Dragon Fruit – A Tropical Gift to Your Health

Originally from Central and South America, the incredibly exotic-looking dragon fruit, or pitaya, actually comes from... a cactus! Nowadays, you can easily find it across Southeast Asia and south China, and in large Asian stores in the West. Its spiky red appearance alone instantly attracts attraction, but what health benefits are stored inside?

A Study in Lavender: The Many Benefits of Lavender Tea

If you have ever visited the South of France, you may have seen endless fields of blooming lavender. All across Europe, specialised stores offer a wide range of lavender products: tea made of dried flowers, soap, sachets, creams, essential oil, shampoos... But is it all about the lovely scent, or does lavender have real health benefits?

Aloe Vera: Useful Properties and Health Benefit

You have probably heard of Aloe Vera plant and its healing properties. But not everyone realizes all health benefits in their full range, despite it was commonly used for medical purposes in Greece, India, Mexico, Asian countries. The plant is so healing due to its high content of active constituents: antioxidants, enzymes, minerals essential for proper functioning of metabolic processes, sugars, fatty, salicylic and amino acids.

Cistanche Tubulosa: Your Stamina and Libido Booster

Sedentary lifestyle is literally a silent killer of us, modern people. In fact, long sitting with lack of fresh oxygen and very often legs crossed (especially in women) results in stagnation of blood circulation in pelvic organs and legs – that in long perspective means loss of fertility and libido in both men and women. So, science is in constant search of remedies to help.

Pine Pollen Health Benefits

In our times people often try to find a healthy alternative to traditional chemical drugs and seek a possibility to support their health with natural remedies. For centuries humankind was aware of powerful remedies of natural origin, and one of such means is pine pollen (PP).

Moringa and How It is Good for You

Cared-for and beautiful skin is a business card of any person. For this "wow" effect people often have to go in for complicated external care, use drugs and vitamins, and sometimes surgical interventions.

Health Benefits of Peruvian Maca

Peruvian Maca is a superfood, known not only as a natural aphrodisiac, but also as a great booster of stamina - it alleviates chronic fatigue syndrome, increases libido in men and women. Peruvian maca helps to reduce hormonal dysfunction during menopause and andropause, improves blood circulation, increases mental capacity, improves the skin condition and has a positive effect on the health of bones and teeth.

Does Grilled Meat Cause Cancer?

Grill party is a must in summer. But we want to warn that the main ingredient served there, meat, might be dangerous for your body and cause the development or aggravation of cancer. Today we will describe why you should reduce the amount of those steaks, fried chicken, sausages and hot dogs this summer.

Snacks for Kids

This one focuses on foods that are far from healthy. These are the kind of foods that we usually take to take the edge off appetite when it comes to surviving a vacation trip, a long stay at school or elsewhere. You cannot take your home kitchen alone, and cooking is the last thing you can afford when you are gearing up or are on the road or away from home. There are some nice options, which can help you and you kids feel satisfied and can bring at least a tiny bit of benefit.

Best Dementia Products | Therapy for Dementia

Dementia is a widespread disease among older people. The specialists of the Ulm University in Germany have discovered that people who suffer from dementia have less vitamin C and beta-keratin in their blood in comparison to the level of these substances in the blood of healthy people. Apparently, healthy diet and consuming antioxidants are able to prevent the development of this decease.

Are You Allergic to Nuts?

Nut allergy is a frequent occurrence, and it may last a lifetime. There is a common opinion that those who are allergic to one particular kind should avoid eating other nut types as well. Recent studies have shown that things are not that bad.

What Your Body Needs if You Want Something Harmful

There is a widespread opinion that a human body wants exactly what it needs. There is no need to search for something extra. But what to do if our body wants harmful food, like chips or French fries, and what to replace it with? A human body looks very much like a computer with pre-installed food-selection software. Knowing what you would like can determine your selection of a healthy substituent to the desired harmful stuff.

Foods to Eat When You Are Bored

Quite often people complain of gaining fat due to the boredom. When you are bored, you watch some series or have to wait for someone, the hand is instinctively searching for food. Without noticing, we can eat a considerable amount of fats or carbohydrates, which is neither healthy, not useful for us. In this regard, there are some tricks, revealed by beauty bloggers and fashion models. In this article, we will share the knowledge on healthy and not fattening snacks.

Protein Sources: Believe It or Not!

Who argues that protein is what makes up the body with all its system and organs? Yes, it is! Does that mean that our food should contain proteins? Yes, it does! What foods do? Meat, eggs, milk, fat… That’s it???

Banana Health Benefits

There are bananas galore in grocery stores, and when we buy a bunch we hardly focus on their nutritious value and health benefits. There are a much greater number of them than we think! Bananas are great for everyone, regardless of sex and age.

Berries Cure!

Berries represent a rapidly growing trend in what is now we refer to as healthy nutrition. There are tons of research-based information highlighting their curative properties. Also, there is plenty of data suggesting that berries contain substances that protect us from some serious diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. That is not unfounded either.

Benefits of Juices: What to Choose for Your Diet?

When it comes to enriching one’s diet, juice is often one of the first things to come to mind. Still, insane variety of choices we now see on the market is quite often extremely confusing. Thus, how juices are actually beneficial for us and which of them make sense investing into?