Cryotherapy: Is Extreme Cold Good for You?

Perhaps the word "cryotherapy" makes you think of sci-fi films where rich men and crazy scientists get frozen and then resuscitated a hundred years later, or perhaps you've already heard about cryosaunas - the latest craze among Hollywood celebrities; in any case, chances are that you have actually tried cryotherapy yourself!

How to Use Lavender Oil for Your Health

Lavender oil is dissolved in ethanol what causes a wide range of its medical implication. Alcohol solvent of this oil is used to treat rheumatism, neurasthenia, migraine, cardiovascular diseases, pyelonephritis and urolithiasis. Lavender oil uses are also beneficial as wound-healing remedies in case of skin diseases, dislocations, bruises, with paralysis and neuralgia. Bathes with lavender oil relieve inflammation of the joints.

Aloe Vera: Useful Properties and Health Benefit

You have probably heard of Aloe Vera plant and its healing properties. But not everyone realizes all health benefits in their full range, despite it was commonly used for medical purposes in Greece, India, Mexico, Asian countries. The plant is so healing due to its high content of active constituents: antioxidants, enzymes, minerals essential for proper functioning of metabolic processes, sugars, fatty, salicylic and amino acids.

How Weather Can Provoke Headaches

The human body is a unique self-regulating system that is able to maintain the constancy of the internal environment (homeostasis) regardless of slight fluctuations in environmental conditions. Accordingly, a healthy person should not react in any way to changes in atmospheric pressure, humidity, air temperature, magnetic fields, or other external factors.

Tennis Ball Massage

When you want to relax tight muscles of the collar zone or ease bad backpain, but don’t have a possibility to get a professional massage, a tennis ball can be surprisingly helpful. Such self-massage gives relief in such painful conditions as pain in the back, neck, headache, pinched nerves, calcinations, etc.

Heel-Toe or Toe-Heel Walking

As we step, so we live. Do you want to walk beautifully and keep your joints, knees and spine healthy? The question is vitally important for health and well-being - walking style has a great influence on the condition of your spine, its health, your overall posture in daily life and much more...

Grow Your Eyebrows Back

There are several reasons why you want to know how to grow eyebrows. Maybe, you had negative experience with plucking or dyeing them. Or your eyebrows master did something wrong with permanent makeup and you want to correct this situation. Whatever the reason is, read the following advice and make your face look stunning.

Face Self Massage

Speaking of massage in general, people have used both massage and self-massage techniques since ancient times and throughout history. And if we talk about face self massage, every woman who does her skin beauty routine every day with the help of cosmetic products, applies self-massage techniques – to distribute cleansers, peelings, masks and creams we use stroking, rubbing or tapping moves. Usually this face self massage takes only a few minutes and certainly cannot eliminate any problems. Its main purpose is improve b

Why We Should ‘De-Sweaten Our Lives’ and Cut Sugar

This substance is a white powder, obtained with the help of special chemical reactions from certain plant species. It is not a food product vitally necessary for the functioning of our body, however many of us cannot imagine life without it. It is a pure chemical substance extracted from plant raw materials - it does not contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes or any other elements of food.

How to Detox your Body from Sugar

Sugar is integral with most people’s everyday menu. However, not everyone really cares about its destructive influence on the body. It has been estimated, that we consume three times as much sugar ad our body can handle. Now, take a look, how often you take sweet desserts. Not unlikely, it is time for a little sugar detox!

Massage Tools

Massage has evolved into a philosophy with an intricate network of subtleties. Ever since the beginning of its millennial history, new discoveries have not stopped for a moment. Self-myofascial release is one such thing. It implies use of a variety of tools, such as, to name a few, foam rollers, Theracane, lacrosse balls, rods, etc.

How Metabolism Slows Down with Age

With age many people notice that getting back into shape after the holiday overeating can be much more difficult. Or sometimes extra kilos start to appear out of the blue sky. Why does this happen?

Best Apps for Your Health

Developers of health applications do their best every day to help you to feel and look better. Why not to try those easy and smart programs to improve your life? We have collected the best 9 applications for you not to get lost among them.

Most Common Fallacies about Slow Metabolism

Nowadays the word "metabolism" is so wide-spread and we can hear it very often, in a wide variety of contexts. Often, a slow metabolism is ‘accused’ that a person cannot lose extra kilos and continues to gain weight, despite attempts to get rid of it. Therefore, there is a rather widespread idea that fast metabolism is preferable to slow metabolism. However, the fact that a person has a fast metabolism does not always mean that he or she has good health. In fact, it can even speed up aging process.

5 Simple Steps to Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite or a notorious ‘orange peel’ is rather a cosmetological than a medical problem that affects thighs and buttocks of females. Most of doctors do not recognize it, and the phenomenon itself is not considered as a disease. It is a very wide spread problem, approximately 85-98% of adult females of all races are affected by cellulite.

Easy Methods to Improve Your Immunity

Spring is the hardest time for our immune system – vitamin reservoir that we collected in autumn is nearly empty while the weather is still cold and windy, it rains sometimes and even snows in northern countries. Practitioners persuade us to take more medicine and get a flu shot. But are there any other natural ways to boost immune system?

What Foods Can Boost Your Sexual Stamina?

No good life is possible without a good relationship. Likewise, no good relationship is possible without good sexual stamina and drive. Finally, no good sex is possible without decent and healthy nutrition. There are particular foods, which are highly advisable for regular intake due to their exceptional ability of increasing sexual desire. Also, there are foods that (attention!) dull sexual drive.

Facial Fitness – Lifting without Surgery

Facial fitness is a set of exercises for face muscles that helps to make skin more firm, it smoothes wrinkles and tucks up skin without any surgery. Only 20 minutes of practice twice a day will grant you with amazing results in a month: complexion improves, a fullness under the eyes and double chin disappear, nasolabial folds and lateral canthal lines uncrumple. This fitness program for the face will help you to look 5 or even 10 years younger and it is absolutely for free!

Emotional Detox: Meditation and Breathing

First, let us consider the components of emotional detox. First and foremost, the emotional detox is directed at stress relief. There are two basic components of it: meditation and breathing.

5 Organic Oils for Your Natural Beauty Routine

Organic oils are one of the foundations of facial esthetics: they contain a lot of vitamins including A and E, moisturize, nourish and protect skin. Natural and essential oils can be used for skin and hear treatment in their pure form or they can be added to masks, creams and cleansing products. Using oils balances sebum regulation, that is why they are beneficial for all skin types including blemish-prone skin.