Natural Remedies for Childhood Asthma

The solution to curing childhood asthma doesn’t have to be in the doctor’s office.

According to certain studies things your kid might be exposed to by the doctor – like antibiotics or vaccines – can even cause childhood asthma in some cases. The Department of Social Security (UK) and the Health Department (Australia) do acknowledge a specific association between antibiotics and asthma.

There has been reported a connection between immunity affected by the use of vaccines and the allergies development causing childhood asthma. Due to these reasons along with others, it is necessary for parents to select natural remedies for treating childhood asthma.

One of such natural remedies available for curing childhood asthma is called marine phytoplankton. It supports ocean life with a combination of nutrients which are life sustaining; these are vitamins, protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. The Americans are over dependent on land-based foods which result in a population lacking in a number of nutrients. As a matter of fact, marine phytoplankton is known to replenish the nutrients and promote optimum health.

Researchers who look for natural remedies for childhood asthma discovered that controlled exposure to ultraviolet light sources and sunlight can lower asthma. Studies have detected the effects of exposure to ultraviolet light on mice with symptoms of asthma. In fact, mice affected by ultraviolet light for 20 minutes had less asthma symptoms after they have been introduced to allergens. Researchers plan to apply the discoveries to natural remedies for children who suffer from asthma.

Homeopaths are proven natural remedies for children with asthma provoked by allergies. Research has indicated that the patients who administered small homeopathic dosages of whatever allergen have less asthma symptoms after a week of therapy. Over 80% asthma sufferers who took homeopathic treatments showed improvement. The common homeopathic treatments include open airways, improved respiratory function, easy breathing, relaxed bronchioles and strengthened immunity.

Speleotherapy is the oldest natural remedy for asthma. Actually, the unique microclimate in the salt mines is known to enhance the state of patients suffering from different forms of respiratory disorders, including bronchial asthma. As a matter of fact this type of treatment is becoming popular worldwide as the most safe and effective natural remedy for patients with asthma.

So, there is an alternative to going to the salt mines in Eastern Europe and this is to breath in salt air steams by heating special salt solution in a ceramic inhaler.

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