How Do You Know if Someone Has Depression or Bipolar Disorder?

Like virtually all other health problems, mental disorders manifest themselves in symptoms which develop in an affected person. Some of them are clearly visible, and you can spot them by analyzing someone’s behavior. What does it mean when your friend goes on something without paying attention to other things? In some cases, knowing such signs can help you give a helping hand.

3 Lifestyle Changes for Lower Blood Pressure + Extra Tips for Faster Relief

High blood pressure calls for taking medications, as many people have readings that are too high to be considered ‘slightly abnormal’. However, pills are not the only way to treat hypertension. Changing your lifestyle can have a profound effect on your health, including the parameter in question. Here are the measures you can take to manage your high blood pressure – or prevent it from becoming so.

Rough Childhood Causes Cells to Age Prematurely

Socioeconomic disadvantages are known to be able to affect a person both psychologically and psychically, and so are other environmental factors. Adversities and problems have long been regarded as contributors to shorter life expectancy, but it remains unknown what changes they induce in the body. New research suggests rough childhood causes cells to age prematurely.

New Machine Can Sniff Diseases by Analyzing Your Breath Compounds

Your breath is not only indicative of what you have just eaten – the air you exhale contains information about what is going on in your body. While some breaths have long been known as symptoms of health conditions, analysis at molecular level is a novel approach. A new machine designed by an international team of researchers boasts being able to sniff 17 diseases.

Can Napping Boost Memory?

Invariably busy, constantly sleep-deprived. These are one of the key characteristics of most people living today. Sleep is of utmost importance, but it is not only quantity that matters, but quality. Short sleeps, dubbed power naps, can have many beneficial effects, and one of them is worth a special note: it can help boost your memory.

Bariatric Surgery for Weight Loss: Rehabilitation and Dangers

When all other options fail, those who are obese for some reason resort to bariatric surgery. It is a kind of obesity treatment which implies either restriction of food intake per meal, or forcing your GI tract become less efficient at nutrient absorption. While all these means of treatment may yield significant results, they often lead to health problems.

Does Road Rage Affect Health?

Brakes screeching, mouths spilling out profanities, and the much longed-for evening coffee being spilled all over the seat. A typical way home often results in verbal insults, which may go as far as to transform into physical confrontation. Even if there is no punch-up, road rage definitely has a negative impact on health, as it contributes to the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Sound Rage: Why Certain Noises Infuriate You

Loud breathing, popping chewing gum, slurping… If you cannot stand hearing such noises, you should know that you are not alone. Disgusting and cringeworthy, they fill you with rage. Even if you understand that there is nothing to be angry about–it’s just sounds, isn’t it?–the problem may be serious, and in this case it becomes a real disorder called misophonia.

Cutting On Carbs Linked to Higher Mortality Risk

With Paleo diets becoming more popular, it is reasonable that scientists address the issue and try to find out whether this approach to nutrition is actually beneficial. Touted as super-healthy, low-carb diets rich in fats and proteins may have adverse effects on health and are now linked to an increased mortality risk.

Too Much Sleep Associated with Premature Death

We have all heard about the dangers of failing to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. However, it was unknown whether sleeping too much can also be detrimental to health. Some may speculate that sleeping more enables the body to save more energy and regenerate cells, but recent scientific evidence runs counter to this assumption.

My Little Germ: How Your Microbiome Affects Body Performance

In the world of hygiene-obsessed societies–at least in the developed world–it might be gross for someone to ponder on a host of bacteria teeming in our guts. Save your yucks for your next burger – however disgusting it may seem to be, the cooperation of the microbiome and the body is really a fascinating thing.

Poor Sleep Makes You Lonely and Socially Isolated

Poor sleep is associated with a wide range of health problems, both mental and physical. From an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases to impaired cognitive function, sleep deprivation affects our bodies significantly. A new research shed light on another effect of it: poor sleep is now linked to social isolation and loneliness.

What is the Round Scar That Some People Have on their Upper Left Arm?

Have you ever seen a weirdly-looking round scar on someone’s upper left arm? If you have, do you know how important it is? The history behind the scar, which has become a special mark of the whole generation of those who lived in the 60s and 70s, is that of cooperation and struggle, but it eventually led to a remarkable event – the elimination of smallpox.

Ruptured Brain Aneurysm: What are the Risk Factors?

Brain aneurysm is definitely not a thing to neglect. Many of them cause no symptoms until they start leaking or rupture, which often leads to disability or even death. If you are diagnosed with brain aneurysm, you are liable to be treated this way or another, but you should also avoid certain things, or risk factors, that can trigger its rupture. Here they are.

Cipro Antibiotic: Is It Really That Dangerous?

Cipro is an antibiotic commonly used to treat UTIs and other kinds of infections. While it has long been a doctor’s staple, there have recently been growing safety concerns fueled by more evidence that its side effects can be really scary. But is it a reason to avoid Cipro, like some websites hurried to advice?

Brazilian Peppertree to Help Disarm Bacteria Resistant to Antibiotics

An invasive species, Brazilian peppertree is known to anyone who has been to or lives in Florida. Its seeds are sometimes used as a spice which adds a pepper-like flavor to dishes, but it is notorious for being difficult to control, as it grows quite fast and spreads to other areas easily. However, it appears that it can help humans, and not only by producing oxygen: its berries can fight infections.

Kinesiology Taping: A New Approach to Pain Relief

Injuries, arthritis, poor posture, swelling, chronic pain and other health problems can be debilitating, and various treatments advertised as being able to make your pain abate do not have the promised effect: magnets and ultrasound proved to be useless in managing chronic pain. A relatively new method of using special bands, or tapes, can be a good option to many, as it is backed by both scientific and anecdotal evidence.

5 Bedtime Habits Betraying Your Anxiety

What is your bedtime routine? Do you usually spend an hour surfing the net using your smartphone before going to bed? Can you break your bedtime routine without feeling uneasy? It appears that your bedtime habits can reveal whether you have the kind of anxiety known as “high functioning”.

6 Home Remedies to Treat Sunburns

The summer is in full swing, and many of us spend hours outdoors. While sunscreens have been gaining popularity, and more people are buying them, sunburns are still part of our summer routine. Here is what you can do at home to relieve the symptoms and help the skin regenerate faster.

6 Tips On How to Combat Drowsy Driving

If you find yourself dozing off after 30 minutes of driving, be it day or night, welcome to the club: you are a typical driver who strives not to fall asleep as the road goes ever on and on monotonously. A recent research shows you start feeling drowsy after 15 minutes of staying in a moving car. Here is how you can help boost your alertness while behind the wheel.