Effects of Overweight among Adolescents

Teen and adolescent obesity has become a real problem in the recent years. The thing is that the lifestyle of children and teenagers has changed a lot since their parents were kids. Foods are different as well as hobby preferences. Teenage life is much more filled with computers and television than outdoor games and sports, let alone books. The same goes with foods – junk ones have become the favorite course. Such lack of movement and proper products inevitably lead to the development of disorders. That is why such a great percent of teenagers nowadays are obese. And it you take into consideration that it is a disorder and a complex one;, and that it is able to lead to complications – there is something to think about when you eat another hamburger with your kid in front of TV.

Adolescent obesity is evoked due to various reasons such as environment, genetics, metabolism, eating habits and lifestyle. A person has usually normal weight when he or she burns more calories than were consumed. If the situation is reverse, it leads to weight gain and obesity. It is also frequent that obese parents are more likely to have a kid suffering from the same problem. Also certain diseases and medical conditions can evoke obesity as well as stress and depression. But the most common reason for the kids being overweigh is their poor eating habits in the first place and lack of exercise in the second. Also emotional problems such as divorce of parents, death of beloved one, and a high BMI can be a reason as well.

Obesity is a condition that can happen at any age if you are negligent to your health. When it comes to adolescents, they suffer even more. There are a lot of physical and emotional problems they have to face. Obesity is fraught with such disorders as pseudo tumor cerebri, gall bladder disease, Blount disease, sleep apnea and hypertension, as well as diabetes, heart diseases and breathing problems, also chronic mouth breathing, hyperactivity and what not.

But the thing that disturbs the teenagers most is the attitude of their peers. Obese children are frequently cheated and teased and what may seem unimportant to an adult can be a serious trauma to a kid. That is why overweight children often have inferiority complex and they are less communicative and have pure social skills. They are prone to anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

What can be done about it? First of all the diet plan should be changed completely and physical activity increased. All the foods rich in fats and cholesterol, in other words, all junk foods should be got rid of and replaced with healthy products. Inspire and engage your kid in active games and sports as much as you can. It is not really recommended to give any medications to kids as they can cause harm to a growing organism. Still, there are some drugs, but whatever you decide to treat your kid with, consult the doctor first.

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