Newly Discovered Sperm Part May Account for Infertility

It has always been there in plain sight, but we didn’t see it. In a recently published study, scientists report they have found a sperm constituent which could be to blame for problems related to fertility. Its structure looked so different from the one researchers expected to see that they overlooked its key function.

Keep Fit to Reduce Risk of Your Spouse Developing Diabetes

No, it’s not nonsense. Researchers report that in families where the wife’s BMI is high, the husband has a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However strange it may sound, there is an association between spouse body weight and the risk of the disease. It’s worthy of note that the opposite effect is not observed: only ladies’ weight affects their husbands, not vice versa.

What Food Can Decrease Erectile Function?

Our life is full of different snares that can influence men’s health and potency in particular. The list of these snares may include poor environmental conditions, stress and even diet. In fact, diet has a significant effect on men’s erection and quality of sex as well.

Erectile Dysfunction: What Can Lead to It?

The issue in question, while not being the thing you’d like to discuss with anyone other than a doctor, can arise due to a variety of reasons. Our hectic lives are full of risk factors which can contribute to the development of ED, and here are some of them.

Ibuprofen Kills Not Only Pain But You

There are no people in the world who have not experienced any kind of pain such as toothache, headache, pain in muscles etc. Usually we wait for it to vanish or just take painkillers, sometimes excessively. But we do not even think that simple painkillers can affect our health a lot.

Men are Also at Risk of Breast Cancer

Contrary to established public opinion that breast cancer is a purely female disease, it is not true. Men are at risk of breast cancer too as they have also breast tissue. This type of cancer occurs rarely in men (1 percent of all cases of breast cancer in the U.S., but in fact it means that 400 men might die because of this disease annually in the U.S.). Breast cancer in men is rare, but it is more aggressive and much more dangerous as usually it is revealed at later stages. And there are few reasons for that.

Male Birth Control Pill: Are We there Yet?

More than fifty years after its initial approval in the US, the female birth control pill still rules on the global contraception market. It is efficient, yet unaffordable to women in many poor countries; and its side effects make it a bad choice for many. Is it time for men to take responsibility for contraception?

What You Need to Know about Lung Cancer in Women

Smoking, including second-hand smoke, increases the risk of oncology contraction in women. In fact, there is a special gene in feminine bodies that replies for tumour growth in case of smoking. That is why women are more prone to lung cancer. 

How to Be a Man (and not Have Body Image Issues)?

The shape of a body, either a man’s or a woman’s, has turned out to be a breeding ground for countless stereotypes, which have pretty much plagued the minds of young people around the world. Unfortunately, this has gone way beyond mere dreaming. More specifically, things have gone far beyond just pinning posters of the Superman, the Batman, James Bond, and other Hollywood images to bedroom walls. It has driven many promising and talented young men and women into the line of fire.

Frequent Urination in Men

Although you might have come across information on the internet warning against prostrate cancer if frequent urination occurs, you should know that there are many conditions that can cause this symptom. The condition generally starts gradually, and can be unnoticed at first. It is necessary to make a correct diagnosis as the cause may be very serious. Frequent urination in men describes a state when a man urinates more frequently than usually, and there is a feeling that the bladder is not totally drained out. Acc...

Learn How to Fix Erectile Dysfunction

Due to the high amount of antioxidants contained in bilberry, it is often used to improve the blood circulation around penis. Actually bilberry is similar to blueberry. Inadequate blood flow is a common cause of erectile dysfunction, and the problem can be fixed by including bilberry in the daily meals. Step 1 First of all contact the doctor to identify the exact cause of the disorder, which is often called erectile dysfunction. Using bilberry is useful for improving improper blood circulation in the penile zone w...

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Eating Foods which Enhance Male Sexual Health

Erectile dysfunction is a common disorder in men of almost all ages. Common causes are tiredness, stress, low energy levels, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heavy drinking, drug abuse and smoking. Lifestyle and diet play an important role in sexual health in men and women. For men a healthy well balanced diet will enhance erections and sexual performance. A balanced diet for sexual health should include all essential minerals and vitamins, the proper amount of protein, fats, and carbs. A diet rich in fiber imp...

Senior Sexuality Facts

Aging has always been an inevitable and puzzling process for all the human beings. It is all the more interesting and mysterious as it is irreversible. There are a lot of explanations as well as assumptions on the account of aging as well as senior sexuality. The topic will never seize to be the burning issue and attract attention. There are enough of scientific explanations on the account of aging in general and senior sexuality alternations in particular. The major principle behind all of them is actually the same ...

Male Menopause Symptoms

It is considered that it is only women's fate to suffer from the symptoms and drawbacks of menopause. However, it seems that men tend to experience the condition as well.

Acupuncture Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, unfortunately is a very wide-spread condition nowadays. However, men are very unwilling to admit having problems in the sphere and even more reluctant to share their worries with doctors. Erectile dysfunction, or how it is frequently called, impotence, is fraught not only with inability to get and maintain erection but with depression and feeling of low self-esteem and frustration. It is very much advised to all the men experiencing this problem not to keep to themselves as there are ways to solve ...

Epimedium Extract ? Male Energy Booster

Epimedium extract is perhaps not so well known name in comparison to Horny Goat Weed but this is actually one and the same thing. Surely enough, the latter is much more famous and there are good reasons for it. This is one of the most effective male sexual enhancers and also the strongest aphrodisiacs ever. It functions in the similar way as natural Viagra increasing blood flow to a penis and creating erection that will be strong and rigid and will last long enough. There are different grades of Epimedium extract and th...

Put Your Sexual Activity Under Stringent Control

It is possible to mention impressive number of diverse information links concerning the benefit of sexual activity. By the way it is evident that sex contributes increasing duration of life by means of endorphines, DHEA, and growth-promoting hormone, simultaneously decreasing the number of stress hormones. Nevertheless, there are those who do not pay proper attention to curative measure of sex. While the going is good, put your libido under control and try to prolong the life duration. Men’s Nature Viagra Do you kno...

Comparison of The Most Used Potency Pills

There are many men (Europe alone having over 26 million) experiencing these problems, these are men who cannot make their penis erect during sexual intercourse, or men experiencing shorter time on erection. So-called erectile dysfunction occurs in many men for over 40 years. But there is help. Today, we compare three of the best potency pills on the market today. That's Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) and Levitra (vardenafil). Let us first talk about Viagra. Viagra is the first and oldest on the market (10...