Effects of Crash Diets

Crash diets are popular among those who are willing to lose some of the weight pretty quickly – in a week or so. However, such a method features not only good and pleasant effects. Crash diets are pretty unhealthy and their effect is temporary. Not only you are likely to feel unwell in the result of such dieting but all your efforts will be useless as long as it does not last long.

Crash diets are fraught with various after-effects and people for the most part are not really aware of the risks they take. For the most part, the popularity of these diets frequently matters more than common sense and people do follow them hoping to get the form they desire. However, you should understand that a crash diet puts your organism to a shock. You literally deprive the organism of the nutrients it requires as a necessity and you should understand that it can not be beneficial in any way. Surely enough, you will be able to shed some ponds but at what cost? You will lose certain amount of pounds and pretty quick. That is why such diets are so attractive and a lot of people get addicted to them. Often and most of them do not think about effects of these diets on their health. Various disorders and health problems stem from this addiction to crash diets.

  • Weight Gain
    The thing is about these crash diets that they all are really temporary. After a seemingly successful period (when a person gets back to a normal eating pattern, generally) he or she starts to gain weight pretty fast. This happens because of the changes in metabolic rate evoked by a diet. And then it becomes really hard to lose weight any further.
  • Malnutrition
    It is one of the side effects of crash diets. After being deprived of necessary nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, calcium and minerals) the organism feels very weak and is more likely to develop gallstones, hair loss and cholesterol related disorders.
  • Eating Disorders
    One more side effects that develop if a person is addicted to crash diets is the development of various eating disorders. Food cravings, anorexia, binge eating at night and bulimia are the most wide-spread.
  • Osteoporosis
    Women crash dieters are more susceptible to the development of osteoporosis than men crash dieters. And especially women in their menopausal period. Crash diets cause calcium deficiency and this leads to the bones becoming more fragile and the development of the aforementioned condition.
  • Muscle and Tissue Loss
    When you are on a crash diet your body starts to burn muscles after it burns all the fat that was stored. It leads to muscle loss and loss of tissues around organs like the brain, kidneys and the liver.

Moreover, the effects of these crash diets backfire after a short period with depression and stress when all the pounds come back. Depression is evoked by the efforts wasted and is also triggered by tiredness and weakness. Moreover, confidence and concentration deteriorate as well.

That is why it is not recommended to follow these diets. They may provide prompt results but are not in the least effective when it concerns health and overall well-being. It is much better to opt for healthier food plans and stay more active.

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