Tai Chi and Qigong

Tai Chi and Qigong are enjoying now with us in the West and becoming ever more popular. They come from the traditional physical culture in China, and train both the physical as well as the mental situation of the human spirit. On the origins of Tai Chi and Qigong entwine itself are legends. Assured Records of Tai Chi has been in existence since the 17th Century and are the family of Chen Chenjiagou in Henan province have been recorded. The most oldest records are from the Han Dynasty survived and show both written as well as visual evidence of Qigong exercises. Tai Chi is probably emerged from the Qigong, or has been modified from the Qigong. Tai Chi is the classic self-defense techniques of ancient China, better known as Kungfu Wushu and assigned. Both techniques, as well as Tai Chi Qigong combine soft, gentle and quiet flowing movements with certain breathing techniques. The medical effects of Qigong, in particular, have become established and are considered “medical Qigong” in many hospitals every day and applied with many great successful practices. The calm and gentle movements of Tai Chi provides the viewers with a graceful aesthetic. Due to the exact sequence of movements, it can establish inner strength and peace in one’s self.

The constant changing of the individual movements by means of action and silence marked in accordance with the rules of yin and yang. This dual thinking comes from the Taoist philosophy of nature and flows in almost all areas of life and culture throughout Southeast Asia. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine promotes Tai Chi and Qigong, the circulation of life energy qi (chi), which in the acupuncture railways, the meridians flows. This promotes the vital energy of life functions and promotes its vitality. The health benefits of Tai Chi in a number of studies have been scientifically proven and documented. For this reason, under certain conditions and the right qualifications of teachers already in courses and seminars in Tai Chi and Qigong by the statutory health insurance subsidies.

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