Aerial Yoga against Fear of Heights

Health is a great blessing which everyone should care. By doing different exercise and Yoga on daily basis, we can keep ourselves healthy and relaxed. Nowadays yoga is becoming the most important and vital treatment for anxiety as one must do yoga to feel relax and to start their day with happiness.

Do You Also Suffer from Shin Splints?

If you feel pain in your lower leg which is localized below your knee on the foreside or inside the leg in the bone, it is highly possible that you suffer from shin splints. The doctors refer this condition to medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS). Today we will describe how to prevent shin splints, who is at risk group, what are the causes and best ways to treat this condition.

Yoga for Scoliosis

Is it possible to practice yoga when you suffer from scoliosis? Scoliosis is a very common condition nowadays that involves deviations and can cause bad pain and disability in everyday life.

Bikini Body Workout

Bikini season has already started. The sea and beach are calling! If you have any doubts about your body shape - this bikini body workout allows you to get slimmer and train all muscle groups at the same time and get ready for the vacation of your dream. All of the exercises are easy to learn and most of them do not require additional equipment. You’ll need a fitness ball only for two of them, but if you do not have it, you can skip these exercises, or find an alternative to this ball.

Lose that Belly!

There are crowds of people facing with the fat-belly issue and looking for ways to get rid of it. They storm gyms and do about fifty curl-ups and sit-ups at a time, hoping to get six-pack abs. All they get is muscle pain, fatigue, and a belly, which is still far from what they want.

Nordic Walking – on the Way to Health

Nordic walking, or Scandinavian walking, is a very popular form of active leisure. Nowadays millions of adherents around the world practice it. People take sticks, very similar to ski, in their hands and walk in winter and summer, on asphalt and field terrain, through meadows and mountains, and the main feature of this kind of walking that sticks do not allow them to get tired of many kilometers of walks. What is the secret of this sport?

Running Success Can Be Contagious

We all know… better say, suspect, that someone else’s success is contagious. It does not matter what we do – play golf, earn money, or buy things. Sounds sporty, doesn’t it? Well, let’s take one of the simplest, most common, and bracing sports – running, and see how it happens!

Emotional Detox: Meditation and Breathing

First, let us consider the components of emotional detox. First and foremost, the emotional detox is directed at stress relief. There are two basic components of it: meditation and breathing.

Health Benefits of Yoga

During the last few decades alternative ideologies and practices for maintaining control over one’s body and mind in order to ensure harmonious and productive life in a rush of modern world have emerged both in the US and many other countries. As it has become known later, these practices also pose visible healing effect when it comes to many health conditions in both physical and mental spheres. This article examines benefits that yoga has proven to bring people.

Chair Yoga for Seniors – Give It a Try!

Seniors and yoga – these things have more in common than one could think of. Despite the fact that elderly people have less options to go in all sports they might like due to their health state; yoga is one of those they can easily try – chair yoga in particular.

Vacuum Exercise to Have a Flat Belly

Stomach vacuum is a simple abdominal breathing exercise that originates from practice of yoga, and later it became an integral part of Pilates. Stomach vacuum targets your innermost deep abdominal muscles. A lot of power lifters use this exercise, and deep divers that helps them train their breathing and stamina. And basically a strong and fit abdominal transversus also helps to improve your posture, protect your inner organs and also burn excessive abdominal fat and train diaphragm.

Most Common Myths How to Activate Glutes

Do you think that you know everything about the gluteal muscles and how to work out on them in the gym? Make sure that you are not the victim of the most common myths about this eye-catching part of the human body.

15 Minutes for Your Spine

Healthy spine is the foundation of our body as it supports all the organs in its natural position ensuring their proper operation. When you release from pain in your back, you immediately feel burst of energy, mental clarity and faithful memory. We have selected the best exercises of Paul Bragg for you to practice this easy combination at home – just 15 minutes per day devoted to an excellent general physical and mental state.

Overweight Beginners in Exercising – Workouts for Setting a Training Routine

Starting exercising on a regular basis is a difficult task for people who haven’t been very much into it before. Finding enough time, picking the right exercise program, getting required clothes and shoes are already big challenges. But it may get even harder if one is overweight or obese. At the same time, exercising is of great benefit and importance for those who belong to this group.

Finding Joy in Running, or How Do I Make It Work?

No doubt that running is quite a beneficial kind of physical activity in regard to our health, body image and self-esteem. However, many people keep failing in establishing running routine that would fit them because they are unable to enjoy such a physical practice.

How Walking Helps Us Stay Healthy?

Excessive sitting continues to plague the lives of office workers, professional drivers, and… people, who are too lazy to turn a hair and get their bodies to work. Not infrequently, it is not until we find a serious health issue that we realize that we must do something about it right now. Physical activity is one of the simplest and most effective prevention measures and cures against a variety of diseases. There is one perfect way to make things better: get up and take a walk!

5 Plank Variations for Slim Waist

Plank is the one of the most effective exercises to strengthen your stomach muscles and tone entire body. Why so? It’s a great isometric exercise, which literally means your muscles are not extended or compressed during the workout, but you engage your upper body and lower body - the whole core - at the same time. More information on core workouts you’ll find in the Core Exercise Report of Harvard Medical School.

Exercise Braces Up Your Psyche!

It is a well-known fact that an hour or so of rigorous physical activity gives you a portion of strength and health. Not only does it shape your body, but also improves your cognitive potential. How and why does that happen? A resent scientific research showed that physical training, particularly aerobics and running, influences neuronal activity in the brain. It takes a little closer look at neurogenesis to understand the mechanism.