What Makes Our Life Better? How Can We Achieve Success?

What is happiness to you? How can you describe it? That's a good question. It is believed that everyone has his own opinion. Sometimes it is hard to imagine how to become a successful person, how to have a better life. There are many reasons for this. Let's have a look at all pros and cons and try to find the best alternative recipe for a better life.

What does It Mean “to Die”

What is happening with us when we are claimed to be dead? People of all the times desperately wanted to find an answer for this question. But what we have now? Do we know what waits us when we step over a threshold of death? We’ll try to figure it out.

Step to Understand Dyslexia

Dyslexia literally means ‘trouble with words’. The Cambridge dictionary gives the following definition of dyslexia – a condition that affects the brain, which makes it difficult for someone to read and write.

Paper Books or eBooks: Which One Is Preferable?

Nowadays you can hardly imagine your life without a modern and sophisticated gadget in a pocket. It can certainly facilitate the learning process for students. Is this growing influence of technology as effective and useful as it seems to be at first sight?

The Silent Struggle: Hair Pulling Disorder

The anxiety of preparing for an exam or a project deadline drawing near can put any of us on edge and make us do strange things: chew on a pen, eat compulsively, or fidget with one's hair. However, some people struggle for their whole life with a condition called trichotillomania, which makes them compulsively pull out their hair.

How Stress Hormones Affect Our Body and Mind

We live in quite a stressful environment, with numerous challenges, competitions, struggles being our daily routine. Such living is highly likely to expose us to various negative effects of stress, both physiological and cognitive. This happens because of stress hormones’ influence on our systems. What are these effects and how can a modern person eliminate the effect of stress on their well-being?

Workout for Your Brain

We are sure that you know how advantageous physical activity is for your body. But you will be surprised that there is one more highly important muscle that you train efficiently during workouts - your brain. The various scientist around the world have discovered that different types of physical activity upgrade our brain in a certain way.

Adult Autism

Autism is a condition, which results from the impairment of the brain and leads to generally reserved behavior and attitude to life. Autistic people lack communication and social interaction, have limited interests, and often resort ritualistic activities like repetitively placing objects in a fixed order. The disorder affects physical and mental abilities and sometimes makes life very tough for both patients and people around them. Autism begins to manifest itself at an early age, and symptoms continue into adulthood.

Marry a Fatty and Feel Happy

It was but a few days ago that information appeared in the Internet that men tend to live a much happier life with a chubby woman than with a skinny one. Particularly, these men are less susceptible to stress and are more resourceful in sticky situations.

How Emotionally Intelligent People Behave

All of us have our ups and downs. However, the manner to cope with a difficult situation or a challenge defines our emotional maturity, as well as our emotional intelligence level.

Bad Mood Destroys your Body!

There is a lot of fuss and gossip about our life getting increasingly tough and stressful. Just like everything, stress is a coin with two sides. In some situations, it can be an impetus for an effort to do better next time, and many failures eventually do. However, this appears to be more of an exception. Repeated stress (like being late regularly) results in an endless sense of tension, which won’t let go by itself.

Mental Illnesses – Attempts at Understanding

Understanding a mental illness is a something that most of us have no idea how to master. Neither it is simple in terms of how it comes and goes on, nor the existing stereotypes and visual (often media-induced) images make it more clear.

Do You Need to Stay up Late the Whole Night?

Everyone needs to stay up late sometimes – revising for important exams, editing urgent projects, meeting relatives at the airport at night, a long journey or celebrations.

Why Multitask?

The rapidly accelerating pace of life requires us to carry out much more than one job per unit time. At work we have to keep the books without making a single mistake and simultaneously answer scores of phone calls. At home (this mostly refers to women) we have to cook, clean, wash, parent, manage finances, sometimes without letting go of a phone that is ready to ring any moment.

Psychosomatics: Pain Response to Problems in Life

Have you or anyone you know experienced the situation when you have pain or high fever without any feasible reason? And the doctors just say that everything is ok and they do not see the cause of the problem? It is clear, you have a psychosomatic situation as a response to stress and problems in life. It can also happen that due to some behavioural trends, like an insult or inability to find understanding among your loved ones or colleagues, on a physical level you feel it as a pain.

Your Stress – A or B?

In this hustling and bustling world, to understand how to survive the physical and mental rigors of our life, we should dig a little deeper and get down to the very core of it. First, there is one little yet very important thing we should know: it is not your stress-resistance that characterizes your personality and ability to counter difficulties. It is your reaction to stress that does!

SAD – “Boring” Disease?

It looks like deficiency of sunlight causes law spirits and lack of energy. Some people notice that it is hard for them to get up in the morning and be active, they gain more weight and communicate less when nights become darker and longer. Is it a standard behavior in winter or something is wrong?

If We Need Sleep So Much – Why Don’t We Sleep?

Many people are deprived of sleep in one way or the other; while some struggle to sleep, others find it difficult to fall or stay at sleep in the night. The inability to fall or stay asleep is torturing to the individuals concerned. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of people complain about not getting enough sleep in our society today.