Perfect GM Diet for 1 Week

The General Motors diet is an efficient and simple program that really helps you to lose several kilos within a week. It is primarily plant-based and the ingredients are found at every shop or market.

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Day 1 of the GM Diet Plan

Prepare different fruit you like including watermelons, apples, oranges, pears, peaches, melons, etc. The only fruit exception that is prohibited this day is a banana.

You can eat as much fruit as you want at any time on the first day of the diet. Drink up to 12 glasses of water during the day. You should not be starving, that is why you can eat any fruit you like when you feel hungry.

Exemplary Menu

Breakfast: melon or apples
Second breakfast: cantaloupe/ peaches/ pears
Lunch: watermelon
Snack: oranges/ apples
Dinner: guava + cantaloupe

Fruit is low in fat but high in fiber that making you feel full longer. In addition, they have a lot of water which helps to detoxicate your body.

Day 2 of the GM Diet Plan

Prepare various vegetables including cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce, zucchini, beetroot, etc. However, the food mustn’t be fried in oil and it is better to avoid olive oil as dressing.

Exemplary Menu

Breakfast: potato (baked/boiled)
Second breakfast: a salad with carrot, beetroot, lettuce, zucchini
Lunch: a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, and spinach
Snack: carrots/ broccoli/ bell pepper/ celery
Dinner: boiled cauliflower with green beans (some light dressing is acceptable)/tomato soup

Be sure that all the nutrients required for your body together with vitamins and protein are contained in vegetables.

Day 3 of the GM Diet Plan

Prepare various vegetables together with fruit. However, there are 2 forbidden products today: bananas and potatoes. Your body has already adjusted to the plant diet and it will benefit from the combination of fruit and veggies providing it with all the nutrients, protein, and fiber.

Exemplary Menu

Breakfast: pineapple/ apples/ melon/ mango/oranges
Second breakfast: pears/peaches/ cantaloupe/ kiwi
Lunch: a salad of zucchini, beetroot, carrot, lettuce
Snack: cucumber/ bell pepper/ watermelon/ olives
Dinner: boiled broccoli/ cauliflower/ baked potato

This is your chance to have a more varied menu combined of vegetables as well as fruit if it was hard for you to overcome the first two days. It is better for your digestion system to start the day with fruit and finish it with vegetables.

Day 4 of the GM Diet Plan

Prepare 8-10 bananas and 4-6 glasses of milk. Vegans can have soy milk.

Practically everyone loves bananas and you can finally eat them! To tell you more, you should have them the whole day! If you have an urgent desire to eat something else, you can eat some soup.

Exemplary Menu

Breakfast: banana smoothie (2 bananas + milk + 6 figs)
Second breakfast: 1 banana
Lunch: a soup/ banana salad with a teaspoon of honey
Snack: 2 small bananas
Dinner: banana smoothie (2 bananas + milk + 6 figs)
Bananas will load you with much energy during this day and improve digestion with pectin. While milk is rich in potassium and calcium. They compose a perfect duet to support you during your training.

Day 5 of the GM Diet Plan

Prepare protein source depending on your normal diet and 6-8 tomatoes. Today you have chicken breast, fish, brown rice kidney beans, or black-eyed peas. But you should avoid potatoes and bananas again.

You should compose your meals of fruit and vegetables as previously and add the protein source acceptable for you. Try not to add oil to your recipes at all. Note that the volume of uric acid will be increased in your body, which means that you have to increase the number of glasses of water up to 15.

Exemplary Menu

Breakfast: boiled kidney beans and 2-3 tomatoes
Second breakfast: any fruit/ yogurt
Lunch: cooked brown rice/quinoa/ fish/ chicken breast
Snack: carrot/celery/apples/ oranges/ pears
Dinner: a salad with sprouts, tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, and olives

Today you receive protein and carbohydrates together with the nutrients contained in raw fruit and vegetables. It helps your digestion and satiates the whole body. In order to cook your fish or chicken, you can make a soup or roast these products without oil.

Day 6 of the GM Diet Plan

Continue the menu you had on day 6. Add as many vegetables as possible, they can be boiled, avoid frying them, do not use fatty dressings, and exclude potatoes and tomatoes. Your water intake should remain within standard 8-12 glasses.

Exemplary Menu

Breakfast: a salad of an apple, a pear, an orange
Second breakfast: baby carrots
Lunch: a vegetable soup
Snack: boiled broccoli
Dinner: boiled vegetables with quinoa

Day 7 of the GM Diet Plan

Prepare various vegetables, fruit for fresh fruit juices, and brown rice.

Finally, the last day starts! The amount of vegetables you can consume today (raw or cooked) is unlimited. Each meal should contain sugarless fruit juice.

Exemplary Menu

Breakfast: a salad of cucumber, an avocado, tomato, and spinach, apple juice
Second breakfast: carrots/ celery/ kiwi juice
Lunch: boiled or baked cauliflower/ boiled broccoli with carrots and cooked brown rice
Snack: vegetable salad and an orange juice
Dinner: vegetable soup

Your body will be cleaned and saturated with nutrients by juices while the vegetables remain to be the sources of your energy.

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