Ballet for Seniors

An impressive article with eye catchy topic about ballet classes for the older adults has pushed us to go through this topic and familiarize with recent scientific opinion in terms of this phenomenon.

Best Dementia Products | Therapy for Dementia

Dementia is a widespread disease among older people. The specialists of the Ulm University in Germany have discovered that people who suffer from dementia have less vitamin C and beta-keratin in their blood in comparison to the level of these substances in the blood of healthy people. Apparently, healthy diet and consuming antioxidants are able to prevent the development of this decease.

Chair Yoga for Seniors – Give It a Try!

Seniors and yoga – these things have more in common than one could think of. Despite the fact that elderly people have less options to go in all sports they might like due to their health state; yoga is one of those they can easily try – chair yoga in particular.

Senior-Friendly Activity Plan – Easy!

This is it for your thirst for physical activity! Now you have done this world a favor big enough to deserve a little rest and an opportunity to take care of yourself! Now you have tons of free time, which you used to spend at work. Remember yourself wanting to get away from your office and take a jog or workout? Do you? Well, time has come to make your dreams come true!

How to Make Your Parents Live Longer

A group of scientists has recently published their views on the long-term experiment conducted on a sensitive topic of moral aspects’ impact on healthcare. The conclusions are fascinating, just like the investigation‘s topic!

Take Me back in Time – New Advice on Alzheimer’s Patients Care

People who suffer Alzheimer disease and other types of dementia have strong memories of their long-gone lives and experiences and almost zero memory of recent and current events. Detailed reconstruction of past-day environment has proved to be an excellent way to stimulate memory in patients.

Senior Fall Prevention Facts

No one can be safe from falling; however, major statistics in this sector is about seniors. This group is much more prone to different fall-related injuries due to their age and health state but frequently needs additional assistance and care far more often than other age groups. Surely, it is not necessarily that age is always responsible for falls. A person is perfectly able to age gracefully and with proper care and help avoid the situations of potential falls. This is where various care programs come to aid as we...