I am suffering from liver cirrohsis for past seven months.
        I was under homeopathy treatment for one month.
        But when I checked all my reports have gone worse.
        Now i was admitted in hospital for fever and shivering.
        The doctors are telling to get liver transplanted within one month . I am very much worried.

    3. If she is not symptomatic yet she may have what’s called compensated cirrhosis. If she can get on a diet, exercise and med program with a good liver specialist, and completely stop whatever caused the cirrhosis (unless it was Hep C or something she didn’t cause in the first place) she can live for quite a while. Absolutely no drinking, smoking, Tylenol, etc. Her liver doc will tell her what to do.

      1. My mum is an alcoholic and is currently in hospital.
        She has stage 3 cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, ascites, jaundice, malnutrition, and shortness of breath, she hasn’t eaten for 6 days now and even though she Is being detoxed in hospital and having intravenous antibiotics there seems to be no improvements in her recovery. I’m scared she will die… my father died 8 years ago of being an alcoholic with different symptoms.

    4. Hi Mike

      Each case is different. If she was diagnosed then doctors will decide on a treatment and monitoring. Most cases there are no symptom and people live a long normal life, if they are looking after themselves,but it all depends what coused the liver cirrhosis.
      Treatment is one way of helping and diet it’s very important as well as being positive.

      All the best.

    5. He needs to go to a liver specialist. He or She will tell you what to do and what stage your mother has.

  24. I’ve had cirrohis 9 years .due to hep c..attitude living life right and believe in God changes a lot of things none of us get out of here alive .everyday is a new challenge I’ve lost weight I’m sick all the time I’m tired all the time but I count my blessings that I’m not locked up and can wipe my own butt …everything will be ok people just believe in miracles !!!

    1. That is a great attitude Paul, tumb up. Hope u are doing better everyday.
      God Bless You and everyone in here

  25. I was diagnosed with fatty liver…cirossis last year. I am scared of it.
    I dont eat right I dont think, I an very picky. I would like to know if any of
    the foods I eat are good for me ? I am 47 yrs old.

    1. I could have asked u your diet and test score and more, but that would take all the room in this discussion board and I am afraid that once I close window, I don’t know how to find this discussion board and find you. I am not much with technology now aday

    2. Hi Scott, I have been diagnosed as well, also 47, I have been told and have read to avoid alcohol at all cost, no salt, enough thaimain (vitamin b12). get you flu injection and pneumonia injection and eat a balanced diet. stay positive and exercise everyday. Try something different every day if exercise bores you.
      Good Luck and it scared me also and still does but dont believe everything you readm read the first story. Docters have all told me to not to read the internet/web as they are all extream and all have said I will be on tablets forever but will lead a normal life if I stay healthy living..Take care Scott.
      Martin (Try not to be scared try to enjoy your life)
      God Bless everyone.

    3. Scott, do you have a hepatologist – a liver specialist? If not, get one! Take the meds and do what the doc tells you. Ours even had us meet with a dietician. It isn’t as scary as you might think, and it isn’t as hard as my husband was afraid it would be. If you are married, take your wife to your appointments. She needs to know everything the doc tells you. If not married, take a really good friend to help be your support system.

    1. Mike, are you taking Lactulose every day? See your liver doc and tell him/her about the confusion. The itching is normal in cirrhosis, but the confusion might be a symptom of hepatic encephalopathy which could kill you. I know; it darn near killed my husband, and if he skips his Lactulose he gets a tad confused.

  26. Hi I’m 33 and got diagnosed with cirrhosis about a yr ago. I went through all the jaundice and got got fluid drained 2. I have high ammonia levels. What stage am I in?

    1. Mike,

      Go to your favorite search engine and search “Child -Pugh-Turcotte score.” That is the tool that talks about stages beyond “compensated” and “decompensated.” You should also research MELD score. That is the tool used to determine whether and when you may be eligible for transplant.

      But Mike, I am very serious. Go to your liver doc and talk about the high ammonia levels and get on Lactulose! Don’t learn this the hard way.

