How to Be a Man (and not Have Body Image Issues)?

The shape of a body, either a man’s or a woman’s, has turned out to be a breeding ground for countless stereotypes, which have pretty much plagued the minds of young people around the world. Unfortunately, this has gone way beyond mere dreaming. More specifically, things have gone far beyond just pinning posters of the Superman, the Batman, James Bond, and other Hollywood images to bedroom walls. It has driven many promising and talented young men and women into the line of fire.

The problem is that we tend to set unrealistic goals for ourselves in terms of ideal body shape. As we try to achieve these goals, we resort to a whole bunch of methods, many of which are not quite so harmless.

The misconception that muscularity is the mirror of masculinity appears to be one of the gravest challenges of the day. The numerous cartoon, movie, and magazine body images have contributed to general dissatisfaction with our own physiques, both among men and women. The resulting frustration and excessive self-criticism has prompted many of us to use of anabolic steroids. There are lots of steroid-addicts who have never actually gone in for serious sporting activities. Some Hollywood mania pioneers from the 1980s are now entering their 50s and 60s and are showing steroid-related health issues, which include heart trouble, neuronal disturbances, sexual dysfunction, etc. There is data suggesting that prolonged use of anabolic steroids has claimed lives. With things getting this serious, something must be done about it immediately!

It is all in your hands!

Since we have no weapons to smother the crippling propaganda, the only thing we can do is build a kind of mental barrier. Simply put, we should remember some points and cast off stereotypes.

  1. Muscular does not automatically mean masculine! It takes more than big and hard biceps to be a macho. Most traits that characterize a tough guy (courage, kindness, self-sacrifice, etc.) take years and even a lifetime of mental work as well, and are much harder to achieve than building an ice-cube-tray-shaped abdomen.
  2. Do not be quick to succumb to someone else’s criticism. Everybody has a certain body type, which cannot be changed. If you are slender by nature, you will never look like the Superman even if you work out all day long. Instead, take a decently outlined workout program and focus on your physical and mental health.
  3. Make a relationship with a respectful partner. Not infrequently, people choose to modify their bodies after their potential or current partners’ hints. Here is just one point to remember: if your partner refuses to accept you as you are with your pluses and minuses, the relationship is doomed. Nobody is obliged to change his/her body and risk his/her health upon someone else’s silly request.
  4. Don’t let a business manipulate you! It is a well-known fact that businesses make money on our weaknesses. They sell handsome clothes, cars, and other luxury pieces at prices twice higher than their real worth because they know we always want to look handsome and attractive and therefore won’t hesitate to overpay to get a “good thing”. Likewise, steroid manufacturers operate thanks to these stereotypes. They know there will always be men wanting a “better” body. The only thing we can do about it is stop chasing shadows and realize that we deserve a better future than getting hooked on our own stereotypes and harmful substances.

There is enough evidence that steroids pose a serious danger for our health. Most important, it is hardly worth the candle. Instead of trying to jump into someone else’s body, we should learn to accept and adequately train our own bodies. It is about time to realize that this is the most fundamental way to achieve true satisfaction and please your loved ones!

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