Raw Water: Another Silicon Valley Obsession Costing a Bomb, Potential Harm A Bonus

It appears that when you get a lot of money, you just cannot stop wasting it on things that are not only useless, but also ridiculously expensive. A new trend that now holds Silicon Valley inhabitants captive is raw water, or drinking spring water that was not treated in any way. And yes, it is sold in designer globe jugs under alluring names like “Fountain of Truth”.

Demonizing Food: Much Ado About Eating Clean

It is really difficult to find where the border between eating healthy and being obsessed with eating clean lies. Several decades ago, we used to enjoy every chocolate bar and bread we could have without thinking about trans fats and gluten. Today, many foods that used to be normal are demonized. Is there any reason to avoid gluten and be afraid of using salt? Let’s find it out.

Hydration Tips: Veggies and Fruits Can Boost Your Water Intake

Humans have to drink water every couple of hours to support the body and help it maintain its functions. While the lion’s share of water intake is, well, drinking it, solid foods can also be a good source of liquid. Some vegetables are over 90% of water. Supplied in this form, water is absorbed slower, which makes it a good option to boost your daily fluid intake.

It’s Official: Processed Meat and Cigarettes Equally Dangerous

Yes, there is no mistake in the headline. Bacon, which has been part of our traditional breakfast for a long time, is now accused of being as harmful as cigarettes, and so are other types of processed meat, including sausages and ham. Actually, it was announced in 2015 and caused the reaction known as the bacon panic, but then the fear abated. This year, the issue has been highlighted again as more evidence is accumulating.

Health Benefits of Walnuts

Seeds and nuts are an essential part of any healthy diet. Walnuts are among the nuts that are most beneficial to health, and they produce a variety of effects on the body. Funny appearance (braaains!), exquisite flavor, and plenty of nutrients to make it worthy of the superfood title combine to form a nut that is one of the champions of the nut kin.

3 Cooking Mistakes Most People Make

Some of the things we do while cooking are done automatically, either because we don’t know how to do it properly and are too lazy to find it out, or because we think it is the way it should be done. Is calamari supposed to taste like rubber bands? Can infants be given food with spices? And is it really reasonable to let hot food cool before putting it into the fridge?

Sourdough Bread An Option For Gluten Sensitive People

The recent demonization of gluten led many people to believe they are intolerant to gluten, while they actually aren’t. However, those who find it hard to digest common bread made with commercial yeast can opt for an alternative that is flavor-rich and easier for your digestive tract to process: that is the sourdough bread people have been doing for millennia.

Coffee Contributes to Longevity, Even Decaf

Coffee has long been touted as a beneficial drink capable of not only energizing you, but also bringing numerous health benefits. As more longitudinal studies are coming to their end, more evidence is accumulating, leading many a scientist to support the idea that daily coffee consumption is really beneficial. In a new study, they found that coffee can contribute to longevity.

Tips to Avoid Food Poisoning in the Heat of Summer

The summer is just the time for barbecues and picnics. However good the idea may seem, the risk of experiencing gastrointestinal distress increases when you decide to eat outdoors, as germs multiply really fast when exposed to high temperatures. Here is advice for you to keep in mind if it’s grilled veggies or meat devoured during a picnic with your friends that you are dreaming of.

Spice Blends Every Kitchen Deserves

Spices can help make even the most tasteless dish more palatable. It’s especially true of healthy food, which often lacks salt. Spice blends are designed to make it easier for you to add flavor to dishes, as you do not have to mix them. What blends are among the most interesting ones and can be useful in any household? Let’s find it out.

Labels on Eggs and What They Mean

Egg cartons are not just cardboard boxes designed to help you transport eggs home without breaking them, but a powerful marketing tool. Organic, free range, brown, omega-3 eggs even look healthier, as they have labels with these fancy terms. But is there anything behind them? What labels really indicate that the product is of higher quality, and which ones are marketing tricks?

Health Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt: Are They Real?

More people are choosing healthy lifestyles, and in their attempts to make every aspect of their lives healthier, they jump at every opportunity to try something touted as a superfood, natural alternative, or something else that is ascribed a long list of health benefits. Pink Himalayan salt is one of such fad products. But is there anything special behind it?

How Does Being Hungry Make You Angry?

The famous Snickers ad is now backed by scientific evidence, but only partially: you actually can be you even if hunger has attacked you, but it appears to depend on the environment you are in and your own awareness of your state. Why do we sometimes become angry when hungry – or simply hangry? What arouses negative emotions when our stomach reminds us it’s time to pay attention to it?

Back to the Roots: 4 Best Paleo and Keto Recipe Websites

Trendy diets set their own rules, and paleo and keto diets are no exceptions. While these rules are not that strict, you may still find examples of recipes useful, even if you want to add into your meal something that does not really fit the definition. In this article, you will find a list of outstanding websites loaded with keto and paleo recipes.

Lavender Lemonade for Anxiety and Headache Relief

Anxiety and stress have become part of our lives a long time ago, and headache is experienced by nearly everyone at least once a year (in most cases, it is waaay more frequent). While the most commonly used treatment is over-the-counter pain relievers, one can also opt for natural remedies, which are backed by scientific evidence and can help you relieve headache and anxiety. One of such remedies is lavender.

Eating Chocolate Could Boost Cognitive Function

What do you eat for breakfast? Is it a healthy salad with baby carrots and lettuce? Or pizza leftovers? Or even a chocolate cake? It appears that foods high in carbs and proteins are not the worst pick. According to researchers, eating chocolate could improve your cognitive function, and consuming carb- and protein-rich foods in the morning can even help lose weight.

Slow Cooker Opportunities: Your Fave Recipes Revamped

Our hectic lives often force us to eat foods that either require only heating or do not take long to make. Buying a slow cooker can be a good way out if you crave that very tasty soup you granny used to cook for you but do not have spare time to slave over a hot stove. In this article, you will find a chart that enables you to turn common recipes into slow cooker ones.

McDonald’s French Fries No Cure For Baldness

You have probably heard the story that has recently gone viral: eating French fries could help you grow your hair and slow down hair loss. While most people doubted it–at least we hope so–some Internet users fell victim to this trick and kept on asking how many servings a day they should eat. Here is the answer: none. The whole story is a misinterpretation of a study aimed at growing hair follicles in a lab, not encouraging people to eat fast food.

3 Waistline Offenders And What To Substitute Them With

We all know that everything fried, sweet or salty is not healthy. We are bombarded with ads, articles, books and whatever else encouraging us to change our eating patterns and choose food wisely. But what if we fail to resist the temptation to buy something unhealthy yet delicious – what is a better pick? It turns out donuts are better than muffins, and not only that.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle: How Consumer Aspirations Can Make You Feel Bad

Have you ever given some thought to the way you purchase things? Do you always want the best? Is it the cheapest option that appeals to you? What drives your consumer compass? While all these things may seem to be far from health issues, it appears that striving to buy only the best–especially if it only seems to be so–can affect your mind and body.