      When any human digests food, the digestive process releases toxins into the digestive tract. One of these toxins is ammonia, and the more protein you eat, the more ammonia you will produce. Now, as those toxins pass through the digestive system they are processed through the liver. A healthy liver can neutralize them. A cirrhotic liver cannot, which means that those toxins, including ammonia, will pass through to your lower intestine. The ammonia is particularly troublesome because once it gets into your colon the ammonia molecules are small enough that they can pass through the wall of your lower intestine and enter your bloodstream, going ultimately to your brain. Now, we can all handle a little ammonia in our blood, but too much ammonia will cause mental confusion, speech impairment, coma and ultimately death. I’m not kidding: this is how we discovered my husband even had cirrhosis. I don’t mean to be gross, but it is extremely important when you have cirrhosis that you are having bowel movements at least once daily. More is better. This is how you get the ammonia out of your system. My husband got constipated, quickly went into a coma and several docs said, “He has End stage liver disease. Put him in hospice and let him die.” They did not offer any alternative. Fortunately one very good doctor said to me, “Your husband needs to poop – right now!!!” He gave him lots of Lactulose through a feeding tube, got the desired result and several hours later my husband came out of the coma. He is still alive two years later and doing quite well.

      So Lactulose. It is a liquid sugar, that acts both as a laxative, and, at a molecular level, bonds with the ammonia molecules in your lower intestine to make the ammonia molecules too big to get into your bloodstream. If you take it every day it will not only keep things moving, it will prevent your ammonia levels from rising.


      1. Absolutely correct I to have f4 cerroses 21% fibrous. Hep c medication waiting for my last blood test negative at 4 weeks. Only one person. Told me about lactaloose and that was a emergency Dr when I admitted myself thats right …
        my liver Dr and nurses never told me anything about it so I looked it up my liver Dr said no dont take that take fiber drinks glad i didnt listen to him i still get a but confused but have 3 movements a day I. On 7 cocodamal a day that brings you up to so I will take lactaloose forever just a swig at night and in the morning bingo it works so yes I recommend it and think all Drs should know about it… now I just need somthing for the fatigue
        vit b12 Not working for me I don’t get hungry so food is a problem i need a cook in my life iv also ostioartharits and my hands are deformed so its hard to cook .
        Anyway lactaloose the saver
        god bless everyone I wish you all the best

      2. I am Glad to read this informative description of this deadly disease. Hope everybody will understand all the details. It really sounds like if you were taking the information straight from a nursing book. excellent details of the function of the body.

  27. I just found out i have fatty liver which leads to cirohssis apol spell

    You may think lucky her, but sunce age11 i have battled crohns ive been butchered 6 times and had all the complications that go with crohns abscess fistula etc, pretty much spent many dYs in hospital im not complaining- im actually relieved i have some thing that may out me out of my misery, i have no one to talkto so writing this helps, if i get 10 years i can say i did good, fyi im a 45 year ild sucessful woman, i just happen to be sick of my bad luck my pain is constant ive had 35 plus years and managed to get by but i dont want to get by anymore. It hurts too much

    1. If you have fatty liver, is there something that can be done to prevent that from becoming cirrhosis? The liver has amazing powers to heal itself – until it becomes cirrhotic. Talk to your doc. Is cirrhosis really inevitable?

  28. My husband of over 37 years is in ICU just being transferred from CCU. He has severe a CDs he was on a ventilator until a few days ago he got so angry at me when I called nine-one-one because I don’t want him to die. Yes I know everyone dies but I would like to make his life comfortable so he wants to keep it he also smokes and he had hep C before I met him so it was very long ago so there was already liver damage there. I’ve read all your posts and I was amazed by the gentleman he said he was diagnosed 23 years ago with cirrhosis! This is a frightening terrifying experience and I’ve had cancer and it was bad but nothing like this. I would like to know if anyone has tried acupuncture or followed a diet prescribed by a nutritionist and has anyone tried the paleo diet and does that work? Your answers would be greatly appreciated God bless you all.

