Keep Fit to Reduce Risk of Your Spouse Developing Diabetes

No, it’s not nonsense. Researchers report that in families where the wife’s BMI is high, the husband has a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. However strange it may sound, there is an association between spouse body weight and the risk of the disease. It’s worthy of note that the opposite effect is not observed: only ladies’ weight affects their husbands, not vice versa.

Food Poisoning: In Most Cases, It’s Not The Last Thing You Ate

When you find yourself kneeling in front of a toilet and looking at your dinner in reverse, the first thing you want to blame for vomiting is the last meal you ate. There may be some other causes behind the problem, and it turns out the last meal is unlikely to be the culprit, and the actual offender can be traced to a potato salad eaten several days ago.

Is Googling Your Symptoms Reasonable?

It’s something most of us do these days: if we feel pain somewhere and don’t know what can cause it, we start our journey to diagnosis not with visiting a doctor, but with an Ok Google. Although it may seem to be convenient, googling your symptoms can be dangerous due to two reasons. And here they are.

Measures to Prevent Tick-Borne Illnesses

The summer is here, and it brings not only sunny days, but also myriads of insects of various kinds, some of which are really dangerous. There are bugs that are poisonous, and others can transmit serious diseases. Tick- and mosquito-borne illnesses are on the rise, a new study shows, so knowing what prevention measures there are could help you avoid infection and other problems.

Why Skipping HPV Vaccination Dangerous

The vaccine against HPV is a breakthrough in the scientific approach to disease prevention. While it is becoming more popular, as more children are being vaccinated, there are still a lot of things we fall short of achieving. A recent research revealed that fewer teenagers complete the shot series, thus making the vaccine less effective.

7 Tips to Reduce Symptoms of Arthrosis

Arthrosis can limit your mobility and reduce quality of life significantly. Even if you have been diagnosed with arthrosis – be it a knee, a hip or some other joint affected – you can follow advice, which can help you alleviate symptoms and reduce pain associated with cartilage deterioration. Here are 7 tips for patients suffering from arthrosis.

Does Healthy Lifestyle Affect Life Expectancy?

A major research carried out by Harvard specialists found that developing five lifestyle-challenging habits and changing your lifestyle according to them can bring an adult as much as 12-14 extra years of lifespan. While all these habits have been being promoted for quite a long time, it is the first study of its kind to evaluate the impact of lifestyle choices on life expectancy in US citizens.

How Much Do I Need To Sleep?

Getting a good night’s sleep is a must; otherwise you run the risk of falling asleep while performing tasks and feeling dizzy and tired all the time. The amount of sleep you need is determined by a wide range of factors, and age is among the most important ones. Read on to find out what the standard range of sleep hours for your or your child’s age is.

Can Daith Piercing Help Alleviate Migraine Symptoms?

Migraine attacks can occur at any time: they can be triggered even by smells. Severe pain, sensitivity to light, and other symptoms are debilitating, so migraine sufferers go to any lengths to relieve them. Some treatments may seem to be quite exotic, but there are patients who claim they are effective. One of such fad treatments is daith piercing.

Skip Vitamin D and Calcium Supplements and Exercise Instead, Say Researchers

According to a recent research, many older adults take calcium and vitamin D supplements in vain, and those who take large doses even harm their health. A review of latest studies showed that such supplements are useless, as far as fall and fracture prevention is concerned. It is another piece of evidence demonstrating that dietary supplements are not beneficial.

What Is Coxarthrosis?

While the term is rarely used on this side of the pond, coxarthrosis is something that no patient would like to overlook. It is another name for arthrosis of the hip joint, which can eventually lead to disability if left untreated. Read on to find out what the symptoms of coxarthrosis are, what causes can be behind it, and how it is treated.

Young Women are Prone to Serious Diseases: Why Don’t You Believe?

We are used to hearing that young ladies are beacons of health; they are strong and never experience anything worse than flu once a year. However, it turns out it’s another myth, and a rather debilitating one. There are quite many conditions and diseases that target young ladies, and the fact that few people believe them when they say everything hurts – including doctors – aggravates the situation.

Dysbacteriosis: Condition Almost Everyone Has That Does Not Exist

You have probably heard of it, and many of us have it. Meet dysbacteriosis, a condition that is not listed in guidelines. More popular among doctors from Eastern Europe, the diagnosis is sometimes given on this side of the pond. What are the symptoms of this curious condition? And what are the causes behind it? Let’s find it out.

New Dietary Supplement Can Help Improve Blood Pressure

The newly developed dietary supplement that mimics calorie restriction can help fight hypertension and improve arterial health, researchers report. The study, albeit small, demonstrated that the supplement intake is associated with a reduction in diastolic pressure of 10 points, meaning a 25% heart attack risk reduction.

Why Do I Have Nausea While Exercising?

Exercise-induced nausea is a thing which is experienced by both novices and experienced athletes. There are many reasons why exercising can cause sickness, and if you experience such effects, you can make changes to your training rules to avoid nausea and vomiting.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Rice for Sprains

Ankle sprain is a very common injury. Several thousand people sprain ankles every day. It can happen while you are doing sports, playing games or just walking uneven surface. If you don’t treat your ankle properly, it can cause bigger problems.

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Second Opinion

When you facу any health issue, it is very important to choose a treatment plan. To be sure you’re aware of all your possible options you can get an alternative opinion from another doctor.

Drink More to Avoid Urinary Tract Infections

According to researchers, any women can reduce recurrence of urinary tract infections easily just by consuming larger amounts of water on a regular basis. The approach is simple yet effective: removing bacteria in a natural way is also beneficial for other body systems, so the good old advice to increase water intake is now supported by another piece of evidence.

How Do Solar Storms Affect Our Health?

Weather forecasts sometimes feature mysterious solar storms, and the term sounds kind of scary. Some people, especially those who suffer from hypertension, can feel there is something like this happening on the Sun surface even without somebody telling them, as they don’t feel well in such periods. What are these storms? In what way do they affect our health? Let’s find it out.