Consumption of Fast Food Linked to Depression – Again

It is no news that healthy foods are, well, healthy, but it is widely assumed that the primary target of its beneficial effects is the body. However, it is now challenged by new scientific evidence: the mind is affected just as significantly when we ditch fast food and shift our preferences towards traditional dishes.

How to Make Yourself Do Simple Things That Your Depression Renders Impossible

Those who are depressed or have some other mental health problem, such as anxiety, may find themselves unable to do simple things, like folding laundry or washing the dishes that have piled up in the kitchen. Such chores turn into insurmountable problems, and coping with it may be challenging. Here is what is recommended to people having difficulty bringing themselves to do simple things.

Weightlifting Could Help Treat Depression

Our sedentary lifestyle takes its toll. We barely move, relying on delivery services, video games, and online jobs. It definitely affects our bodies, and it appears that it is not only the body that is destroyed by our failure to maintain a decent level of physical activity, but also the mind. To counter sedentary lifestyle-induced depression, you can exercise, and weightlifting has recently been praised as one of the good options.

Antidepressants Can Lead to Weight Gain

Antidepressants are so popular among the general population that some people take them even if they do not actually need them. Are you down in the mouth? Try this one. Worried about your next exam? This pill will do the trick. Be careful – new scientific evidence suggests that those who have been taking antidepressants for a long time have a high risk of gaining weight.

What and How to Eat If Depressed

Depression affects all aspects of life: from relationships (which are often one of the causes behind it), work, even simple things like brushing teeth and boiling eggs. If you are depressed, you are likely to experience loss of appetite or loss of the wish to even see utensils. Still, your body needs nutrients, and here is what you can do to help yourself avoid stress-induced starvation.

Psychedelic Mushrooms to Help Treat Depression

For many of us, magic mushrooms are nothing more than a thing to be used in jokes. For a certain category of people, it is also a recreational drug. However, there is one more use that can become standard: scientists have suggested using psychedelic hallucinations caused by these mushrooms to treat those suffering from treatment-resistant depression.

Diet Can Help You to Overcome Depression

We know that the food we eat influence the state of our body and that it also can cause or prevent the development of many diseases. But not many people are aware that consumption of different products can influence the state of our mind as well.

How to Make Winter a Time to Remember

If you are one of those who cannot stand winter because of its cold and darkness, you might want to reevaluate this wonderful season. Really, there is a lot to love about winter! And here is why.

Do Probiotics Treat Depression?

Depression continues to plague the civilized world, and it has already become a threat in some societies. It is a serious mental condition, and its consequences are devastating. At best, it ruins our performance, robs us of nearly all joys of life, and turns what was once an enjoyment into dull routine. At worst, it paints our whole life black and evokes suicidal thoughts.

Facebook Depression: Truth or Lie?

The increasing integration of social networking into our lives raises concerns among numerous scientific communities. Some research teams have come up with data, which, they say, suggests that heavy Facebook users are at risk of depression and related issues. Are they? Is it Facebook that is to blame for thousands of ruined lives and maybe suicides? Of course, not! Blaming Facebook on your issues is like blaming electricity for creating a risk of fire breaking out due to short-circuit!

Seasonal Affective Disorder Alternative Treatment Options

It was natural for the mammals to go into hibernation during winter months and perhaps, this is the reason a lot of people have the urge to do the same when winter comes. There is a distinct desire to go to sleep and not to do anything at all. This is called SAD, or seasonal affective disorder. This is a type of depressive disorder and it is characterized by the mood changes that take place at the beginning of dark autumn months and aggravate deeper into winter. The symptoms tend to alleviate by spring when the amount...

How to Cope with Depression

To cope with depression it is necessary to detect the conditions which cause symptoms of depression. Depression deprives people of hope and makes them feel low. Depressed individuals lose pleasure in doing favorite activities. Depression can develop within several days or years. It is possible to categorize depression into melancholic and psychotic types. Depression is caused chemical imbalance taking place in the brain. Coping with depression requires determination and power. Confidence and hope are needed to comba...

Depression and Love

It is normal to have different moods but with depression it is different - it is a condition that should not be ignored as it can lead to many problems in life. Depression is a condition that makes a person dull and monosyllabic and deprived of any joys in live. It is frequently very hard to communicate with such a person. His energy levels are very low and he seems indifferent to any activity. Depression can be mild but it can also develop into a pretty severe state. Unluckily, there are a lot of people, who refuse...

Do I Need to See a Doctor (about My Depression)?

Depression has become a very frequent word to describe different states of mood in a person. However, it is not always to be the case. If you feel that something is wrong and if you ask yourself a question "Do I need to see a doctor?" You'd better go and see. It might be that do have depression in the making; or it might be some hormonal imbalance as well as many other things with you. Do I need to see a doctor? If it is something that you started asking yourself recently, there must be reasons for this. Perhaps, th...

What is Depressive Realism?

Depression is very wide-spread. In some people it is rather a frequent and common condition; in others it happens from time to time as a result of some life circumstances. Depression means that it is hard for a person to be enthusiastic. It is hard for a person to see the world bright colors. For a depressed person life is a sad holiday for the most of the time. The rare breaks of light cannot help with the general gloomy and hopeless mood. However, there, perhaps, is some bright side to being depressed - one takes all...

Depression Relapse Facts

It is universally known that depression cannot be treated fast - especially if it lasts for a considerable period of time and is not mild. It is also very characteristic of people and very natural to wait for immediate solutions and give up on the treatment in case it does not show any progress at once. There can also be other reasons of therapy termination. But the thing is that in the majority of cases this is fraught with depression relapse and the return of symptoms, sometimes in their even worse form. It is crucia...

Serotonin Supplements

Neurotransmitters are very important in the person's organism - they are responsible for the signals to and from the brain. One of the most essential neurotransmitters is serotonin. There are also noradrenalin and dopamine but serotonin is crucial as its deficiency can be fraught with a lot of disorders and depression is one of them. Besides, inadequate quantities of serotonin are fraught with sleep disturbances and appetite changes and also deterioration of cognitive function as well. In the list of other side effects...

Signs of Depression in Patients with Bipolar Disoder

It is crucial to realize and be able to detect the signs of depression in people with bipolar disorder. Depression is a universal disorder, and it doesn't really matter whether an individual is diagnosed with bipolar or unipolar depression. To diagnose a depressive episode combined with the bipolar disorder, there should be five or more symptoms present of those listed below. The signs of depression must last for about five days a week for minimum two weeks and more. The National Institute of Mental Health made a gu...

Tips to Avoid Common Causes of Depression

As far as depression is very common nowadays, it is necessary to know the major sings and causes. In general this will definitely help you avoid the depression. It is a must to be aware of depression as it is crucial for your health. As a matter of fact there is a number of depression symptoms that most people can notice. An interesting fact is that there are signs which can be noticed in every person every time for other people it might be a depression symptom or it may be not. The most common symptoms of major dep...

PMS Depression Review

PMS is a well-known condition that usually affects not only women but their partners as well. The thing is that PMS is fraught with mood changes and this directly influences the degree of a relationship and often in a bad way. PMS depression is not something that is invented - it is actually a serious symptom when a woman tends to have her serotonin levels lowered in the fortnight before the period. Frequently women are advised to take antidepressants in order to alleviate the symptoms of PMS depression; however, they ...