    1. You wrote he has severe “a CD s”; do you mean ascites? Let his doctor and a nutritionist tell both of you what a healthy liver diet would be. In my husband’s case is has been a well – balanced, low sodium diet.

      My husband has almost died from ESLD. Four docs didn’t think he would last three months. Two years later he is doing great! We are so grateful to his liver specialist.

      1. Hello MIGirl, yes, ascites. He now has muscle wasting, his ascites presents so severely he must be drained 4 times a month or more. He is so forgetful its as if he has Alzheimer’s. He is wasting away. He quit drinking alcohol, but not smoking. He follows his medicine regime, but still is getting worse. He’s in hospital now, where they drained 10 liters off him. His score is 22. Any comments? Thank you, peace and prayers, Sara

        1. Sara, is your husband on the liver transplant list? I doubt it if he is still smoking (they won’t allow that). If he needs paracentesis (fluid draining) as often as you say, things sound pretty bad. With a MELD score over 23 he has about a 20% chance of dying in the next 90 days.

          The forgetfulness is likely hepatic encephalopathy. Is he taking Lactulose? Is he taking diuretics to alleviate the ascites? Does he have a good liver doctor?

          And how are you? When my husband suddenly presented serious complications of end stage liver disease I had to come to terms with the idea that he would not be around much longer and I started figuring out what I will do when he is gone. Even though he is now stable, I still have to have a plan for when he dies. He is not a candidate for transplant, so even though we have been able to keep him stable, eventually this will kill him. Having my own plan gives me a sense of peace, and I am able to enjoy every extra day that he has been given.

  29. I have cirrosis, prior to that a heroin junkie, with no side effects. From 16, to 35 now 38, i met my demon, alcohol, we had a bubble, but all along he was laughing at me, not with me. Find prick. Any way 2.2 ltrs of blood come up, h.d.w crosshouse saved my life, Only forme to meat D2, he plaguesme insomnia, mentally eating me, i can deal with that brain distribution of illusion s way cannot i deal with Demon 2, am i weack, your no, in my hospital bed i care not for nothing. Stopped smoking, stopped heroin stopped methadone, class A narcotics. In here I’m safe my safe haven, discharge haunts me, back to my Demons 1 and fkn 2, ihope i die quickly, and all my pain will be gone forevermore and fck god I’ve only ever met the devil, and at least he comes to see me.

    1. leave the demons far away from you. go to church and meet God. You want to go to a better place. don’t listen to the demons. The demons want to take you and your soul to the infernos where you will suffer forever without end. mean the whole eternity where death does not exist. you will be in pain from the flames forever and ever. Hope you still here by now.

  30. Hi, you guys. I was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. I’m 65 years old and don’t drink, but I do have Hep C (four years) and was told by my doctor that older people who contract Hep C usually develop cirrhosis much more quickly than younger people. I will be starting a Hep C treatment next month and my doctor is optimistic that it will add a few years to my life. Am I bummed out about it? Not really. I have a firm belief that life continues and I have to admit that I look forward to the greatest human adventure. I plan on living each day to the fullest until I can’t. I’m very happy with my life, have three beautiful daughters, five grandchildren and a partner who loves me unconditionally. I am a happy man! It doesn’t matter to me when I die, so I live each day as if it’s my last. I believe I’ll see my loved ones again some day, so I don’t worry about dying. We have doctor-assisted suicide in Canada, so when I get to a point where I’m in pain or not enjoying a good quality of life, I know I won’t have to die a torturous, prolonged death. My advice to others in my situation is this: trust in God, stay positive, really live today as if it’s your last day on earth — because it may well be. Life continues.

