How Many Calories Are in Tater Tot Casserole?

There are, perhaps, few people, who do not like Tater Tot Casserole for its taste and other potentials! It is really easy to prepare and at the same time there are not so many dishes that can be compared with it in the terms of price and nutrition quality. But, well, it is loaded with calories.

Tater tots have different names depending on the country or even a state. In the USA various restaurants and fast-food establishments can serve them under their own different names. But actually, tater tots are just hash browns – crispy brown, deep-fried potatoes.

Keep in mind, however, that the nutrient facts generally refer to the nutrition potential of potatoes only and not for the rest of the ingredients that you will serve together with the dish. Moreover, the content of calories listed on the label usually takes into consideration a calorie amount of 2000 a day as a norm.

True, there are enough calories in this meal but if you are on some diet plan and are not ready to do without your favorite dish try to be inventive and add different ingredients that will make the whole treat less nutritious. Luckily, tater tots are a great thing to experiment with.

Still, it is really interesting to know, how many calories there are in tater tot casserole? But in order to answer it, perhaps, one should know more about the nutrition facts.

As it has already been mentioned earlier the dish is quite nutritious but it is good news if you take calories as something beneficial but not for granted. But there is also a cholesterol issue. There are a lot of people who check their cholesterol levels and want to keep it balanced. They will find the following information interesting: tater tot casserole has 85mg of cholesterol or 28%. Other interesting figures are 4g of trans fat, 2.2 g of polyunsaturated fat, 14.1g of monounsaturated fat, and 11.3g of saturated fat.

Now we can answer, finally, how many calories there are in tater tot casserole. The portion of 250g has 535 total calories. And 260 calories are from actual fat in this very portion.

The table which represents a picture of a tater tat casserole label can be also of help. However, mind, that every portion is different and this one is given as an example.

Therefore with this information it will be easier for you to keep up to your diet without any tangible deprivations. You do not need to cross out your favourite dish completely form your allowance just be aware of other products you eat as well. Small portions are also a good way out if you like the treat too much.


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