Face Taping – Something Old or Something New?

Beauty will save the world, this is so true. But women’s beauty is not eternal and affected by merciless time. Women have always been searching for anti-aging remedies and techniques. In this article we will familiarize you with a relatively new cosmetological method to preserve face and neck skin fresh and beautiful, and also eliminate such defects as flabby face and wrinkles and this is the Face aesthetic taping.

How Long is a Normal Pregnancy?

How long does a pregnancy last? It is a rather simple question, isn’t it? However, there are certain misconceptions concerning this issue, which we are going to dispel.

Living in Pain: Fibromyalgia

Most of us have never even heard about fibromyalgia until Lady Gaga revealed in a documentary that she struggles with it. Suddenly this quite common and debilitating condition, so often misunderstood and undiagnosed, was catapulted into the spotlight. And yet, everyone should know more about fibromyalgia, since it can strike any of us unexpectedly.

Can You Get Pregnant Soon After Giving Birth?

It is widely believed that a newborn baby is a great form of contraception - presumably, a breastfeeding mother can go on for years without getting pregnant. Various tribal cultures are often cited as proof, together with lots of anectdotal evidence. However, it is not true. So how soon can you get pregnant?

PCOS and Pregnancy

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder, which unfortunately is a problem for every fifth woman. Scientists are still uncertain why this disorder develops. Whatever the reason, PCOS is always uncomfortable and quite often a woman cannot conceive a child. Even when she succeeds, all nine months there is a big threat to her health and her child’s life. Thus, gynecologists highly recommend getting rid of PCOS before conceiving. In case a pregnancy has already started, special attention should be paid to t

Issues And Solutions for PCOS Weight Loss

Weight loss is a burning question almost for everyone nowadays. While it is an everlasting fight for the health and beautiful body for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Today we will help you to identify the reasons why it is so challenging to lose weight for women with PCOS and give you several tips on how to do it efficiently.

Overview of Resources on Thyroid Diseases Treatment

The thyroid gland is one of the most important organs in a human body because it produces thyroid hormones, which influence particularly every cell, and any under or excess production of the hormones have an immediate influence. The thyroid gland is relatively small and has the shape of a butterfly.

Herbal Alternative Treatment of PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal female disease. In conjunction with the excessive production of male hormones in the female body, violations also affect the maturation of ovum and the menstrual cycle. But the most painful and dangerous manifestation is the numerous cysts that can develop in the ovaries and affect the overall reproductive female function. That is why it makes sense to treat PCOS with herbal alternatives instead of traditional medication. After all, it is widely known how harmful can be t

What Is Postpartum Depression?

The birth of a baby is every healthy woman’s dream of heart. For the sake of that, women are ready to come with the handful of pains and problems. However, some young mothers face issues when they least expect – shortly after delivery.

Benefits of Exercising for New Moms

Having a new family member is one of the greatest changes that happen to people’s lives, and it unavoidably leads to major alterations in women’s lifestyles. New moms’ bodies have made it through serious transformations both during pregnancy and after delivery, so it may be considered perfectly logical to protect them from overwork that exercising must seem like. However, taking some time to work it out is actually quite a worthy and beneficial thing that brings a number of advantages with it.

Top 7 Pregnancy Apps

Every pregnant lady is familiar with this irritating situation when you have a lot of things going on at the same time from medical checkups and choosing first purchases for the little one to breath training for contractions and packing your bag to the hospital.

7 Life Hacks to Boost Your Energy in Spring

The spring is in full bloom now, but despite it is already warm and lovely outside, many people feel exhausted, lack of energy and don’t like their reflection in the mirror. It happens because of vitamin deficiency (especially vitamin D), accumulated fatigue during winter months and non-balanced diet. We have collected seven unobvious life hacks to help you get out of hibernation, organize everyday life in more efficient ways and get inspired by the wakening nature.

Boost your Beauty Hormones

Any woman’s dream is to stay young and healthy as long as possible, however, over time, irreversible processes take place in the body, leading to the aging of all organs and systems.

Your Contraceptives Provoke Depression

If you suspect your hormonal contraceptives cause various psychological issues, your assumption is not wild at all. The scientists from the Faculty of Healthcare Service and Medical Sciences of the University of Copenhagen undertook a large-scale 13-year study that managed to trace the link between oral contraceptives and depression.

Thyroid Issues in Women

The thyroid gland is a vital organ that regulates all functions. Therefore, it appears to be a kind of mirror for your general health. Once a breakdown occurs, the whole system begins to collapse. It has been estimated that women are 10 times as likely to go down with a thyroid disorder as men.

The Healthiest Way of Wearing High Heels

Many ladies believe that a pair of high heel shoes will give them a world-wide ovation. However, this is far from healthy lifestyle. There are a couple of tips on how to properly wear high heels without eventually having to throw them into the wastebasket.

What You Need to Know about Lung Cancer in Women

Smoking, including second-hand smoke, increases the risk of oncology contraction in women. In fact, there is a special gene in feminine bodies that replies for tumour growth in case of smoking. That is why women are more prone to lung cancer. 

Feminine Beauty Standards – Beautiful Changes

Nothing changes more rapidly than fashion dictating beauty standards. New trends are appearing, something is coming back, and each decade brings something fresh and unforgettable. Though there is a timeless tendency: a woman always does her best to look perfect at any time. Let’s have brief look at the most emblematic divas of the past 70 years because they still have much to tell us.

Breast Cancer – Are You in the High-Risk Group?

Mammary gland is one of the most cancer-prone parts of a woman’s body. Because a high percentage of women develop this disease, all women are concerned, and many are chronically worried about it. Who is the most likely target? Is there a salvation? Is it really a death sentence for those who eventually develop it?

Pregnancy Brain

There is a lot of conversation both in the scientific community and among ordinary citizens about sudden changes in women’s cognitive capability taking place during pregnancy. This refers to occasional memory problems and outbursts of absent-mindedness sometimes called ‘pregnancy brain’. There is an opinion that pregnancy impairs the brain irreparably. Does it?