Effective Hair Loss Solutions For Women

Female balding happens more and more often. But there’s the good news too: to find a treatment for women is much easier than for men due to the fact that the conditions in women are generally temporary and may be enhanced.

Hair loss causes in women:

There are several reasons women experience hair loss and balding. This is of primary importance to detect the reason for losing hair before starting any treatment.

The most common reasons for hair loss in women are the following:

– Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary baldness type that generally affects 50 per cent of males and also some females after 40 years old.

– Hair thinning sometimes happens in females after menopause as at this time they generally experience certain hormonal changes.

– During pregnancy the cases of hair loss might happen due to the body’s metabolism stress caused by pregnancy, during feeding the child and same time trying to normalize the body of the mother. At times in pregnancy women can face some other deficiencies like calcium for same cause. Hair loss generally vanishes in a month after the borne of baby.

– Stress is a widely spread reason for hair loss in men as well as in women. The signs may be delayed in time for about 3 months after a particular stressful situation you have faced. Emotional and physical stress frequently takes a toll on the body and manifests in some physical signals related to nails, teeth, skin and hair.

– There are cases when women follow some crash diets to gain a great look. Nutrition can significantly affect the growth of hair.

People following a crash diet may become a victim of various unpleasant results, including loss of natural skin glow, nails getting britle and hair thinning too.

On the positive side, except for hereditary baldness, the above described conditions are treatable. However, hereditary baldness can be cured only by hair transplant or you can manage the problem using wigs.


Hair masks work similar to hair tonics apart from one thing: you need to wash out hair masks. As a matter of fact a hair mask nourishes and conditions the hair from the root and to the very tip of the follicle. You are to use a hair mask before shower or according to the indications given on the package.

Hair tonic
There are a number of products for hair care nowadays. Some are applied in a shower others are left in the hair after taking a shower. These are really beneficial provided that you follow a full course of the treatment according to the instructions.

If you don’t have time for different hair applications, there are some drugs available which target nails and hair. They produce effective results if you observe a treatment properly. Caring for your diet and balancing stress is the solution to healthy hair. It is advisable to eat healthy food and do exercises for enhancing the nutrition of the body as well as the overall health.

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