Back to the Roots: 4 Best Paleo and Keto Recipe Websites

Trendy diets set their own rules, and paleo and keto diets are no exceptions. While these rules are not that strict, you may still find examples of recipes useful, even if you want to add into your meal something that does not really fit the definition. In this article, you will find a list of outstanding websites loaded with keto and paleo recipes.

Lavender Lemonade for Anxiety and Headache Relief

Anxiety and stress have become part of our lives a long time ago, and headache is experienced by nearly everyone at least once a year (in most cases, it is waaay more frequent). While the most commonly used treatment is over-the-counter pain relievers, one can also opt for natural remedies, which are backed by scientific evidence and can help you relieve headache and anxiety. One of such remedies is lavender.

Eating Chocolate Could Boost Cognitive Function

What do you eat for breakfast? Is it a healthy salad with baby carrots and lettuce? Or pizza leftovers? Or even a chocolate cake? It appears that foods high in carbs and proteins are not the worst pick. According to researchers, eating chocolate could improve your cognitive function, and consuming carb- and protein-rich foods in the morning can even help lose weight.

Slow Cooker Opportunities: Your Fave Recipes Revamped

Our hectic lives often force us to eat foods that either require only heating or do not take long to make. Buying a slow cooker can be a good way out if you crave that very tasty soup you granny used to cook for you but do not have spare time to slave over a hot stove. In this article, you will find a chart that enables you to turn common recipes into slow cooker ones.

McDonald’s French Fries No Cure For Baldness

You have probably heard the story that has recently gone viral: eating French fries could help you grow your hair and slow down hair loss. While most people doubted it–at least we hope so–some Internet users fell victim to this trick and kept on asking how many servings a day they should eat. Here is the answer: none. The whole story is a misinterpretation of a study aimed at growing hair follicles in a lab, not encouraging people to eat fast food.

3 Waistline Offenders And What To Substitute Them With

We all know that everything fried, sweet or salty is not healthy. We are bombarded with ads, articles, books and whatever else encouraging us to change our eating patterns and choose food wisely. But what if we fail to resist the temptation to buy something unhealthy yet delicious – what is a better pick? It turns out donuts are better than muffins, and not only that.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: How Consumer Aspirations Can Make You Feel Bad

Have you ever given some thought to the way you purchase things? Do you always want the best? Is it the cheapest option that appeals to you? What drives your consumer compass? While all these things may seem to be far from health issues, it appears that striving to buy only the best–especially if it only seems to be so–can affect your mind and body.

What and How to Eat If Depressed

Depression affects all aspects of life: from relationships (which are often one of the causes behind it), work, even simple things like brushing teeth and boiling eggs. If you are depressed, you are likely to experience loss of appetite or loss of the wish to even see utensils. Still, your body needs nutrients, and here is what you can do to help yourself avoid stress-induced starvation.

The Great Supplement Delusion: Omega-3 Supplements Not Beneficial

More and more scientific evidence disproving effectiveness of dietary supplements is being accumulated. Another piece of news that has recently come as a surprise is that fish oil and other supplements rich in omega-3s are not beneficial. While natural fish remains part of healthy diets, omega-3 pills now have a tarnished reputation.

Is Teatox Safe?

We are bombarded with ads of myriads of dietary supplements and other products that promise fast weight loss, “body cleansing”, and other effects that look too good to be true. One of the trends that is gaining popularity is teatox – detoxing made easier by drinking tea with laxatives, herbs and other extra ingredients. Do these claims stand up to scrutiny? Let’s find it out.

What You Eat Could Affect Your Menopause Timing

Sooner or later, every woman faces the fact she is in menopause. It can begin at different ages, but all of them will be close to age 50. A menopause that happens earlier or later than average is associated with health problems, and knowing when you are going to have yours could help prepare for it. In a new study, researchers report that dietary choices could make a contribution to menopause timing.

Smoothies. Delicious and Healthy Cocktails. How do they work?

Around the world smoothie is considered to be the liquid food because of its nutritional properties so popular among models, sportsmen and adherents of a healthy lifestyle. This type of food is rich in vitamins, fiber, pectin, minerals, nutrients, calcium and protein, biological active substances.

Benefits of Vitamin K2 for Human Body.

Vitamins are special compounds that are necessary for normal functioning of the human body. They are sources of vitality and energy, and their lack leads to disruption of organs systems. Modern research confirms that vitamin K2 is essential for the formation of bone tissue.

4 Health Benefits of Eating Cheese

Regarded as a waistline offender and an example of unhealthy food, cheese is by no means a thing to avoid. Scientific evidence suggests cheese can bring a lot of benefits if consumed in moderation. If you have always abstained from munching on a morsel of cheese, you might want to reevaluate your attitude towards this food if you know more about what compounds there are and what beneficial effects they may produce.

Is Organic Food Healthier Than Common Food?

Stalls piled high with vegetables labeled as organic are not uncommon, and more people are switching to foods that are supposedly free of pesticides. While many people doubt there is something behind the trend other than marketing, it appears that scientific evidence supports the idea that organic food is really healthier than common food sold at supermarkets.

Skip Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements and Exercise Instead, Say Researchers

According to a recent research, many older adults take calcium and vitamin D supplements in vain, and those who take large doses even harm their health. A review of latest studies showed that such supplements are useless, as far as fall and fracture prevention is concerned. It is another piece of evidence demonstrating that dietary supplements are not beneficial.

Vegan Protein Is Healthier than Meat?

An age-old dispute between vegetarians and people who prefer animal food is being discussed by many specialists. Scientists conduct various studies, trying to find out what protein is more useful, vegetable or contained in meat.

List of Fruits and Vegetables with Most Pesticides

Dietitians urge us to eat more fresh greens, salads and replace sweets with fruits – they are much better for our health than sweets, chocolates, and biscuits. But noways agricultural products contain a lot of pesticides, nitrates and other harmful substances to store vegetables and fruits longer. Unfortunately fruits and vegetables are not so safe for health, as we would like them to be. To get more good than harm from food, we need to choose the right products.

3 Healthy Snacks to Boost Your Performance

Whether it’s a session at a university or another week at an office, you may feel tired and hanker for something delicious. You refrain from buying a hot dog at a local fast food outlet and want a healthier option. It can be a challenge to find it nearby, so preparing a healthy snack in advance is a good idea. Here are 3 snacks to inspire you.

Why Rooibos Tea Is Beneficial

In an attempt to introduce as many healthy foods to their menu as possible, people often strive to make every part of their meals beneficial for health. Drinks are no exception, and rooibos tea is a beverage that is gaining popularity quite fast. This red tea is an alternative to green and black tea or coffee, because it does not contain caffeine. However, it’s not the only advantage it brings.