Benefits of Exercising for New Moms

Having a new family member is one of the greatest changes that happen to people’s lives, and it unavoidably leads to major alterations in women’s lifestyles. New moms’ bodies have made it through serious transformations both during pregnancy and after delivery, so it may be considered perfectly logical to protect them from overwork that exercising must seem like. However, taking some time to work it out is actually quite a worthy and beneficial thing that brings a number of advantages with it.

With a baby in her arms to take care of, exercising is quite often the last thing a new mom may think of or want to engage in. At the same time, a body of a woman who has recently given birth has gone through a very hard job and undergone a number of changes, including water retention and weight gain. And while it may seem that the fewer physical activities a new mom does during the first few weeks, the better, it is nonetheless close to a necessity to exercise. Doing this enriches a woman’s life with such advantages as:

  • Significant lower belly and pelvic floor strengthening. Normally, these take some time to recover from childbirth, but some low-intensity activities do a lot to accelerate the process;
  • Help in establishing life routine that will make first weeks with the baby easier. As this period almost often becomes overly chaotic than a new mom has ever expected, every piece of activity that she can engage into on a regular basis will be of much help. Moreover, this is also an extremely good opportunity to bond with your little one(s), as there are plenty of mom-baby exercises available;
  • Reduce postpartum body pains and protect you from getting extra ones. General positive effect of physical activities on one’s body is even more advantageous here as it helps to avoid some unpleasant consequences of childbirth;
  • Increase a woman’s energy level and mood. Endorphins that are produced when we exercise will provide you with both extra means to get on with your new life and ability to get more excitement and joy from it;
  • Metabolism boost. As your body needs much more energy to both care about the baby and yourself, regular exercising routine will add to your systems’ restructuring. At the same time, it physical activity goes together with rich and healthy diet, it will likely help to get back to a new mom’s pre-pregnancy weight a lot faster;
  • Improve your stamina, making daily care of your little one less exhausting and, therefore, more pleasant.

While there are simple activities like walking with a stroller, leaning to your feet, etc., the exact exercising program should be discussed with a professional and approved by them. In case you start feeling worse, or your lochia (discharge from a woman’s vagina that continues for a while after she gave birth) becomes redder, stop and turn to a doctor for more information about how to correct the program.

It is also important to take into consideration the way you’ve given birth, as certain activities may be harmful for new moms who went through C-section.

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