    1. My church Friend has cirrhosis.She has been in and out of the hospital but she is living a good life trusting in Jesus to take care of her. Such a sweet lady!! She has lived three years now and I know that with God she can beat this for another 20 years! Just trust in God and pray every chance you get. Please don’t think that God done this to you…. God is real and he loves you… just have faith!!
      My prayers are with you all! Keep your faith!!
      God’s Blessings!!! Always every day Ask God to heal you and tell him to forgive u if u have anything you have done! Just keep your faith and hope! Debo

  31. Eating fresh fruits, vegetables, avoiding junk, processed foods, limiting sugar and salt,NSAID group drugs are the mainstay to prevent further deterioration of liver and so as to live long.

    1. Nsaids are not good..they can make the liver far worse..I had a bleed due to taking them too. Check with your doctor anyway.

      1. Dear Emilia,
        Thanks for your message.Not to speak of diseased liver NSAID group of drugs should be avoided even in healthy people because these drugs have notorious tendency to erode delicate stomach mucosal layer.That’s why Doctors advise to take them just after meals.So it would be a blunder if anyone with liver disease takes NSAID or any other pain killer drugs.

  32. I am 50 and just found out last week 09/24/2016 I have Cirrhosis of the liver and have to take all kind of medicine to keep me going and on top of that I have lower back disease. I have cried many tears , but through it all I am trusting my heavenly father to be with me. My husband has been with me. He went through Hep C treatment years ago before I meant him. Neither of us no not when we will be called out to go home to me God, please be ready and always say your prayers, this body we live in will die but our soul will live on for all eternity. Amen

  33. Found out I have cirrhosis…this all sucks! I didn’t think and want to die so soon. Now I have to do everything I was planning on for the next 20+ years in a short “maybe if you are lucky” 10 years. This all sucks big time! I guess we all have to go eventually. I don’t know if I like knowing my fate or not?! I think I prefer not knowing. I don’t know what I feel as the reality of this situation sinks into my brain. I hope my dog doesn’t out live me. I know I will be moving to Washington soon. This so sucks. What a harsh epiphany! I’m so confused at this moment. I don’t know what I think or feel. I wish I had someone to hold me right now. This sucks.

    1. Hi Ann

      It’s been long since you posted your story and I just came across this website.

      Not all diagnosed with liver cirrhosis die. Saying that a lot will depend on you as well. Doctors will try their best but you have to be the one who needs to stay positive no matter how hard it might be and have a good diet.

      I had stage 4 cirrhosis and I was in hospital for many months. I was told my days are numbered- months to live basically. It’s been 20 years since and I believe I’ll live 20 more.

      Be positive because that’s the best medication.

      I hope you are doing well and I would like to hear that.

      Best wishes

    2. Hi my thoughts exactly Ann as i was diagonised 1month earlier than your post. Oh my yes its alot to grasp that this is happening to you!
      I hope this year has found you more stabilized and relearning how to nurish yourself adequatly with out salt!
      Im in End Stage or 4th stage liver disease due to alcohalism i will be 57.
      If you moved to Washington be glad i moved here b4 knowing hpw sick i was but grateful my Docs here in Spokane are excellent.
      For some me including i find cannibus helpful and its legal. Trust i could go on n on n on, but please know your npt alone outhere.
      In fact this is the first time ive posted in forum. Its taking time to just understand what all the terminology means. Id love to discuss hpw to maintain this no salt diet in hopes to gain some much needed weight. I riding the fence at 100lbs normally id weigh 120, so its now an health issue.
      Best of luck n prayers to ypu coping too dear, i hope you see this!

  34. My name is Arthur, I’ll be 66 years old in 8 days. I have stage-4 Cirrhosis and had Hep-C. I’m a Vet and use their Hospital system. I have also developed Fibroses from treatments for Hep-C and my Cirrhosis. Now it’s just a waiting game for me. I don’t drink, smoke or use drugs any longer. I try to eat the best I can but I’m not perfect at it. Doc told to eat what I want, so I almost do. I can hear your pain and suffering in these posted testimonials. I’m all alone now so I just go on with the things I enjoy in life. Being in this situation has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I have over looked in my life. The day that I was born, I was born to die. I’m very grateful for the life that I have lived. I’ve made my life a lot harder then it had to be. So now I just do my best to enjoy the little simple things I get pleasure from. I wish all that posted on this site peace in your lives.

