Losing Weight Without Dinner – Dinner Canceling

Thinning by skipping dinner is not a new idea. Many overweight people have tried it so far. Now, however, is a completely new project, English name, Canceling Dinner. Who ever heard of canceling dinner and could not do anything with it, there is the simple explanation. Canceling Dinner is simply no dinner. To put it more precisely to clarify the final food should be including all snacks and drinks, except for the calorie-free drinks, at the latest should be taken at around 17 o’clock. Another rule, the irregular working hours or up late consideration is recommended between the last meal and breakfast the next day for a period of 14 hours to elapse.

lose weight dinnerIf this form of customers or diet elect should assume that, a success in weight loss can be achieved only by simultaneous, healthy diet. Who all the day avoid the-fat and sugar-rich food, While it is still not exactly clear whether it is only on the entire amount of calories that matter, or whether it is the evening meal that makes your hips big, as can be secured in any case seen that too many calories are absorbed.

Why cancel dinner?
The positive effect of the dinner Canceling lies in the reduced calorie intake by the lack of dinner, and especially by the lack of snacks. Especially at night, the chips and candy to accompany the television are to be removed. The calorie-rich snack foods are calorie bombs. Who then a glass of beer or wine picks, comes quickly to more calories than the rest of the day were recorded.

Whoever would like to try canceling dinner may need a little time for the changeover. At the beginning, you may feel your stomach growl and to have perseverance is difficult. It can also come to hot hunger attacks because the body does not have enough food in the system.

Anti-aging effect by Canceling Dinner
In one respect, many experts agree. Fasting is healthy. The occasional surrender to the Lord’s time, like a fountain of youth effect. By waiving the food, the hormones melatonin and somatotrophin are formed. Melatonin promotes deep sleep and promotes the regeneration process in the body. By improving the regeneration of the aging process, weight should be reduced. The hormone somatotropin is a growth hormone and promotes muscle. Improves muscle and promotes fat burning.

To the positive effect of dinner canceling, you do not have any day to forgo the dinner; two times a week is a beginning. Who wants to be off his total calories in mind? After the American Society for Nutrition, the studies on the topic of the evening eating nothing is contradictory. Overall, we find that people who are rich morning and evening, eat less, to a lower total calories. Those who mainly eats dinner, has more calories by it. The claim that the evening meal increases weight has not yet been proven. It is perhaps on other people’s own experiences, so be careful and see how to use the method to Dinner Canceling. An attempt is worth it; every now and then try to skip dinner.

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  • I've been doing no dinner for close to a month and have dropped 20 pounds. I eat breakfast and lunch…none of this snack nonsense, unless I'm truly hungry, I don't worry about my fat/carb intake at either meal, I just eat a heathly portion of whatever! This works fantastic and I feel fantastic. I'm 41…my skin since doing this is wonderful from head to toe…totally different then when I've lost weight in the past by following fads etc. Do I eat dinner occassionally…yes, and it's usually on the weekend, but if I do eat dinner, then I'll just make sure it's before 6:30 p.m.

  • Recently I started the no dinner diet, I have never felt better!!! I am a type2 diabetic. In 1 month I lost 22lbs. Personally I have come to the conclusion if breakfast is the best meal of the day, then dinner is the worst. I use to intake 1.5K to 2K calories per day as told to me by my doctor. Then it donned on me one day, when was this 2K calorie data collected originally, which shows people living in the USA who work 8-5pm jobs need 2K calorie diets? I sit in a cubical for 10 hours a day there is no way my body possibly can burn off or in any way needs 2K calories!!! Now with the removal of dinner I am eating ~800 to 1K calories per day. I have a decent size lunch, and for dinner I have juice from 1 apple, 4 carrots, and 3 celeries. Then I work out about 400 calories of speed walking, weight lifting. Technically I go to sleep with about 3-4 hundred calories in my body. I don?t believe I need much more, as I feel great and by blood sugar levels are great and medication has been cut back on.

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