What is Fraxel?

No, it’s not another nickname for a celebrity couple Freda and Axel. Fraxel is a term denoting a relatively new approach to treat skin concerns of various kinds. In this article, we are going to discuss how the technology works, what effect it produces, and whether it is more effective than other similar technologies used in aesthetic dermatology.

Fighting Cellulite: Best Exercises & Co

Cellulite is the bane of most ladies – even if they are fit, that skin dimpling remains a problem for many. In this article, we will cover the best exercises for getting rid of cellulite, and find out what techniques prove to be useless when cellulite is concerned.

Cold Sores: What They are and What to Do with Them

If you’ve always been wondering what those blisters on lips that sometimes pop out to cause pain and a burning sensation are, this article is for you. It’s very unlikely that you will manage to get rid of the underlying virus, but it’s possible help your body make it behave. To facilitate the task, researchers have recently introduced a new vaccine.

Uncommon Skin Cancer Types

With skin cancer on the rise in the US, cancer type awareness is becoming more and more important. Some of the types are well-known, because the majority of cases fall into these categories. However, there are rare forms which are not that common but lethal; some of them are especially dangerous, as they look benign.

Diet and Acne: Should You Blame the Chocolate?

Many of us have grown up hearing that chocolate gives you pimples, or perhaps French fries, or maybe donuts… Lots of people swear that their acne got better once they eliminated one food or another, but is there any scientific basis to such claims?

Phototherapy as a Method of Psoriasis Treatment

American Academy of Dermatology estimates the number of people suffering from psoriasis in the United States to be about 7.5 million. While it is often a hereditary condition, meaning that those who develop psoriasis usually have a person in their family who’s got it before as well, it is not what happens always. Still, the issue needs treatment, and currently phototherapy is one of effective methods for it. So what is it and how exactly does it work?

Plasma in Cosmetology: New Way to Look Younger?

One’s appearance and looks have been of significant importance in terms or social acceptance for millennia, it is natural that various beauty procedures have been highly popular throughout these years. Still, as science develops further and further, new ways to preserve our youth emerge. One of recent inventions for cosmetology purposes is PRP – platelet-rich plasma therapy.

Face Taping – Something Old or Something New?

Beauty will save the world, this is so true. But women’s beauty is not eternal and affected by merciless time. Women have always been searching for anti-aging remedies and techniques. In this article we will familiarize you with a relatively new cosmetological method to preserve face and neck skin fresh and beautiful, and also eliminate such defects as flabby face and wrinkles and this is the Face aesthetic taping.

A Rainbow for Your Skin: Using Cosmetic Clays

A green clay mask on the face, cucumber slices on the eyes, and a towel on the head - this is a classic image of a woman who takes great care of herself. Cosmetic clays are efficient and safe, but the great number varieties can be confusing. Let's untangle the clay mystery!

Fire Ants to Cure Skin Diseases

Medical society was agitated because of the discovery of a possible psoriasis cure. Let’s find out how the venom of fire ants can be used in the skin disease treatment.

Strong Hands are Not Enough: Choose the Best Massage Oil

In most people's minds, massage and oil always go together. Indeed, even though there are creams, lotions, and even powders for massage, oil is the traditional lubricating medium that can not only help your hands glide on the skin, but also provide nourishment and individual care. There isn't one best massage oil: they all suit different purposes!

Say No to Dry Winter Skin: Moisturize!

Winter is a tough time for our skin: cold winds, dry air, rapid and repeated contrasts between temperatures indoors and outdoors can easily lead to redness, itchiness, and flaking, and even eczema, which in turn can cause premature aging. However, some women report that their moisturizer apparently makes things worse! So how should you moisturize correctly in winter?

Retinol, the Most Useful Vitamin for Skin and Beauty

The skincare industry is full of creams, masks and serums with retinol. However, what makes this micronutrient so special? Why is it so popular around the world? Moreover, is it really so effective? Can all those women out there be mistaken? Let’s try and find out!

Your Face Is What You Eat: Can Wine And Sugar Make You Look Older?

Everybody knows that after a night of heavy drinking it's easy to wake up pale and with dark bags under the eyes; and we've all been told as teenagers that eating lots of sweets would only make our pimples worse. But recently, naturopathy specialists have suggested that one's skin problems can be miraculously cured by cutting out one or the other food group. Let's ask our usual question: what does science say?

Be Warned, Not Burnt: UV Rays And Sunblock

Summertime is in full swing, and hopefully you are all using good sunscreen. However, recently you may have heard talk that sunblock creams are actually bad for you, increasing the risks of cancer rather than preventing it. Let's investigate the science behind the claims.

Rosacea Natural Treatment

Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin disease of the face which is manifested by persistent redness and periodic rash. If a person suffers from rosacea, his face is first covered with red spots, and then with pink acne, which, in contrast to ordinary ones, does not disappear with time and gradually covers nose, cheeks, and forehead. The pores become large, and skin becomes oily, as this disease boosts activity of sebaceous glands.

The Frustrating Mystery: Why Do Fit People Get Cellulite?

According to research data, betwen eight and nine women in ten (and only one man in 10) have cellulite. Of course, we all know that excess body fat often means worse cellulite, but we've also seen numerous pictures of celebrities, supermodels, and athletes with cellulite. How can it be that even strong, fit people who eat healthy and exercise a lot get the tell-tale dimples?

Arbutin: the Buzz around the Bearberry

Long gone are the days when women had to live with the body shape, hair colour and skin tone they had been born with, and when ageing was just something to accept as the natural course of things. Nowadays, we can change just about anything about our appearance: we dye our hair, lose weight, pay for plastic surgeries, and frequent tanning parlors if our skin seems too pale.

DO’s and DON’Ts to Relieve Sunburns

As vocations approach, people are usually so thirsty of sun, sea and beach leisure, that they do not think too much of sun exposure danger. But in the highest and often hottest season of summer, sunburn might be one of the most common dangers. Here is the selection of the most effective DO’s and DONT’s to minimize consequences of sunburns.

Alkaline vs Acid Foods in Psoriasis Diet

Since psoriasis is considered to be a disease directly related to the general condition of human skin, it goes without saying that nutrition and proper diet has a tremendous influence on the course of a given disease. The skin reflects literally all those problems that are hidden inside. Thus proper diet is of utter importance for patients with psoriasis who want to live active and full-fledged life.