Ways of Improving Eye Vision

If your eyesight is less than perfect, you can continue living with this fact and wear contacts or glasses and hope it won’t become worse or you can choose laser eyesight correction.

While advertisements show laser correction as completely safe procedure without any future side effects, not all ophthalmologists are so optimistic. It looks like operation is the only solution that can improve eye vision. However, this is not right. The following tips will be helpful in improving your eye vision or preventing its future aggravation.

Adding eye exercises to your daily schedule is a good idea. By doing simple eye movements you train eye muscle and make eye crystalline more elastic thus preventing eyesight weakening. Rotate your eyeballs making a full circle, watch left-right and then up and down, look at something close to you and then to a thing that lays far away – these exercises are simple and require no skills or special knowledge. Anyone can repeat them. The key term here is continuity. Make each exercise 5-6 times then take a short rest and start a next one. It may take you 10-15 minutes a day to perform these actions. Try not to forget about your eye gymnastics and do it every day.

Weak eyesight can be caused by diseases like allergy or serious rhinitis. In this case you should add treatment of this health condition as well to gain positive results in your health restoring.

We consist of what we eat. If there’s a lack of specified elements, our body may react worsening a particular organ. For example, fish is very important not only for whole system, but for eyes as well. Recent medical studies show fish decreases risk of developing serious age caused eye problems and even blindness. Start eating fish two times a week today and you won’t suffer from eyesight problems in your fifties and so on.

Eggs and dark chocolate have been also considered useful for our eyes. Egg yolks are rich in proteins, fatty acids, zinc and vitamin B. Dark chocolate is a famous antioxidant that helps to keep eyesight and heart in norm. In addition bilberry is unbelievably good for your eyes. If eaten on a regular basis bilberry not only stops eyesight weakening, but also puts it back on track! It often acts as main ingredient in many eyesight improving medications.

Another popular solution is carrot. Carrot contains vitamin A that improves vision. It’s particularly recommended for people who have problems with vision in low light. You may also be recommended to eat more products containing Vitamins C and E.

Without a doubt neither exercises nor food can create miracles. Only constant and permanent use of them both can help you to achieve desired results.

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