My Whole 30: Is It Worth a Try?

In recent years, dozens of fad diets have emerged, and virtually all of them promise you to rid you of your cravings, extra pounds and other things diverging from the notion of a healthy eating pattern. My Whole 30 is one of them: it offers you to challenge your will with an elimination diet with strict rules. Is it based on scientific evidence? What do reviews suggest? Here is what we have found.

Obesity Epidemic A Threat to National Security

Obesity is a major problem in the U.S. But not only is it a threat to someone’s individual health, it is also a factor affecting our national security. According to recent researches, the majority of young Americans simply do not qualify, and it means the military’s effectiveness is significantly reduced. Besides, there are soldiers who are overweight, and the rate is growing.

3 Morning Habits That Help Lose Weight

Your attempts to lose weight may well be hindered by the routine mistakes you make in the morning. Yes, even if the rest of your day is filled with cucumber snacks and yoga sessions, your mornings could still be the culprit. Read on to learn what morning habits can help you get rid of extra pounds.

9 Tips for Flat Belly

The summer is here, and it’s time for sunbathing! Before you head to the beach, you may probably want to flatten your belly. Instead of sweating in a gym, you can use the tips you will find in this article to make training sessions as fun as possible and work on your abs even while reading a book.

Antidepressants Can Lead to Weight Gain

Antidepressants are so popular among the general population that some people take them even if they do not actually need them. Are you down in the mouth? Try this one. Worried about your next exam? This pill will do the trick. Be careful – new scientific evidence suggests that those who have been taking antidepressants for a long time have a high risk of gaining weight.

Is Teatox Safe?

We are bombarded with ads of myriads of dietary supplements and other products that promise fast weight loss, “body cleansing”, and other effects that look too good to be true. One of the trends that is gaining popularity is teatox – detoxing made easier by drinking tea with laxatives, herbs and other extra ingredients. Do these claims stand up to scrutiny? Let’s find it out.

Couples in Happy Relationships Weigh More

Yes, you’ve heard it right – those who are married or just live with a beloved person weigh more than single individuals do, statistics suggests. There are many reasons why it is so, and if a couple has children, it does not alleviate the situation. Still, if you are in a happy relationship, do these extra pounds really matter?.

Taking a Hot Tub Burns Just As Many Calories As A 30-Minute Walk

With so many people willing to lose weight, unusual yet healthy ways of burning calories may come in handy. While most known ways to spend energy imply active heating, i.e. sweating while exercising, there is scientific evidence suggesting you can burn calories due to passive heating too. According to scientists, 1 hour of taking a hot tub equals a 30-minute walk.

Losing Weight: It’s What You Eat That Matters, Not How Much

We are used to the assumption that in order to lose weight one has to count calories and run away in fear when he or she sees a huge helping. However, it appears that this approach does not stand up to scrutiny: researchers claim it is the quality of food, not quantity that matters.

How PCOS Puts A Spoke In Your Wheel of Efforts to Lose Weight

It is recommended that women diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome lose weight in order to make their BMI normal. However, many find it challenging, because the changes in your body that PCOS brings make it harder to get rid of extra pounds. Here is how it works and how you can manage it.

Holidays without Weight Gain? It’s Possible!

The festive season is something to look forward to: all that amazing food! Unfortunately, it is often followed by guilt and regret, once you weigh yourself afterwards. Is it possible to celebrate well and not gain weight?

Health Benefits of Skipping Late Meals

We are sure that everyone has heard the folk wisdom: "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dine like a pauper." But in the modern world not all but just a few respect this rule. Any bad consequences for health? Yes, especially in case of late and hearty dinners!

Body Weight or Volumes: What Is More Objective?

Most people believe that body weight is the main criterion of a beautiful and good-looking figure. And sometimes a person starts a path to better health and more attractive appearance but the arrow of the scales refuses to move... Thus, the person believes that they makes some mistakes regardless of the fact that the body volumes gradually decrease. But that is wrong!

Breathe out – a Little Overweight Is not that Bad

Recent researches suggest that Body Mass Index may not be as a trustworthy tool as a lot of people think. For years, Body Mass Index (BMI) has been applied to determine the person’s overall health condition and to calculate whether or not they are overweight or obese. Some companies even use their staff’s BMI to determine health care costs. But a new research has revealed that BMI was used to label around 45 million Americans as unhealthy, even they are not.

War on Obesity Victims: Children

For most of the past three decades, we have been concerned about the rising incidence of adult obesity. However, all of a sudden there has been an explosion of childhood obesity all over the globe.

Which Bariatric Surgery Option Is Right For You?

It's no secret that weight loss surgery can help people achieve a more ideal appearance. Whether it's Lap-Band surgery or laparoscopic bypass or other related weight-loss surgery, there are a number of procedures to help patients reach their ultimate goal: a healthier lifestyle. Yet, getting to that point requires a number of things, research, dedication and readjustment. Research, for when a patient needs to sift through each operation and nail down the one that's most suitable to their needs. Dedication, for establis...

Good Weight vs Bad Weight

Let's face it, we all know there is an obesity epidemic in the US. News media blasts our television screens with statistics and images of overweight people almost every day. Diet advertisements pepper print media publications, as well as infiltrate daytime and late night hours of television programming. Regardless of the supposed effectiveness of it all, there is a dangerous lesson being taught here. The focus on obesity and weight loss does not separate the reality of good weight and bad weight. There are cultural gro...

How to Get a Smaller Waist

Control what you eat... It is necessary to discipline yourself and control what you eat. The thing is to consume the right food. For instance, it's better to avoid foods with unsaturated fat, as they deposit in the midsection. Foods high in mono-unsaturated fats prevent fat accumulation in the abdominal area. Fibers should be eaten in large quantity to boost the metabolism and help you get a smaller waist. Eat small meals with a gap of two-three hours. Canned food should be avoided; eat fresh food. The proper consum...

How To Become Skinny: Mental Program, Diet System and Exercise

People, who are trying to find tips on how to become skinny, should look beyond diet plans. Doing exercises for fat burn and consuming foods which can burn fat are the best way to lose weight. However even the most effective weight loss programs cannot make you skinny unless you take into consideration the mental aspect. Below you can see 4 mental strategies to help you become skinny fast: 1.Emotional triggers Most people are aware how and what to eat. They also know that exercising is very important. The problem...