Is The 10,000-Step Goal Set In Stone?

We have all been told many times that regular physical activity is a must if you want your body (and the mind!) to be healthy. The mark that is usually set as a goal is 10,000 steps. But is this goal based on scientific evidence? Where did it actually come from? And is it really necessary to hit this mark to benefit your health by means of walking?

Stretching after Exercise: Does It Do More Harm than Good?

People tend to stretch for a plethora of reasons – it’s good and feels nice, it’s part of a pre-workout activity, or because our muscles seem to be stiff and/or sore, and we think stretching may fix that, if we do it right.

30 Minutes of Joy: Outdoor Bodyweight Exercises for Ladies

Toning your body does not necessarily mean that you have to sweat every day and spend hundreds of dollars on the gym nearby. You do not actually need any equipment: your body weight can be enough, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. Here is a program for busy ladies: 30 minutes of outdoor bodyweight exercises 3 times a week!

Zumba: Dance Your Way to Being Anxiety-Free

Anxiety can strike anyone, and there are many ways of handling it. From pills to pets, the abundance of approaches to tackling the problem is impressive. However, one of the fastest ways that help bring relief is physical activity. Of all fun activities of the kind, Zumba has recently been reported to be most effective at reducing anxiety. Ready to learn a couple of moves?

Yoga Promotes Egoism, Not Unselfishness, Say Researchers

While Buddhism implies renouncement of your own desires, yoga does not seem to help Western people achieve this goal. Meditation is touted as a way to calmness, but it appears that yoga exercises and mindfulness practices inflate your ego instead of making you less selfish, say researchers.

What Happens If You Hold Your Legs Up the Wall for 20 Minutes Daily

What was your last New Year’s resolution? To start doing sports? With more than half a year behind, you still have a chance not to fail it. Doing just one exercise a day for 20 minutes can benefit your health in a number of ways. Well, it’s not an exercise proper, rather it’s a yoga posture, but it is calming and easy to do. Ready to give it a try?

5 Common Health Problems Caused by Football

American football is a full-contact game, which explains why the overwhelming majority of those playing the sport have injuries, and brain injuries in particular. However, the range of health problems associated with American football is not limited to concussions. In this article, you will find a list of other health issues players may have after playing the game for a while.

Yoga May Improve Sleep Quality

The health benefits of yoga are touted in every nook and corner of the Internet, which definitely contributes to the fast expansion of the practice. As more people are converting to yoga adepts, researchers keep up with the trend and investigate what effects yoga exercises have on health. A recent addition to the list of benefits is improvement of sleep quality.

Yoga for Seniors: How To

Yoga is fashionable, popular and so holistic in its approach that more people are converting to yoga adepts. While the “spiritual” aspect of yoga is a matter of faith, yoga exercises are reported to be beneficial for everyone, and seniors are no exception. In this article, we will discuss whether yoga is appropriate for seniors and what exercises they can do relatively easy.

Weightlifting Could Help Treat Depression

Our sedentary lifestyle takes its toll. We barely move, relying on delivery services, video games, and online jobs. It definitely affects our bodies, and it appears that it is not only the body that is destroyed by our failure to maintain a decent level of physical activity, but also the mind. To counter sedentary lifestyle-induced depression, you can exercise, and weightlifting has recently been praised as one of the good options.

Exercising 4-5 Times A Week Could Slow Down Heart Aging

The health benefits of exercising have long been praised. However, the amount of exercise that can help keep the heart healthy remained a matter of heated debates. A recent research showed that different parts of the cardiovascular system require different minimal amounts of exercise to stay healthy as long as possible.

3 Exercises for Flabby Skin

Losing weight faster than recommended can result in saggy skin, which is far from what you might want to have. However, having flabby skin does not mean you will have to resort to surgery. In this article, you will find a list of exercises for different areas, which can help you strengthen fat-was-here skin rolls.

What is Calisthenics?

Like any other industry, sports and fitness have their own trends emerging. A set of exercises being popularized – though the overwhelming majority of them are widely known – called calisthenics claims to offer a lot of benefits. One of its advantages is that it enables one to keep fit without having to purchase gym membership: all you need to exercise is your body.

4 Workout Websites to Boost Your Performance

Going to a gym is time-consuming and expensive. Working out at home is also an option to consider if you want to lose those extra pounds you have providently gained during winter. In this article, you will find a list of workout websites that offer free lessons, which you can use to keep fit without spending a fortune on gym membership.

Taking a Hot Tub Burns Just As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk

With so many people willing to lose weight, unusual yet healthy ways of burning calories may come in handy. While most known ways to spend energy imply active heating, i.e. sweating while exercising, there is scientific evidence suggesting you can burn calories due to passive heating too. According to scientists, 1 hour of taking a hot tub equals a 30-minute walk.

Away with the Shoes! The Barefoot Movement

The idea of walking around - let alone running - barefoot can seem strange and even dangerous. What about the dirt, broken glass, hard concrete? And yet, the barefoot movement is growing fast.

Why Playing Football is Dangerous for Your Brain

Researchers have obtained scientific evidence proving that hits to the head, which are characteristic of playing certain sports and especially football, can result in CTE. That is why, they say, many professional football players suffer from dementia and other kinds of cognitive impairment after they retire. Do you still want to be the next Jerry Rice?

Four Minutes of Suffering: Tabata Training

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) has long been many people's favorite - short bursts of activity allow to burn fat without wasting time. But one type of HIIT - tabata training - takes the concept to the limit.

Why Water is Better Than Sports Drinks

When it comes to sports and performance, almost every athlete wants to support his or her body with something that can help restore its resources and provide energy. Sports drinks seem to be a better or even more professional choice, but researchers say good old water is still much better. And here is why.

Useful Tips to Improve Your Running Experience

It’s Sunday morning, and you’re ready to put on your favorite running shoes and go for a distance. Just a couple of tips before you go – we have plenty of ideas to make your running and jogging routine even better, actually turning routine into a rewarding and pleasant habit.