You Have to Get Rid of These Habits!

Everyone wants to be more productive and be able to do as many things a day as possible. Everyone wants to become smarter, healthier and just better. But every time we want to start to move in this direction our bad habits do not allow us to do it. So, maybe we should get rid of them to make ourselves better?

Failure of Immune System in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Millions of people around the world suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, but the only thing doctors can do is to help patients to cope with the symptoms. The tasks of the scientific and medical community is to stop or to slow down the destruction of the joints of people who have this disease and to make the patients’ lives as comfortable as possible. But it requires deep understanding of the biology of the disease that restricts the movement of patients.

One Cigarette is not a Panacea

The BMJ (British Medical Journal) studies suggest that there is no smoking pattern that will allow you to stay on the safe side. Many smokers think that if you smoke only one cigarette a day, you will have one twentieth risk as compared to those who smoke a whole pack a day, but the scientists have arrived at a conclusion that it is absolutely wrong. According to the research, even if you smoke only one cigarette per day, you still have a 50% higher risk of getting a CVD and a 30% higher risk of having a stroke as oppos

What Makes Us Happy?

Scientists and common people all over the world wonder what makes us happy. Is it money and fame, or is it friends, family and healthy life?

Psychological but Real: Psychosomatic Disorders

According to statistics, up to 30% of people coming to see a doctor have very real symptoms that cannot be explained medically. Can paralysis and blindness really be caused by our mind? In this article, we explore the nature of psychosomatic disease.

Obsession with ‘Healthy’ Food Can Cause Food Anxiety

Many of us suffer from excessive anxiety about what we eat. Someone regularly picks yolks out of eggs cooked for breakfast, someone decides to completely abandon products with sugar, and someone is sure that animal fats can cause all diseases at once. Of course, everyone has the right to decide what is best for his or her body, but sometimes such concerns turn into paranoia, when the most harmless snack precedes a scrupulous study of how healthy each component is.

The First Win on the Battlefield with Aging

Why do we age? Can we slow this process down? Is it programmed in our DNA and what discovered Dongsheng Cai and his team about a connection between aging, stem cells and hypothalamus? Find out in this article.

Usual Alcoholic Beverages Lead to a Real Risk of Cancer Development

A Friday night is definitely one of the most expected days of the week. It’s quite natural that most people prefer having some rest in night clubs, restaurants or at home with some amount of alcohol to feel relaxed. Do you have such a popular habit? If your answer is “Yes”, you should read further.

Cell Phone Addiction Liberation – How It is Done

By 2015 over a billion people own a smartphone worldwide and by April 2015 the cell phone lines in Spain were more than 53.6 million which represented a 1.4% increase over the previous year. Data even shows that younger children now use cell phones as about 30% of 10-year-old Spanish children use a cell phone. The phones are used for a wide range of tasks from calling to checking emails and use of social media.

How a Glass of Champagne Can Help with Your Heart Problems

Let’s raise our glasses in a toast to your health. Sound familiar, doesn’t it? And what about raising glasses of champagne in a toast to our healthy hearts? Somewhat less familiar, isn’t it? However, it is as romantic as it is true to life. If you have raised glasses of champagne or wine in a toast, you are about to do a good thing to your heart and vessels.

Tomatoes and Apples Can Help Reverse Smoke Damage to Lungs in Ex-Smokers

Nowadays smoking is not as popular as it used to be, as more and more governments are striving to introduce new measures to eliminate such a phenomenon from the society. However, even if a person quits smoking, his or her lungs are already damaged. American researchers have recently revealed that consuming tomatoes and apples on a daily basis in large amounts could help reverse the smoke damage and repair lungs. The effect was seen in both those who had never smoked and ex-smokers.

Reasons to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

When you decide to stop smoking, you need to use the reasons to quit smoking as a main advantage. In fact, the list of reasons to quit smoking can be endless, it may include your friends' names, family, and the external and internal environments. Here are the reasons to quit smoking Risk of cancer We all know that smoking causes cancer. Lung cancer is the most dangerous negative effect of smoking. Moreover, it increases the risks of having other cancer types, for instance, mouth cancer, bladder cancer, cancer of ...

Alcohol Detox At Home

Alcoholism is a serious condition, which can cause severe health problems and even death. Generally people start drinking alcohol as it provides them with a relief from life problems. When alcohol addiction affects their professional, social and personal life, many individuals understand that it?s necessary to cope with this addiction. Alcohol rehabilitation centers provide individual help of medical professionals. At the same time many people prefer alcohol detox at home. Start alcohol detox at home The first thing...

Dangers of Smoking – Short Life Expectancy

Many people feel that smoking is a kind of hobby. Studies conducted by the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association indicate that smoking is in fact the main trigger of premature death. It is necessary to realize that smoking does not poisons only the smoker, but it also contributes to the health aggravation of people surrounding the smoker, in particular children whose organs are still undergoing a stage of development. It is considered worldwide that smoking is a major agent of premature death. As a ...

5 Steps to Stop Smoking Naturally in a Month

In fact nature has always been ahead of technology and science. Whereas science is trying to find new ways to help you quit smoking and, nature is hiding really effective secrets. If you are a smoker and have a strong desire to quit, it is a nice point to start at. Below you will see a working program from the most effective natural methods to stop smoking. You may find different rehabilitation clinics claiming that you can become free from smoking habit in several days. The fact is that, you may get rid of this danger...

Easy Methods to Help You Quit Smoking

Understanding the negative effects that smoking produces, many smokers start trying to quit smoking. The problem is that if you have been smoking for several years, you'll definitely find it hard to quit. The nicotine from cigarettes is extremely addictive and the addiction makes quitting smoking very tough. To quit smoking you need commitment and huge sacrifice to combat nicotine addiction. The smoker must have a real desire to get rid of the harmful habit and should take resolute actions timely. There is no chance to...

Alcohol and Heart Disease are Closely Related

Alcohol abuse can cause many health problems. When alcohol appears in the body, the brain, muscles and many other organs and body parts are at risk. Recent medical studies published that moderate use of alcohol has a positive effects on the heart. In fact, it is reported that moderate drinking helps to prevent heart disease increasing the levels of good cholesterol and removing the plaque that accumulates in the arteries. These studies are very positive but this is only on the surface. The connection between alcohol...

Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Youth is a Serious Problem

Many clinical reports pointed to the rising incidence of alcohol and drug abuse among young people. Drug abuse among the youth is a severe problem in most countries. It results in different consequences at the social, economic, legal and health level. Apart from the economic cost, drug abuse in the youth causes juvenile delinquency, social impairment and psychological problems. Additionally, due to drug abuse lots of people are injured, engage in promiscuous sex and fall victims to violence. Alcohol, tobacco, mariju...

Depression and Alcohol Abuse – Ways to Deal with the Problem

Depression is probably the most common illness in the world and the thing is that people may get affected by depression not only once in their lifetime. Very few individuals can cope with depression. And alcohol consumption improves the mood and makes you feel better for some time. Alcohol induces sleep in those who suffer from depression. Thus, most of such people consume large amounts of alcohol to cope with depression. However, most people do not know that the body develops certain alcohol tolerance level. This mean...

Stop Smoking Plan – Tips to Cope with Smoking Habit

It's not easy to control the urge to not smoke, in particular when your friends smoke, with all these smoking zones. It always poses temptations where you can give in and smoke, but relapsing in smoking is not what you wanted. Let's look at the tips which help to stop smoking. Self Motivation You need to tell yourself smoking causes health problems such as cancerous diseases and you do not like to deal with them. Smoking ruins your skin, making you look much older and can provoke permanent skin damage. When you quit...