New Dietary Supplement Can Help Improve Blood Pressure

The newly developed dietary supplement that mimics calorie restriction can help fight hypertension and improve arterial health, researchers report. The study, albeit small, demonstrated that the supplement intake is associated with a reduction in diastolic pressure of 10 points, meaning a 25% heart attack risk reduction.

Why Do I Have Nausea While Exercising?

Exercise-induced nausea is a thing which is experienced by both novices and experienced athletes. There are many reasons why exercising can cause sickness, and if you experience such effects, you can make changes to your training rules to avoid nausea and vomiting.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Rice for Sprains

Ankle sprain is a very common injury. Several thousand people sprain ankles every day. It can happen while you are doing sports, playing games or just walking uneven surface. If you don’t treat your ankle properly, it can cause bigger problems.

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Second Opinion

When you facу any health issue, it is very important to choose a treatment plan. To be sure you’re aware of all your possible options you can get an alternative opinion from another doctor.

Drink More to Avoid Urinary Tract Infections

According to researchers, any women can reduce recurrence of urinary tract infections easily just by consuming larger amounts of water on a regular basis. The approach is simple yet effective: removing bacteria in a natural way is also beneficial for other body systems, so the good old advice to increase water intake is now supported by another piece of evidence.

How Do Solar Storms Affect Our Health?

Weather forecasts sometimes feature mysterious solar storms, and the term sounds kind of scary. Some people, especially those who suffer from hypertension, can feel there is something like this happening on the Sun surface even without somebody telling them, as they don’t feel well in such periods. What are these storms? In what way do they affect our health? Let’s find it out.

When Your Body Loses Myelin

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that is really common nowadays. Statistics says that nearly 400 thousand people suffer from this disease in the USA and about 2.5 million of people around the world. This is enough to say that this disease is widespread. And because of that we have to know more about multiple sclerosis.

MS Fatigue: Simple Ways to Deal with It

Almost 80% of all people with MS (multiple sclerosis) diagnosis are suffering from fatigue, lack of energy from day to day. This leads to disruption of normal human activity and worsens the quality of life. What to do to minimize or avoid that state?

How Do We Know We are Thirsty?

We normally do not ponder what the mechanisms that let us know we need fluid are. We just want to drink. Period. How the body understands there is not enough water has been a mystery for a long time, and it actually remains to be one, but now researchers have found that our brain can detect when we are drinking.

Swollen Lymph Nodes: When you Should be Worried

It's normal to be worried or scared the first time you discover a swollen lymph node on your body. However, in a vast majority of cases swollen glands do not portend anything sinister - but you need to be able to recognize those that do.

Why Does My Jaw Click?

Jaw popping, which is sometimes called jaw clicking, is an irritating sensation that you can have when chewing, talking or yawning. In most cases, it is not a sign of something dangerous, but a temporary inconvenience. However, in some people it can be a symptom of TMJ and may require treatment.

Dominant and Recessive Genes

If you attended biology classes in vain, you may be surprised to learn that not all recessive genes are rare, and some genetic disorders have a dominant inheritance pattern. Sounds like rocket science? Then read on to find out what these terms denote and whether it is possible to say an allele is definitely dominant or definitely recessive.

Nosebleeds: How to Stop and Help Prevent

Occasional nosebleeds are common, especially among the elderly. Although they are not as dangerous as they may seem (at least in most cases), you can stop them faster if you follow certain steps. Besides, there are measures you can take to help prevent them.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as Another Symptom of Poor Thyroid Gland Function

Tingling, numbness and pain in fingers are what can be considered common symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a condition which in most cases is associated with injury, overuse and other causes. However, there may be another disease behind it, namely hypothyroidism, and it should not be overlooked.

Ultrasound Therapy: True Healing or Bogus?

Scientists are divided on the matter of therapeutic ultrasound: on the one hand, it is the most popular method of physiotherapy, on the other, research does not really support its efficiency. Is there any good in it?

What Products Have Anti-Inflammatory Effect?

Inflammatory processes occurring in the body can be associated with a variety of reasons, but they certainly affect the quality of life. High temperature, pain, and swelling are the main symptoms of almost any inflammation. These symptoms signal you that your own immune system is resisting an infection in the body. But sometimes your body needs some help to fight with this infection effectively.

Pneumothorax: When Lung Collapses

Although the description of pneumothorax sounds scary, in most cases the condition is treatable and not life-threatening. Learn more about pneumothorax, its symptoms and ways to treat in order not to overlook it when your relative or you experience it, because it can be dangerous if neglected.