Calorie Shifting Diet Plan

In fact, calorie shifting diet plan is a healthy program for weight loss. The body gets used to a certain diet type when we eat same food and receive equal quantity of calories each day. Dietitians say that regular intake of same foods leads to weight loss plateau, making dieting ineffective. That?s why a diet plan ought to be framed and should include calorie shifting from lower to upper and vice versa by eating different foods. This system is called calorie shifting diet plan.

Calorie shifting is a weight loss system which includes metabolic confusion by changing the intake of calorie. The plan includes mixing various counts of calories thus creating slopes on a chart of weight loss. This improves the metabolic system and helps to burn calories.

The calorie baseline

First of all you should establish a calories stream. For instance, you can make a line of about 2000 calories per day. You should follow the plan minimum for a month to achieve positive results. Write down the calories you consume per day.

Add 300 calories

Increase the calorie intake by 300 calories for the first week. Follow the plan twice a week making an interval for two days. Therefore, you should add 300 calories on Monday and Thursday, elevating the number to 2300. The system is called up-shift of calories.

Subtract 500 calories

So, the second week is again a calorie rotation plan, when you should reduce the calorie count by 500 calories. Do that after Monday and Thursday. In such a way, you will eat 1500 calories on Friday and Tuesday.

Plus 400 calories

You need to shift the intake of calories for 2 days in the 3rd week. The calorie consumption becomes 2400 calories a day. It is necessary to follow this plan for the two days left, in particular, Saturday and Wednesday.

Minus 500 calories

The 4th week goes with calorie reduction by 500 for 2 days in a week. It is possible to decrease the number by 500 calories in the 4th week. Thursday and Friday should have this plan.

Normal eating

When you have fulfilled your calorie shifting diet plan, you may return to the normal dieting for 2 weeks. Restart the calorie shifting diet plan for a month after that. You will see the results soon.

Add proteins on the stage when you increase the calories count. The dietary requirement is better to get from unsaturated fats and proteins. It is also recommended to eat fresh salads and fruits. Reduce the consumption of simple carbohydrates. Actually, complex carbs from grains, whole wheat, brown rice and bread are safe. Dairy products should also make a part of your diet plan.

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