Effects of Crash Diets on Health

Those desperate people who want to lose weight fast and with little effort often turn to crash diets.

True, the latter are able to make you shed weight in about a week as they claim, but they also do a lot of harm to the organism altogether. If you start to think about it how good such a weight loss can be? The systems of the body have to deal with certain pressure and all the nutritionist say that there is no benefit from it whichever way to look. Moreover, is makes and impact not only to your physical but to mental health as well.

Crash diet has got a list of side effects that is not at all nice. These diets are popular for their prompt action and effect but also because people neglect the after effects until they have to face them. Crash diet frequently means that you deprive your body of some important nutrients for a period of time but your body gets used to it and it leads to various complications and disorders. Moreover, most people wrongly think that they lose weight due to the loss of fat; but is happens actually, due to the loss of water.

First and very much disappointing after effect of the diet is that you gain your weight back. As soon as you stop the diet all your kilograms return. This happens because the metabolism in your organism has changed and your body got used to not receiving enough calories and therefore burnt lesser amount of them. Therefore you lose weight at first, but to some certain stage, and then start to gain it instead. After that the further weight loss becomes quite problematic.

Moreover, once again, crash diets deprive the organism of he important nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, calcium and minerals. This leads to the state that is called malnutrition, weakening of the immune system and other complications like gallstones, hair loss and disorders connected with cholesterol activity.

Untimely food cravings, anorexia, binge eating at night and bulimia are most likely to develop after crash diets.

Besides, women, prone to crash diet addiction are likely to develop osteoporosis; especially if a woman is in her menopausal phase. Crash diet causes calcium deficiency and consequent weakening of bones.

In the result of crash dieting fat is stored and the muscles are burned instead. This leads to muscle loss and loss of tissues around organs like the brain, kidneys and the liver.

What is more, crash diets accelerate the aging process. If you try too hard with these diets you will get sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles earlier than they are really planned. Moreover, crash diets can cause electrolyte imbalance, also low blood cell count, lead to cardiovascular system disorders’ development; they can even end up with organ damage.

Depression is a frequent companion of crush diets with the initial and seemingly magnificent weight loss and gaining it back after all the efforts. In the result of malnutrition there is the lack of dopamine and serotonin produced by carbohydrates. A person also can experience lethargy, feels tired and irritated, mood swings are quite frequent.

Therefore make sure that you are well informed before starting this or that diet. Beware of the adverse effects and keep in mind that nothing which is fast and easy is really effective. It will be much healthier and sounder if you take some gradual weight loss plan and stick to it, adding some exercises and positive mood. Your health is in your hands, think twice before you make a mistake and cause it any harm.

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