    1. Hi Arthur,
      Thank you for your service.
      Jesus loves you. John 3:16 He is real… Look at high level research that confirms the Bible true. Ask God to reveal Himself to you. Ask Him to forgive your sin… and we have ALL sinned…Read the book of John.
      I hope to meet you in Heaven.
      God is love… Jesus died for you.

  35. Hi my name is Barbara, on May 2015 I was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver due to morbid obesity, I never drank or do drugs, my MELD score is 7.50, I have now lost as of 4-15-14 270lbs, I eat healthy, I exercise to the best of my ability. I was wondering what would be my life expectancy ?

    1. it would be so helpful to hear how you lost weight and the type of exercise you do….

    2. Barbara,

      I don’t know if you still check this site, but if you have been working hard at keeping your weight off (Congrats, by the way!) and keeping your MELD score under 10, I don’t see why you shouldn’t live a long time. A MELD of 7.5 is GREAT according to our liver doc.

  36. My grandma is 84 yrs old she was Diagnosed with cirrhosis. She hardly ever drank alcohol. The doctor is cutting down on certain medication. I would like to know what diet can she be on to help her from her liver not getting any worst.

  37. My father is in liver cirrhosis from 4 yrs .i am very afraid. For my father he also with abdomen harnia surgery last month .and he is also diabetic patient so I worry because my father donot. Leave the fatty foods and masalas food so I m take tension plz everyone talk how many years long someone ban live with liver cirrhosir.

    1. Ashi, it is a very good sign that your father survived abdominal surgery! It is also a good sign that he has lived four years with his cirrhosis. Is his diabetes under control? Does he have a good liver specialist? Is he eating a low sodium diet? Does he avoid alcohol, smoking, and other things that are bad for his liver? What does his doctor say? Will he allow you to go to his appointments with the doctor so you can ask questions?

      My aunt was diagnosed with cirrhosis when she was 70. Her doctor told her she was unlikely to live another year. She died a couple of years ago at the age of 93.

      My husband was diagnosed two years ago and has almost died from it three times. But he is now stable and his liver specialist told us that, as long as we continue doing what we’re doing, he can continue to be stable for a long time. It is important to follow the doctor’s orders, and to have a strong family support system. Obviously you love your father. See if he will allow you to go with him to the doctor to ask questions.

  38. Susan
    I have hep C and cirrhosis. Everytime I am ready to start treatment, somthing happens due to enlarged liver ex blood vessels in Esphogus burst. Then my spleen ruptured.
    I suffer from cronic anemia with hemaglobin going as low as 4.9.
    Hopefully, will be able to start June first. Hoever since my spleen has ruptured my shin is so itchy that I don’t sleep well at night. It itches every where but especially my back.
    Does anyone know what will help this itchy skin. It is now affecting me mentally.

    1. I have alcohol cirrhosis sober for 1 year and 10 months today not on transplant list I only take lactolose vitamin b1 Centrum I was itching to a lot at first cymbals help me and I take gabapentin for restless leg syndrome it dosent pass through your liver so it’s good to take good luck

  39. Everybody is different, some have healthier systems. The answer to living longer is to stop drinking, drugging. Learn to eat well ,exercise. Let go of anger and open your heart to acceptance and laughter. Live every moment like its your last. I just buried my husband of 17 years to alcoholism,he couldnt let go of resentments.

  40. Wow Bart, 29? Sorry to hear that…how do people on here communicate? There are some replies that I would like to speak with.

    Please let me know. Thanks

    1. Hi,
      Just read the article above your post. Totally get it.
      I was diagnosed with cirrohis of the liver in April of this year. I am a 47 yr. old woman that has alot of growing up to do. Lol as they say.
      I am scared too, but try not to show it . (to doctors or family).
      Good luck to you

      1. Hi D,

        So are you committed to doing the growing up you mentioned? Are you committed to stopping whatever caused your cirrhosis? Are you seeing a good liver specialist and following the doctor’s orders? Are you on the transplant list? You are still young! If you clean up your act and are committed to getting healthy, you may be able to avoid transplant, or at least will make yourself a good candidate. You can live a long, healthy life if you truly want to.

