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Cataract Vanishes into Thin Air

In recent decades, people have witnessed numerous positive results in medicine. For instance, forty years ago, many diagnostic tools were restricted or even did not exist at all. Also, in the past, if a patient needed a major operation, it was necessary not only to be confined to bed and to suffer from certain discomfort […]

Eye Test – How to Know you Need it?

If someone notices these symptoms for the first time one may assume it is an issue with his or her sleeping patterns, fatigue or a sign of something else. Yet one of the most dangerous eye experiences is macular degeneration. So one may wonder on how to know that an eye test is needed, this […]

Presbyopia Treatment Facts

Presbyopia is the condition when a person can see absolutely well long distance but experiences troubles with objects close up. It generally starts in people over 40 and is very irritating. Everything like reading a book or typing or the like is blurred and spectacles are needed. There are several options of presbyopia treatment. First […]

Prescription Contact Lenses

Prescription contact lenses are not news any more. They are widely used by people whose eyesight leaves much to be desired. They are available for both cases of short-sighted and long-sighted vision correction. It is a great option for those who do not want to wear spectacles all the time. The convenience of prescription contact […]

Eye Stroke Symptoms and Treatment Options

The word ‘stroke’ is rather terrifying, and the term ‘eye stroke’ also denotes a dangerous condition that can result in sudden vision loss. In this article, we are going to cover what symptoms occur in case of eye stroke, and what treatment options there are available. What is an eye stroke? The scientific name of […]

Ways of Improving Eye Vision

If your eyesight is less than perfect, you can continue living with this fact and wear contacts or glasses and hope it won’t become worse or you can choose laser eyesight correction. While advertisements show laser correction as completely safe procedure without any future side effects, not all ophthalmologists are so optimistic. It looks like […]

Five Essential Herbs that will Help Improve Eye Health

Eye health is a very important area that requires not only careful understanding of the various eye parts and their functions but also calls for proper care and ocular nutrition to improve eye health and to maintain longevity of healthy vision. Eyes are the most complex sensory organs and are more susceptible to traumas, environmental […]

Contact Lenses

A blurred vision is generally already disturbing enough – but even more disturbing are spectacles, which caused bruising, constantly shuffling or simply represent a limitation. However, that there are small and invisible contact lenses, which are not so disturbing. But what kinds of lenses are good and what are the advantages and disadvantages of small […]