Curry and Diabetes

Curry is a very popular spice nowadays widely used in different cuisines.

However, it originates from India, where it was a traditional part of South Indian cuisine as a flavor and spice for different dishes. Curry got its name from Kari-pattha, as it is called there. Thus, it actually has got a name of Murraya koenigii, which belongs to the family of Rutaceae. At the present moment curry leaves are used in different ways. First of all, they are the source for spices and flavorings as well as an ingredient for various sauces. However, there is also a medical use of the plant. Actually, it is supposed that curry and diabetes is not an empty phrase. The former can help control blood sugar levels.

There are a lot of different useful components in curry leaves. They include zinc and iron, also copper and so on. They are capable of producing a certain effect on a person blood sugar levels in a good way. Such connection between curry and diabetes is a recent discovery and a very useful one.

The above mentioned minerals that are a part of curry leaves help people with glucose to control sugar in blood and keep normal levels of glucose. There is such an enzyme that is called pancreatic alpha-amylase. Its function is to help the process of starch disintegration in all the foods we eat. In case a person eats sweet food, insulin causes the increase in glucose levels. In this case curry evokes the pancreatic alpha-amylase enzyme secretion, which helps to control the glucose levels. Therefore, curry and diabetes is a good connection.

Besides, with curry a diabetes person is able to control carbohydrates breakdown. Curry enables such internal organs to function properly as kidney and liver, therefore defining the abovementioned process.

One more property of curry leaves is that they lessen the stress on the pancreatic cells. There are free radicals that can evoke damage and death of cells. It is very important as pancreatic cells are directly connected with insulin production and diabetes and, therefore, it is recommended to consume curry and diabetes will be controlled.

There are a lot of people who suffer from diabetes and, perhaps, curry can make things better for them. In some cases it is necessary to include some natural methods into the treatment of the condition. One of the additional problems with diabetes is that people tend to gain a lot of weight; not only adults, but kids as well. Curry, as it was mentioned above can help control weight gain and glucose levels. Curry and diabetes nowadays is not a hypothetical discussion any more.

There are a lot of recipes that diabetes people can use freely. Curry is a universal thing and it can be used in the majority of dishes. Curry leaves can be eaten and chewed, ground and added to dishes as spice and flavoring. It is recommended to chew curry leaves in the morning, as they produce the best effect then. Besides, they can assist in weight loss as well, if consumed regularly. Surely enough, when it comes to leaves, either fresh or dry, they are not extremely tasty. That is why a person can eat them in a different way. Curry and diabetes controlling effect.

One of the precautions, however, is that every diabetes person, who contemplates on the idea of trying curry leaves, should consult with a doctor. It is a very effective way to help your diabetes; still, it is always better to be prepared for any intolerance reactions or side-effects.

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