  41. my father is also a liver cirrhosis last stage but i want him to live some yrs healthily but i don’t know wat to do day by day his weakness is high pliz help me

    1. eat leafy vegitables and proper excersize for morrnning and take vaccation for heppatiz b

  42. Glad to find this site. I am worry to sick about my mom. Mom is in advanced liver cirrhosis. the doctor told me that she has at least 6 months to live. I am so Afraid that I am going to lose her. She is my best friend. We are like Thelma and Lousie. Mom was a drinker for a long time until she was at the death door back in February of this year. I brought her in just in time. She did had three relapse back in March but was told to stop drinking. She has last drink on April 1st. Can someone or anyone has experience that the loved ones stay alive and beat the doctor's prediction. Again she stopped drinking, i have trying my best to feed her and giver her medicines and fluids to keep her alive. She said she promised me not to leave me. She just made 66 this past NOvember. I have already lost loved ones close to me withing 8 years I can not afford to lose my mommy. She is my best friend…I do not know what to do. I feel like Im at my last rope with fearing loseing my mother. CAn advise will be greatly. Everyone tells me that I have to be strong or I'll end up at the hospital with exhaustion. she is stubborn and fiesty and determine to be here for awhile

    1. Sounds like in your last sentence that is has the internal will to fight and win. Now you need to do the same thing, fight alone side of her and give her love and support.

      1. Hi, sorry for a long delay. My mom passed away on August 2013, It ihas been really hard on me. Now it is my turn with an issue. Last year i almost ruin my liver, i have stop but not complete until this year i fainted with a broken rib, my doctor is pleading with me to stop drinking completely. I am trying but it is very hard

    2. My husband was told 4 years ago he probably had 6 months to live. We immediately with out PCP doctor help got him to a Hepatologist and on the meds and although he still has bad days and diabetes are an issue now he is still here and meld score has dropped from a 30 to a 13. So give encouragement thru the bad days and make sure all meds are taken even if they say they are too sleepy yo take them. Just keep track of meld score – it can get better

        1. Hi, My mom passed away four years ago, August 2013. She went Home. I am still struggling. Now it is my turn with an issue.

  43. im 29 years old with advanced liver disease due to alcohol..i do not drink daily maybe my body just dont have the ability to eliminate it. im from a country that liver transplant is so expensive i don't have the money to buy medications so im not taking any,im still working even its very hard for me. i work in a ship as a seaman. what disappointing me is every year i have 2 medical check up but all of my results are ok they don't have any idea that i have this disease until last year according to my x ray and ct scan my liver is swollen so i stop drinking immediately. i dont know what to do now if i found out earlier i should have stop drinking earlier its to late for me now.i think my kidneys are failing the only symptoms i have is itching and tingling in my feet forgetfulness and confusion,slurred speech are lucky people your government supported you in this horrid disease..the only thing i can do now is to make my suffering short you know what i mean..every night im looking to the stars that maybe some little help falling from above and that i think its not gonna happen..

    is there somebody can give me advice on this ****..coz i really dont know what to do.

    1. my doctors told me that I can live a normal life and expect to love a long time stay positive, exercise reg, avoid salt eat plenty of vegetables especially leafy, absolute no alcohol, and be careful of any drugs both over the counter and prescribed let your dentist know in case he prescribes a harmful drug. Very few people have transplants with alcohol liver disease than you think and live to a normal age I have been diagnosed also I am 47, and I get scared. of how long I will live, but then why worry could get run over by a bus tomorrow. Good Luck Martin. Enjoy your life and love it

  44. Hi dio, I'm over 23 years diagnosed, I had the Same fears, don't spend time worrying, you can email me if you like , to talk more, I been where you are now, scary but it's a long way from you thinking of dieing. All the best Derek

