Emotional Detox: Meditation and Breathing

First, let us consider the components of emotional detox. First and foremost, the emotional detox is directed at stress relief. There are two basic components of it: meditation and breathing.

As you know, a human being can live without food for about one month, without water – for a week, and without breathing – just a couple of minutes. breathing is life. And correct breathing is a long and a happy life.


A human being is the only creature in the world that can regulate both its breathing and its mind. Having learned how to control your breathing and meditating daily, you will become more relaxed and more stable to stress. Daily meditations will guarantee your calm attitude towards problems, which will bring calm breathing.

Zazen Meditation

Immovable sitting Zazen pose is one of the main and the most effective practices of zen Buddhism, having mastered which you will learn to manage your breathing and your life in general. During the practice, the meditating person is usually sat on the floor, facing the wall, on a pillow or a folded blanket.

In Zazen, it is possible to use several poses and the practicing person needs to experiment to find out, which one is the most suitable. The clothes should be wide and not constrain your movement. Before you start meditating, it is extremely important to find a suitable position, as excessive pressure or constrain might interfere with your concentration during the meditation.

Zazen Breathing

Breathing while practicing Zazen meditation is of utmost importance. The ability to get deeper into your meditation is influenced by your breathing. The deep level of meditation is called “The kingdom of thoughts” in the East. The main benefit of Zazen breathing is that during the daily and regular practice, the spiritual state is kept during the whole day, many stress situations follow to the background and you start reacting less emotionally to them.

During the meditation, one should breathe with the belly, not with the chest. It is explained by the fact that chest breathing is scarce and interrupts all the time.

The most important thing in Zazen breathing is the exhale process, which should be slow with the concentration of attention. Those people, who just start practicing, will have to learn about the ways of breathing.

There are three ways to breathe correctly:

  • Calculate inhales and exhales. Inhale and start counting. One – inhale. Two – exhale, and so on, until you get to ten. Then repeat the cycle.
  • Counting exhales. Count only exhales. When you get to ten, repeat the cycle.
  • Counting inhales. When you get to ten, repeat again.

It is also recommended to use special music for your meditation and breathing practice.

Routine meditation and conscious breathing will help you relieve stress, all problems will get far away, you will feel more self-assured and stronger in general. The emotional detox, incarnated in breathing and meditation, will help you get rid of negative emotions and work and everyday’s stress. So, start it today and feel much better already tomorrow!

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