How Different Oils Can Influence Our Body?

It is a well-known fact that consumption of different oils influences our body in different ways. From the very childhood we are taught that fish oil is a perfect means that is able to heal every disease and prevent our body from getting old. But is it really so?

Vitamin D3 Can Help Repair Cardiovascular System

The issue of whether vitamin supplements are safe is a controversial one. However, it appears that a vitamin D3 supplement is among those few extra sources which can be recommended, because it proves not only to benefit bones, as it was previously thought, but also can help repair damage to blood vessels resulting from hypertension and other factors.

What Products Have Anti-Inflammatory Effect?

Inflammatory processes occurring in the body can be associated with a variety of reasons, but they certainly affect the quality of life. High temperature, pain, and swelling are the main symptoms of almost any inflammation. These symptoms signal you that your own immune system is resisting an infection in the body. But sometimes your body needs some help to fight with this infection effectively.

5 Fruits for Those Who Want to Lose Weight

We want to lose weight but do not want to take a lot of effort, we do not want to spend hours in a gym and we do not want to feel exhausted after it. We believe that it is impossible to lose weight without losing liters of sweat. But we are mistaken. There are various methods of losing weight that can bring you pleasure. One of these methods is eating fruits.

Why Water is Better Than Sports Drinks

When it comes to sports and performance, almost every athlete wants to support his or her body with something that can help restore its resources and provide energy. Sports drinks seem to be a better or even more professional choice, but researchers say good old water is still much better. And here is why.

Enzymes, Vital Force, and Other Tales: the Raw Food Movement

It' amazing how simple veganism seemed exotic just some years ago; since then, vegans have gone much further, inventing such dietary fads as eating raw. They state that cooking destroys the "vital force" in food - but what does science say?

Benefits of Lavender: Aromatherapy and Other Uses

Lavender distillation is used to produce lavender oil, one of the most popular essential oils in aromatherapy. Its range of medical usage can vary from treating alopecia areata, or hair loss, to reducing preoperative anxiety. What is more, dried lavender can be an ingredient which can be used in calming lavender lemonade!

The Soy Scare: Should You Avoid Phytoestrogens?

A recent wave of anti-soya publications claim that we should immediately stop eating this popular legume - and especially stop giving soya milk to babies - do to the risks of phytoestrogens. But what are they?

Milk replacement? What with?

As variety of lifestyles gradually becomes bigger and more visible due to technological achievements of humanity, more people start considering various changes to their own ways of doing things, including dietary preferences. What are the possible reasons for people to switch to dairy-free diet, what are its pros and cons and what substitutes for milk can one find?

Is There Any Benefit of Organic Food?

“Organic food” is a phrase that makes us think of healthy food and healthy lifestyle. But is such food really healthy? What do we know about “organic food”?

Choke-Proof Food: New Kind Of Food For The Elderly

As the Earth population is getting older, with certain countries experiencing the problem to a greater extent than others, the need for a solution to avoid deaths following choking arises. In Japan, food manufacturers seem to have developed an approach that enabled them to introduce choke-proof food that is easier to swallow and does not cease to be mouth-watering.

Can Meat Consumption Cause Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that appears unexpectedly and sometimes with no evident reasons. But two years ago World Health Organization in the cancer report named what products can cause cancer.

How Healthy Eating Can Benefit Environment

It is no news that healthy eating is beneficial for your body. Yet changing your eating habits in accordance with nationally recommended diets can also benefit the environment to a great extent. A new study showed that developed countries recommend diets which are both healthy and kind to the environment, whereas less developed countries may have NRDs that contribute to pollution.

Recently Revealed Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Consuming a couple of cups of coffee per day is very common, but the concerns about the safety of such a practice have been there for quite a long time. Last month was fruitful in terms of new researches which proved that drinking coffee is not just safe: it’s beneficial for health, as it may help reduce the risk of heart failure and strokes, lower the risk of suffering from liver disease, and even halve the risk of death for those suffering from HIV/hepatitis C.