  45. Can someone please tell me how you live on after a loved one has passed away? My husband has been told that he has Liver Cirrhosis, if does not stop drinking them he has 6-12 months to live. I am frightened to death of what I will have to go threw, I don't know how l will cope, please tell me how you carry on with life

  46. i was just diagnosed with some cirrhosis of the liver and posibly wilsons disease, i've had hep-c for over 20 years, im in major pain, my stomach isnt too swollen just a bit but some days im realy bloated my ankles swell just a little, im getting more and more spider vains, and im only jaundis or yellow looking sometimes, but as i,ve said im in major pain. can anyone give me a rough estemate on how long i mite have left before im gone?

  47. heather asks you doctors about water pill, and skin lotion such as grri-hydroloc 5 whice is a ammonium lactate 5% lotion and lactulose

  48. My husband was diagnosed with end stage of cirrhosis in Dec 2012. At 70 years of age with Lactulose his ammonia level has dropped. Also with other medication his life has improved. There are ways to fight and stay alive. I know because my husband was not to make it past Dec 16, 2012.

  49. I was diagnosed with alcoholic cirrhosis Jan 2010, I'm a Army Veteran and thank god for it, the doctors at the VA told me that if I could stop drinking and do everything they tell me to do and start taking care of myself they would screen me as a possible candidate for a liver transplant, it's been over three years and I done everything required of me and have been on the VA transplant waiting list for two years now, the ammonia level is a very hard thing to deal with but I keep it down as best I can, when I was first diagnosed my MELD score was 24, but since I now take better care of myself it stays down around 14 or 15, with a score that low I'm not in immediate need of the transplant, I have good days and not so good days, when I get to the point that I must have the transplant the operation will be performed at the VA hospital in Portland Oregon, I live in northern California. I attend recovery group meetings at my local VA clinic which really helps me deal with my alcoholism.

  50. I was diagnoused in 2002 i also have hep c im so tired my stomach is very big my legs swell

  51. My Grandma is 65 and she wont tell me what the doctors say so I did research on my own and found information on different sites but Im not going off that. This is what I see of her performance throughout the day she wakes up sick she has itchy skin her legs swell she has many blood test done and she has a Lympnode on her abdomonen she is going to have A CTscan done soon but Im aware that she has Cirrohosis but what stage could she be at anyone have and Idea

  52. My dad just passed away from this he was told in 1999 that he had just a quorter size of his liver left he lived for 13 years he took care of him self form the 13 years he was 72 i miss him it is not a good way to go but he stayed strong to the end the last 2 years where hard he developed liver cancer they took it out biopsy and a month before he passed he had a stroke but they would not open him up he was to risky and the last month wad hard hope this helped

  53. Hi. my mother is diagnosed that she has liver cirrhosis. My mother drink no alcohol. My mother stomach is getting bigger, she looks like pregnant. The question is, is that already a sign of last phase? Hope to hear a reply soon.

  54. How long can the process be from stage 1 to stage 2 take if the drinking hasn't completely been stopped how quickly will someone go from stage 1 to stage 4?

  55. my boyfriend is a very heavy drinker, he drinks 1 750 ml, a day 1 and a half a day on weekends, as well as at least a six pack of beer, a day. e has been experiencing a swollen abdomen, back pain, orange urine off and on, he has lost about 15 pounds, lost his appetite. He has coughed blood couple of times, has had nosebleeds, he has hypertension and id diabetic. he was told a year and a half ago he had a "fatty liver" and he quite drinking for 6 weeks and stopped seeing the doctor and since then has been drinking twice as much as before. He has a LARGE lump in the right side of his stomach that you literally can move around. is this his liver? and is it possible to move it around like that? He says it drops down by his belly when he bends over and he can move it back when he stands up. I am very, worried, he has finally decided to go to the doctor this next Friday, he is very scared, does anyone know maybe what stage he may be in/ and has anyone had this happen?

  56. what is the long term for individual live with cirrosis? and is there is any way to reduce cirrosis for the people life?

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