Dangers of Fluoridation: Fluoride in Tap Water Linked to ADHD

Conspiracy theory adepts now have a scientific evidence to back their claims that fluoridation of tap water is used to make people dumb: according to a newly published study, the rate of ADHD is much higher in the states where the highest levels of fluoride are found in tap water. The findings suggest our children’s health is affected by it to a significant extent, and the news is going to fuel the debates.

How Screentime Affects Children

Well, assuming you have already understood from the title that nothing beneficial is going to be highlighted in this article, we can state it right here: screentime has a wide range of effects on a child’s health, and while computers and devices can be used for educational purposes, in most cases it leads to more problems. Here they are.

Dangerous Games: Physical Activity at an Early Age Contributes to Development of Proprioception

How often do you hear warnings from other people when your child is climbing a slide or enjoying a merry-go-round? ‘He’s going to fall!”, “Someone’s going to break their leg!” and so on. Of course, safety really matters, but overprotection can lead to your child not developing proper proprioception. Should you encourage your children to do diverse physical activities even if they can result in an injury?

New Study Casts Doubt On Marshmallow Test

Considered one of the standard tests in social-science research, the marshmallow test is designed to predict whether a child is likely to succeed in the future and achieve affluence. While it has been touted as indicative of having the willpower to achieve prosperity, new scientific evidence shows that changing the test design leads to a different result, rendering the test unreliable.

Intake of Added Sugar Among Toddlers Too High, Researchers Say

Fat, sugar and salt are deemed chemicals non grata by many a health organization. However, it does not prevent most people from consuming foods rich in added sugar, which contributes to development of a variety of diseases. Toddlers are affected too: either willingly or not, they consume too much added sugar from sources, which may look healthy but be piles of sweet compounds in disguise.

Should You Ask Your Child About Their Day?

So you have heard another single-syllable reply from your kid. Fine. Nothing. Grunt. You sigh and drive your child home. It’s quite clear why kids do not want to discuss what happened that day: they are fed up with school. But should you actually shut up and keep silent while dining and doing other things as a family? Is the approach really that horrible?

Can Adults Suffer From Reactive Attachment Disorder?

RAD is a condition diagnosed in children who do not receive enough nurturing from parents or caregivers and thus do not establish bonds with them. The condition affects the child’s relationships with other people significantly, and the effects are long-lasting, so adults can suffer the consequences of their parents’ failure to provide them with an appropriate environment and care in childhood.

Why Skipping HPV Vaccination Dangerous

The vaccine against HPV is a breakthrough in the scientific approach to disease prevention. While it is becoming more popular, as more children are being vaccinated, there are still a lot of things we fall short of achieving. A recent research revealed that fewer teenagers complete the shot series, thus making the vaccine less effective.

Poor Grades? Consider Classes Rescheduling

Are you a morning lark or a night owl? Or a finch is a more appropriate simile? These terms, which describe activity patterns, appear to be able to boost your academic performance if taken into account when scheduling classes. A new research has revealed that academic outcomes can be affected by the time you attend classes, with night owls being more susceptible to such mismatches.

New Harvard Research To Study Impact of Early Education on Kids

Every parent wants their kid to have the best conditions to develop and thrive. Special preschool programs have long been known to contribute to the child’s further success in this life. Yet scientists hardly have information about how spending time with neighbors, relatives and nannies and under other informal arrangements affects children’s performance. A new Harvard study is supposed to help find it out.

Is Your Child Strong-Willed?

Sometimes it’s difficult to see the border between stubbornness and having a strong will. It is especially true of children, who tend to insist on what they want. There are certain character traits which can give you a hint as to whether you are raising a person of iron will (or a little spoiled kid!).

Is It Easy to Be a Gifted Child?

Every parent wants their child to be gifted, more intelligent, and more judicious than their peers. But not many people understand that a gifted child is a child anyway. No matter how gifted your child is, you will face problems anyway.

Scarlet Fever Management: Its Symptoms and How to Alleviate Them

The distinctive red or pink rash is the symptom that is likely to urge you to call a doctor and hear him say: “You guessed right, it’s scarlatina”. How do you recognize scarlet fever when it attacks your child? What are the ways to alleviate the symptoms? For how long will your child remain contagious? Let’s find out.

How to Develop Emotional Intelligence in Your Child?

Emotions are an integral part of our life that influences our state of mind, our feelings and even our health. That is why it is very important to learn how to cope with your emotions from the very childhood.

Children Become Happier When They Follow Healthy Diet

Following a healthy diet brings a lot of benefits. First, it helps manage your weight. Second, it improves your health condition. Third, it can help prevent certain diseases. However, this list appeared to be incomprehensive: Swedish scientists report that those children who are provided with healthy food are more likely to be happy and have better well-being.

Spanking: a Necessary Evil or Just Evil?

According to polls, 70% of American parents believe that children need an occasional spanking. At the same time, it is banned in over 30 countries. Does spanking really harm children?

Family Meals Help Children Grow Up Healthier

Eating together with your children is a magnificent thing, because such moments are remembered for the rest of your life. Yet it appears that family meals are not just pleasant: researchers report that those children who enjoy eating with their families grow up healthier and happier.

Hug Your Child

Every mother wants to hug her child. For her it is the way to express and show her tenderness, affection and love. But what do cuddles mean for a child?